The Submission of Aaron Hotchner Part 3

Title: The Submission of Aaron Hotchner Part 3: Trust

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/James Bond (Sir)

Rating: NC-17

Genre: BDSM, Porn w/Plot

Warnings: Hard BDSM, Impact play, sounding, trust exercises

Beta: Not beta’d. No non-consensual beta.




Aaron woke slowly and moaned at the ache in his body. James had used him particularly well the day before as they explored more of his own pain kink. He felt fingers moving over the outline of the Courtesan mark that had been started. After each new hurdle was crossed the mark was filled out more. By the end of their time together the large tattoo would be completely filled in. A phoenix, but one of James’s own design. It wasn’t the typical Phoenix where the head was bowed and the body in a relaxed, almost submissive pose. No, this mark had the mythical bird with it’s head held high, almost defiant and its wings spread as if in flight. It was a strong, unusual image. But, it fit Aaron’s true dynamic very well.

“Good morning A.”

“Good morning Sir.”

Aaron felt James moving off the bed and shuffling around the room.

“Up, take a shower and come back for breakfast.” Aaron slid out of bed and padded his way to the bathroom where he showered quickly and did his normal morning routine. When he was dry he stepped out and to the table. Kneeling on the pad that waited for him he was fed a light breakfast of fruit, hard-boiled egg and toast. He tried not to wonder what James had in store for him, they had been building-up their trust over the previous weeks and Aaron had let any and all inhibitions slowly fall away. He was startled out of the revere he had fallen into when James spoke again.

“Today will be all about trust and how far we have both come. Do you trust me A?”

Aaron swallowed past the lump that had inexplicably formed in his throat.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good.” James used a napkin to clean off his hands and stood. He took the breakfast tray and set it on the stand outside the suite of rooms he shared with Aaron.

“Stand up.” James ordered then put on a plastic cock cage with a lock around Aaron’s flaccid cock. He then handed Aaron a pair of linen shorts with wide legs. Nothing else.

“Put those on.” James waited for Aaron to obey, which he did quickly. Running fingers over his face James kissed him, trailing his fingers over his sides. When he pulled away he put a blindfold over Aaron’s eyes, then cuffs around his wrists and linked them together. He then added a leash to the collar around Aaron’s neck. “Tell me how you are A.”

“I’m green.” Aaron’s breath rushed out as he trembled slightly not knowing what was going on.

“You need to put all of your trust in me today. Do you understand?” James flicked the nipple rings making Aaron suck in a breath. James had been pleased that Aaron hadn’t fought him on them. He loved seeing the small gold hoops hanging off Aaron’s dark nipples. He sometimes got hard just playing with them and what that did to Aaron.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good, now follow.” James left the room pulling on the leash. Aaron had no choice but to carefully follow. He couldn’t see, so he had to put his complete trust and faith in James not to let him fall or get hurt in any way.

It had been weeks since Aaron had left the room that he had been sharing with James. He was only allowed to run in the early morning when everyone else was asleep. James didn’t want him to have any contact with anyone in the house while he was in training. He understood, it formed a deeper bond of trust and care between the two of them with no outside influences.

Aaron heard the sounds of the house flowing around them as they walked through. He didn’t try to decipher them, he just let them float by his consciousness. He was solely fixed on carefully following where James led. Focusing his concentration on walking and putting his complete and utter trust in his Dom.

He felt the smooth tile give way to the paving stones of the gardens. His heart sped-up at the anticipation of what was in store for him. He then felt the stones give way to grass as they continued through to the gardens. The smells and sounds of outside invaded his senses. He let go and let his mind wander as he got lost in breathing in the sweet scent of the honeysuckle; hearing the gentle buzzing of the bees from the honey farm just on the other side of ridge from Dragon House; He practically tasted the warmth of the sun on his tongue as he opened his mouth slightly relaxing into the anticipation of what was to come. He felt warm and cool wash over his mostly naked body as they walked through the gardens. His skin felt like it was being kissed by the sun. He lifted his face up for a moment and drank in the feel of his surrounding. Before he knew it they were at one of the many benches that were scattered around the gardens for anyone’s pleasure.

“Slide onto my cock.” Aaron heard the low growl in his ear as he was being pulled onto James’s lap. His shorts pushed down in the back exposing his entrance.

“Sir.” He wanted to protest, but the words were stuck once he felt a slick finger enter him. After a moment he was bending down and felt the blunt end of James’s cock at his hole. Finding his balance he slid down till he was seated fully on the Dom’s cock.

“Now, don’t move,” James whispered in his ear. “Remember you are safe, I’ve got you.” Hands were wrapped around his waist as he was held still. James could just barely move but he felt the minimal slide of the cock inside him.

A hand moved across his stomach and shoulders but it wasn’t James’s. Aaron whimpered at the touch, not knowing who it was. He felt someone kneeling between his legs then a hand was lifted off his hip. A moment later he was being fed something. He opened and a grape was placed on his tongue. He bit into it and almost moaned at the sweet liquid that burst onto his tongue. He was pulled back fully against James’s chest and he felt those hands on his body once again. This time there was oil and it was being gently rubbed into his skin.

James made small almost imperceptible movements but it was enough that he felt his own cock swell within the cage. His head fell against James’s shoulder as he lost all sense of place and time. He felt the shifting of sun on his skin from the cool morning to the warmth of the early afternoon. Every so often James would feed him something, a cube of cheese, a grape, a small piece of cake but it was all a test of his trust in his Dom.

Aaron felt calm and pliant as he was held fast against James. The Dom’s cock moving inside him more and those anonymous hands hadn’t stopped touching him. He was panting in time to James’s movements as his legs were spread more across the Dom’s lap, he was being bent forward and hands gripped his hips.

“Brace your feet and place your hands on the ground.” James ordered as he was pushed down more. Aaron once more was grateful for his workouts. He was more flexible than most people assumed. James was gripping his hips hard and used the position Aaron was in to his advantage. He pushed Aaron off and on his cock fucking into him slow but deep and hard.

“Gorgeous, A. You’re gorgeous like this. Bent over for me, trusting me to keep you from falling.” James’s head lolled back as he felt closer and closer to his own orgasm.

“Sir, oh god,” Aaron cried out as his cock swelled tightly within the cage. It was almost painful but at the same time he was starting to float on a high. Hands dug into him as he heard the grunt and could just feel James coming inside him.

Slowly he was pulled back up and against that hard chest of his Dom. James’s hands were all over him, strong, soothing. Aaron didn’t know why he shivered, but after a moment he relaxed and laid his head on James’s shoulder. Everything had been almost too much for his senses. The feel of the sun and the cool breeze on his skin, the smells and sounds surrounding him, the feel of touch on his skin all worked together to get him out of his head. He didn’t think, he let his senses lead, let his trust in James take over.

“Stand-up.” Aaron felt a tap on his thigh to indicate what it was that James wanted. Slowly he pulled off of James quickly deflating erection. “Don’t move yet.” Aaron waited, then he felt something at his hole. He sucked in a breath as he felt a plug being pushed inside him. It wasn’t large enough to feel uncomfortable, but it was enough to keep him from leaking the cum still inside him.

“Follow.” Aaron heard a rustling and assumed James was standing, then felt the leash being pulled once again. As they walked to wherever they were going Aaron’s breath hitched as the plug brushed against his prostate every so often. All too soon he was painfully hard with the cage still wrapped around him.

When they got back to the room the blindfold was removed and the cuffs were being unlinked. James wrapped around him, kissing him, varying the pressure and depth of the kisses. It made him keen with need as he swelled again. The plug was removed with one hand while the other played with his nipple rings.

“Shower, then come back in the room.” James had let him go but Aaron immediately felt the loss.

“Yes, sir,” he said breathlessly as he was becoming over-stimulated from the whole of the morning’s activities. Swallowing he tried not to stumble his way to the bathroom and took a quick shower, cleaning himself inside as well as out. He needed relief, but the locked cage just wasn’t letting him get any. Finishing his shower quickly he stepped out and practically ran into James who was holding a large, fluffy towel in his hands. He slowly, maddeningly slowly, dried Aaron off.

Aaron was led through the main bedroom and to the room adjacent to the bedroom. This was the playroom. It wasn’t large, it didn’t need to be. There was sufficient room to either chain Aaron, or tie him up, whichever James desired.

“Middle of the room and grab the bar.” Aaron did as he was told. He watched as chains were hooked into his wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs were being attached around his ankles. “No blindfold this time. You will see everything, feel everything, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.” Aaron let it slip before even he knew what he was saying. He had yet to call his Dom that, it went to his current mindset that he had been able to let go and call James that.

James was standing in front of him, the back of his neck was being gripped hard as he looked Aaron right in the eyes.

“You mean that A?”

“Yes.” Aaron didn’t hesitate and James groaned as he kissed his sub hard, flicking his tongue inside Aaron’s mouth tasting him. He pulled away after a moment and grabbed a riding crop from the wall where a variety of impact instruments were hanging.

James stood in front of Aaron with the crop in his hand, trailing it over Aaron’s body ramping up the anticipation. They had been exploring just how far Aaron’s pain kink went.

Aaron’s mouth dried-up as he braced himself for impact, then he remembered himself and relaxed knowing if he was tense the pain was worse. He felt, more than saw, James waiting for him. He visibly let his body relax then he closed his eyes and only then did he feel the first swing of the crop. His mouth fell open as he cried out but let the pain in, let it move through him as he disconnected from his thoughts. The blows to his body varied from hard and stinging, to barely a whisper against his skin. For every kiss of riding crop to his skin Aaron sunk deeper and deeper inside himself, he eventually even let his thoughts empty and all there was, was him, his Dom and the pain.

Aaron lost all track of time, all sense of his surroundings, he floated on pure sensation alone. He almost didn’t register when James switched to a hard, braided flogger. He was so far gone he almost didn’t hear James ask him how he was.

“Green,” he barely managed to get out as James was releasing him from the restraints. He lolled his head to the side and laid it on James shoulder. He was being laid out on the mattress then the cage was being taken off him. He almost screamed as his cock filled so fast it was almost painful.

“Please, Sir, please,” Aaron was gripping the sheets as he thrust up but only feeling air.

“Shh, trust me A.”

“I do, I trust you Sir.” Aaron let the last of the tension go as he let himself relax fully back on the bed. He didn’t even track James’s movements around the room like he did at the beginning of his training. He didn’t even flinch when he felt the bed dip between his legs and he looked to see a naked James with a black pouch in his hand. Setting the pouch on the bed James unrolled it and let Aaron see what was in it.

Aaron’s eyes went wide and his heart sped-up in fear. When he looked back at James all he saw was affection and care. Aaron wasn’t sure what to do, a part of him wanted to safeword out, to try to get control again, but another part wanted to continue trusting James.

“I know you’re afraid A. I know how you had been pushed into this before you were ready, but, we’ve come a long way, and today just proved to me how much you have put your trust in me. Do that now Aaron, trust me to not hurt you. I only want this to feel good for you and we’ll take it slow.”

Aaron’s breathing was shallow as his hands fisted the sheets under him. James was touching him gently, soothing him.

“We’ll start with the smallest one. It will be no worse than the plug you’ve worn already.” James encircled Aaron’s cock with his hand and worked him just to the edge and backed off. Pulling the thinnest and straightest of the instruments out he looked Aaron in the eye. “Are you ready A?”

Aaron swallowed and tried not to tense-up. He held James’s gaze for a moment then nodded his head.

Bending down and taking the head of Aaron’s cock in his mouth the tongued his slit, opening the small hole at the tip just a bit. He pulled back then he slowly inserted the sound that he was holding inside Aaron’s hole. He heard Aaron’s breath hitch as he inserted it, watching Aaron’s face the whole time. When he had it all the way in he noticed Aaron’s eyes rolled back and he arched just slightly off the bed.

“Tell me how you are.”

Aaron wasn’t sure. The sensation wasn’t like the first time he had a sound inside him. This was much different.


“We’ll go slow, you tell me if it changes.”


James held the sound in between his fingers and slowly pulled it up then pushed it back down. He did this a few times to let Aaron get used to the feeling. When he noticed Aaron’s fists relaxing he played with the sound more. Moving it inside and opening Aaron’s urethra more.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Aaron growled as he thrust his hips up. “Oh god, green, green.” He cried out over and over. Carefully James pulled that one out and set it aside, He grabbed the next one that was slightly larger, but still smooth and pushed it gently in. Aaron arched up more as he felt the slide of the sound moving inside. His mouth fell open as he closed his eyes letting the sensation wash over him. His cock was getting harder as James played with him.

“Please, please, Sir.” He was begging James, for what he wasn’t even sure at this point. It was like his whole body itched with the need for release. When he felt James take him into his mouth and suck he thought he was going to jump right out of his skin. His whole body was beyond over-stimulated and anything James did at this point was precariously close to that pleasure-pain threshold. He was vibrating, his legs were growing weak and his eyes kept rolling back. When he felt the sound being pulled out he thought he was going to get some relief, but no, this time it was different. The sound being used was a corkscrew pattern and he practically screamed as James gently inserted it.

Aaron’s vision whited out and he lost all senses. Everything in him was pinpointed on his cock and what was being done. He knew he could safeword at any time but he realized he trusted James fully not to push him past his limits before he was ready. The slow slide of the sound being pushed up and down inside him had his crying out, The slick hand that circled his cock and was jerking him off had him moaning and seeking relief. James kept him on edge and he just needed to cum.

“Sir, can’t….hold it….need…need….Please, please.” James held the sound partway as he sped-up his hand movement.

“Go ahead A, cum for me.” James pulled the instrument all the way out and it was the catalyst for Aaron’s orgasm. He arched as he screamed, his cock twitched in James’s hand as he came, spurting all over himself and James. It was the longest orgasm he’ d ever had and when he was done cumming, he slumped on the bed and passed out.

The next time he opened his eyes James was over him, kissing and caressing him.

“Beautiful Aaron. Your trust in me was beautiful.” He was kissed as mouth and tongue practically devoured him. “I think it’s time for more of your mark to be filled in. We’ll see if Matthew is available tomorrow.”

Aaron could only nod. The sudden flood of thoughts and emotions overwhelmed him. It was going to be a while before he could speak. He was plied with water and a little food, then James let him do some reading for a while. He sensed that his Dom knew what was going through his head was leaving him alone for a bit. He knew they would talk about this later, but now he needed to process everything and how much he had put his trust and….Aaron was not going to let that  emotion in. He knew if he did, it would be harder to let go later.

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