stock-photo-8662795-vintage-clip-art-and-illustrations-writing-on-a-deskWelcome to Pen to Paper.

This blog will keep posted my current fanfiction stories as well as geek stuff and book review of some of my favorite authors.  I have always loved writing, but I never took the time to truly explore it.  I decided to try my hand at writing fanfiction of some of my favorite fandoms.  Currently I have in the works stories on Criminal Minds, Buffy, Doctor Who, Supernatural, NCIS, and Hellblazer.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a huge Hello Kitty fan.  Here I will post stories, artwork, stuff from around the web and my own collection of Hello Kitty toys and collectibles.

I may also throw in random photos of my two little fur babies, Oni – a little black kitty who thinks she is a princess, and Kabuki – a beautiful tabby that isn’t afraid to beg and show she’s queen of the apartment.

I hope your visit is fun and enjoyable.  Thank you for checking out Pen to Paper.

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    • If you go to the different tabs there are additional stories. Under series I moved many of my Criminal Minds series under there.

      Also, my multi-chapter stories will still be on A03 and I’m working slowly to also have them on my site.

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