Lost Loves and Buried Memories

Title: Lost Loves and Buried Memories Author: rivermoon1970 Artist: Jilly James Fandom:    Criminal Minds, NCIS Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Anthony DiNozzo Jr., Jack Hotchner, Emily Prentiss, James Bond, OFC Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Tony DiNozzo, Aaron Hotchner/Tony DiNozzo/Spencer Reid Genre: Angst, romance, mystery, Slash Rating: NC-17 Series: The Fae Chronicles Beta: DarkJediQueen, SpencerTibbsLvr Word Count: … Continue reading Lost Loves and Buried Memories


The Throb of Silence

Title: The Throb of Silence Series: The Sounds of Silence Fandom:  Criminal Minds Year:  Season 8 Category: Angst, Friendship, love Ratings:  M Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid Words:  4263 Warnings: Relapse, Aaron as a cutter Beta: None. "Fools, " said I, "you do not know / Silence like a cancer grows / Hear my words that … Continue reading The Throb of Silence

The Submission of Aaron Hotchner Part Four: Defiance

Title: The Submission of Aaron Hotchner Part 4: Defiance Fandom: Criminal Minds Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/James Bond (Sir) Rating: NC-17 Genre: BDSM, Porn w/Plot Warnings: Hard BDSM, punishment, defiance, penis plug, edging Beta: Not beta'd. No non-consensual beta.   Aaron turned over in bed, restless. There was an itching under his skin at being confined for so long … Continue reading The Submission of Aaron Hotchner Part Four: Defiance

The Submission of Aaron Hotchner, Part 2

Title: The Submission of Aaron Hotchner, Part 2; All The Walls Come Tumbling Down Fandom: Criminal Minds Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/James Bond (Sir) Rating: NC-17 Genre: BDSM, Angst, Porn with Plot Warnings: Exploration of Pain Kink, Hard BDSM, Sensory Deprivation Not beta'd. No non-consensual beta allowed. Thank you. The next morning Aaron was kneeling on a kneeling bench at a small table … Continue reading The Submission of Aaron Hotchner, Part 2

The Submission of Aaron Hotchner

Title: The Submission of Aaron Hotchner: Part 1: The Breaking Fandom: Criminal Minds Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/Sir Rating: NC-17 Genre: BDSM, Angst, Porn With Plot Warnings: No real major warnings. Summary: Aaron Hotchner is a natural Dom. Since the age of 14 he has gone through Master Training. But, he is not ready to take his training to the next level. Aaron wants … Continue reading The Submission of Aaron Hotchner


Title: Singleton Fandom: Criminal Minds Tag: Alpha!Spencer, Omega!Hotch, knotting, adultery, MPreg, Angst with a happy ending, Bad Science Rating: Explicit Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, James Bond, Q, Remy LeBeau, Derek Morgan, Savannah, Emily Prentiss Summary: Aaron thought he knew himself. He was a Beta, or so he believed. Then a miracle … Continue reading Singleton