The Submission of Aaron Hotchner

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Title: The Submission of Aaron Hotchner: Part 1: The Breaking

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/Sir

Rating: NC-17

Genre: BDSM, Angst, Porn With Plot

Warnings: No real major warnings.

Summary: Aaron Hotchner is a natural Dom. Since the age of 14 he has gone through Master Training. But, he is not ready to take his training to the next level. Aaron wants to know what it truly means to submit. For three sessions at Dragon House he has gone through submissive training. Now, Aaron has the opportunity to take the Path of the Consort. He agrees, he wants it, he believes he’s ready, but will his natural Dom instincts rebel against him or will he be able to submit to the Master he has been given to?

Aaron was blindfolded, his hands bound behind his back and a collar around his neck. He was in a secluded darkened room on his knees holding position. His body already had a light sheen of perspiration glistening off it. Between the anticipation and the pose he had been holding for over an hour it was taxing him. He knew there was someone else in the room with him and had been since he had been brought in. He didn’t know if it was a man or a woman and each minute that ticked by just raised his anticipation even more. His lips were dry as he darted his tongue out and took a swipe. His body started to shake, his breath shallow as he waited. He never wavered in his conviction that this was what he wanted. He knew, intellectually, what this was, a breaking of the last of his walls. He didn’t have many left after the months of sub training that he had gone through. He also knew he was still too much in his head and that was why he wanted to do this, why he wanted to take the path of the Consort. He wanted those walls broken and knew he couldn’t do it himself.

His breath hitched when he felt the person next to him. Then he almost broke apart at the first touch to his sweat soaked skin. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen and his body shook even more, waiting, anticipating with want and need.

“Open your mouth,” the quiet cultured English accent was a surprise to him, but he didn’t react. He did as he was told and opened his mouth. When he felt the slide of a cock in his mouth he almost moaned at the pleasure of it. The back of his head was held steady as the cock slipped in and out, his breath quickened as his body shook almost uncontrollably. The moan from the man had him almost breaking, but he didn’t, he held and the sensation was driving him mad.

“Relax your throat and take all of me.” The voice was quietly demanding, strong, and everything Aaron hoped it might be. He needed a strong Dom to submit to because it wasn’t easy for him. He was relaxing more as he felt a thumb caressing just to the side of his esophagus, relaxing the muscles and allowing the man to penetrate deeper inside his mouth. He almost cried out as his body responded to the cock that slid even further down his throat deep-throating it. The man was making micro movements, pulling out just enough then sliding back down. Aaron wasn’t sure how much more he could take, how much longer he could stay silent as whimpers of lust wanted to escape him.

“So, very good.” The man kept that same pace, thumb stroking his throat as the other hand was cupping his cheek. An unexpected tear slid down as each thrust in his mouth was pushing at yet another wall. That wall of silence that Aaron had been so well known for in the House. Most Dragon Doms liked to hear their subs, liked to hear their cries and moans, but Aaron had never given a Dom his cries. The two that had taken turns through is initial go round had their theories on Aaron’s silence and how none of them could break him. It hadn’t meant that he wasn’t a good sub, he was, in fact he was good enough to have been offered the path of the Consort.

“No one has broken your silence, each has tried and failed.” The thumb that had been stroking his neck stopped and the hand wrapped around his throat. That cock in his mouth started to thrust a little harder. Aaron was visibly shaking, his body sweating even more, his mind was a whirl that could only process the sensations happening where cock and mouth met. The other hand slid in his hair and gripped, the man pulled back and thrust in again. “Before we are done, I will hear you.” Aaron heard the grunt as the man’s thrusts stuttered and he felt warm liquid filling his mouth. The hand at his throat kept him from swallowing. The cock hadn’t left his mouth just yet. Slowly the hand around his throat loosened.

“Swallow.” Aaron did as he was told and he heard the moan as he swallowed around the softened cock. It was pulled out and he immediately felt the loss.

“Beautiful.” The man walked behind Aaron and undid the complicated lock on the chain that held the cuffs behind his back. He felt the man bend down next to him.

“Wrap your arm around my shoulders.” He did as he was told. “Stand with me, I won’t let you fall.” Aaron got himself ready to be lifted. As he stood he almost fell back down but the man had him in a tight grip. “I won’t let you go. Walk” He did, and they walked to another room. He was told to sit in a chair then felt the wrist and ankle cuffs being removed completely and he almost protested their loss. The man came to stand next to his chair and they followed the same routine, but this time he felt naked flesh against his and shivered. The walked a few steps then he was being lowered into a warm, soothing bath. The blindfold stayed on.

The man carefully cleaned Aaron, using a soft cloth with a spicy, musky fragrant soap.

“You had most of your body hair removed, is that correct?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Yet you left some pubic hair. Was this on purpose?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And what purpose was that?” The voice demanded as he was being washed.

“May I be honest Sir?”

“You may A.” The man had chosen only to call him by his first initial.

“I’m not truly a sub.”

“Yet you have taken the Path of the Consort. Why would you do this?”

“I wanted to know what it is to submit. I wanted someone to break all my walls down, to push me, to unmake me, then rebuild me. Then, and only then will I be able to be the best Dom I will know how to be, Sir.”

The man took so long in answering back that for a moment Aaron had thought he was gone. But, he was being pushed against the side of the spa tub the man plastered against him. A mouth was kissing the side of his neck and up towards his ear.

“I will break you. I will make you beg and scream. I will have you on your knees crying and cursing. Then when you break, I will be there to hold you and build you back-up. This I will do. Do you understand?”

Aaron’s breath was shallow as his heart raced in his chest at those words. He wanted this, he needed this like he needed to take his next breath. He was almost violently shaking with a combination of need and desire.

“Yes, I understand, Sir.”

His chin was gripped hard as that body still pressed against him.

“Your pleasure belongs to me now, your orgasm is mine to control. You are not to touch yourself when I leave you alone. Do you understand this?”

Aaron swallowed hard as he shook his head.

“Words, A.”

“Yes, Sir. I understand.”

“Good, we are going to now get out of this bathtub, the cuffs will go back on and we’ll go to what will be your room.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Aaron followed the man’s direction and was helped out of the tub, then a soft towel was being wrapped around him, drying him off. He was told to sit and the ankle and wrist cuffs were put back on. The weight of them almost comforting through the newness of this. He was helped into, what felt like a silk robe which was loosely tied in front.

He was led through a quieter part of the house, the wing that was used for Consort training. He went through a door, the robe taken off him, then he was told to lie down on the bed, arms above him. A chain was being attached to the wrist cuffs. There was enough slack for him to move around the bed, but he knew they could be manipulated however the Dom wanted them to be. His ankles were given the same treatment.

Aaron was left alone, he had called out for the man but he wasn’t there. As he was drifting asleep he felt a body on his, lips on his neck and shoulders, hands touching, caressing, kneading his flesh. A hand wrapped around his cock and pulled. He almost cried out, almost broke, but he didn’t, not quite yet.

The man kept him on edge, bringing him almost to orgasm, then stopping. He did this so many times Aaron stopped counting, stopped thinking and started to just feel. He was letting go slowly as his legs shook. His arms were above his head to where he couldn’t move them.

Aaron almost started to beg.

“Hmm, I can feel you wanting to beg A. I want to hear you beg.” A slick finger slipped inside him making him arch up while the man’s mouth was licking the underside of the head of his cock. It was driving Aaron mad. His cock was painfully hard after what seemed like hours of edging. He wanted to cry and beg, but still his silence held. A second finger was slipped into him and his voice caught in his throat. Those fingers were doing wicked things to him while that mouth kept him right where the Dom wanted him.

A third slick finger, then the mouth enveloped him. His mind emptied and all he could do was let himself feel.

A fourth finger, no thoughts, no nothing, he was slipping, his control waning as those finger thrust in and out of him. Teeth scraped on his cock, not painfully, but just enough to have tears escape his eyes. He was holding on by a tiny thread and the man knew it.

When the fingers in his ass became a whole hand and the mouth took all of him Aaron’s control snapped.

“Please,” he cried out as his body didn’t quite know what to do. He wrapped his hands around the chain as he planted his feet on the bed, the cuffs only letting him go so far. “Please, please,” he begged as he violently shook.

The hand was thrusting in and out of him as the mouth was deep throating him. When the man pulled off he wanted to curse but all he did was beg and plead.

“Please what A?” The rumbled voice of the man sent waves of pleasure through him.

“Please Sir, please I need to come, I need,” the mouth was covering his in an unexpected kiss and it nearly unglued the last of Aaron’s reserves.

“Then come,” the hand was thrusting in and out fast and hard as the man moved back to his cock and it was once more enveloped in that warm, wet heat.

Aaron shook as he thrust up and cried out the violence of the orgasm surprising him. Slowly the hand in his ass was being removed as the mouth on him milked him for everything he had. He was shaking so hard the silent tears rolled down his face and he felt empty.

The man was gone for only a moment before he came back. Aaron felt a warm cloth rubbing his body down and that simple, gentle gesture broke him even more. He felt the slack in the chains as they were being released and Aaron curled into himself, he couldn’t hold back the sobs as his whole body shook.

The man slipped behind him and held him close to his body with sure, strong arms.

“Now, we can begin.” The voice whispered in his ear as he was cared for through his breakdown.

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