The Submission of Aaron Hotchner Part Four: Defiance

Title: The Submission of Aaron Hotchner Part 4: Defiance

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/James Bond (Sir)

Rating: NC-17

Genre: BDSM, Porn w/Plot

Warnings: Hard BDSM, punishment, defiance, penis plug, edging

Beta: Not beta’d. No non-consensual beta.


Aaron turned over in bed, restless. There was an itching under his skin at being confined for so long that was driving him crazy. James had come back to the room after dinner was done exhausted and let Aaron do as he pleased. He wasn’t sure what was going on with his Dom as the last few nights he had not been cuffed. A part of him missed it, but another part, that part of him that was Dom was relieved.

Aaron had been good, he really had, giving his Sir all of himself, but that itch persisted. He had been broken and built back-up so many times that he no longer had any walls left. He looked to his left and saw that Sir was asleep and Aaron slipped from the bed and stared out at the early morning sun. The slight damp in the air felt good and Aaron wanted to be out there. To feel the pounding of the track under his feet, to smell the damp cool air on his skin and in his mouth, to smell the freshness of the grass and the lingering summer flowers. He ached and that itch under his skin got worse. He would later wonder why he did it, what it was that pushed him outside on that particular morning, and he would ponder the punishment that had come with it. But, as he slipped into a pair of running shorts, an almost unfamiliar feeling, and a workout shirt he wouldn’t wonder about it now. The consequences of his actions would come much, much later.

Slipping on socks and running shoes he quietly slipped out of the room and headed for the large park that was part of Dragon House. When he arrived he stretched and breathed in the morning that had broken cool and clear. It was still early, very few were up, but those like him, those that liked to run were out already.

Aaron lifted his arms and stretched-up luxuriating in the burn he already felt. When he was sufficiently warmed-up he took a deep breath and started on his run. It was a slow jog at first, further warming up unused muscles. After a few minutes he increased his speed gradually and was finally running at a pace that let his mind empty and all he knew was the feel of the ground beneath his feet, the smell of the cherry blossoms that were slowly falling from the trees all around the property, the taste of fall just on the tip of his tongue. He felt at one with nature around him, much like his adopted father had taught him.

Aaron smiled as he thought of Jaw-Long Jiang. The man who had saved him not only from his family, but from himself. He thought of the time he spent at Dragon House, growing-up and learning about who he really was. Master Jiang, father, brother, mentor had taken him in and loved him, shown him what a parent really was. When he got into Columbia Law School, his adopted father was more than proud of him and it made Aaron’s heart swell.

All of this went through his mind as he ran, stretching his muscles, and finally, after almost five long months, he felt right in his skin once again. He realized he had been out longer than he meant to, and he started to slow down and jogged the rest of the way back to the main house and the room he shared with his Master. He was smiling and his heart was lighter as he stepped inside. When he shut the door and turned around his eyes widened and his heart stopped at seeing James sitting at their table in a pair of pinstriped pajamas, legs crossed and a hard look on his face.

“Am I an unreasonable Dom A?”

Aaron’s heart was pounding as he swallowed hard, “No, Sir.”

“Have I don’t anything to you that you haven’t been willing to take? You’ve never used your safeword, you’ve never said that there was anything wrong.”

“There isn’t.”

James’s face darkened as he slowly stood and stalked towards Aaron, backing him up till he practically slammed against the wall.

“Then where were you? And why did you not ask my permission?” The fury in James’s eyes gave Aaron pause, but only a moment’s.

“I went for a run. I needed it.” Aaron lifted his head in defiance, he wasn’t sure why he felt it, but it was there, had been for a few weeks, simmering just under the surface. “I didn’t think i would need your permission for a run.”

James stared at him for long enough that it was making Aaron nervous.

“You didn’t think you’d need permission for a run.” James glared and started to pace the room slowly back and forth. “Are you giving up? Do you want to become zuo*?”  *disgraced

Aaron’s eyes widened in horror as he thought about other’s who had failed to become true Consort. He swallowed hard and shook his head.

“No, Sir.”

“You feeling confined? Defiant? Is that it A?” James stopped in his pacing and watched as the words sunk in.

“This was a test. You were testing me.” James lifted a brow at the cold, hard look that came into Aaron’s eyes. He was almost impressed, he saw a glimpse of the Dom inside himself that he was suppressing. James schooled his own expression as he stared back at Aaron.

“Yes. You’ve given in rather….easily. Too easy almost for someone who is naturally a Dom. Your father was concerned when we spoke at dinner the other night. It’s why I’ve not been cuffing you.”

“You wanted to see if I would leave.” Aaron’s shoulders started to slump, but he caught himself and instead squared them back. “You thought I was going to break.”

“Oh, no, that isn’t it at all. I was waiting, been waiting, for your true nature to assert itself and it hasn’t, until today. I’m disappointed, I did not think you would give in..” James turned away from Aaron and walked towards the window and stood with his back turned.

Aaron hadn’t known what to expect, but hearing those words was a blow. That, more than anything hurt. He had not considered his course of action this morning until this moment. He hurt his Dom and that was a pain he never thought he’d experience. His breathing was shallow as he quickly stripped out of his clothes and dropped to his knees, hands behind his back and head down. It took him a few moments to find his voice again.

“I’m sorry Master,” the words pained him more than any kiss of the whip or sting of the flogger had given him. He stayed in the pose, a supplicant at the feet of the one who had remade him. He wasn’t sure how long he stayed like that, wasn’t sure when his master moved, all he was sure of was a hand on his chin, gripping tight and lifting. He kept his eyes downcast and waited.

“Look at me A.” Aaron slowly lifted his eyes up to meet James’s. “I believe you, but defiance cannot go unpunished, do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I do not believe in using the same instruments to punish that bring you pleasure. But I cannot let this be.” James slowly circled around Aaron thinking about what he was going to do. Not saying a word he left the room and left Aaron still in the kneeling position. He wasn’t sure how long it was, he lost all track of time as he waited. James came back with a large box and set it on the bed. He pulled out a set of heavy chains and set them aside. Then he pulled out a heavy swing. Moving to the left side of the bed he stepped up on a chair and attached the hook for the swing into a hook in the ceiling. Stepping back down he moved the chair out of the way then directed Aaron to lay down in the middle of the swing and stretch his arms above his head. Swallowing hard he did as James asked.

James grabbed one set of the heavy chains and slipped the cuffs around Aaron’s wrists and pulled till he could fasten the other end of the chain to a hook in the wall. Grabbing the other set he had Aaron spread his legs, hooking his feet into the foot rests of the swing. James put the ankle cuffs on then attached the short chain to the swing, pulling till Aaron was stretched out. James attached two short chains to Aaron’s collar, then to rings in the swing, making it hard for Aaron to move his head. He then grabbed his kit and took out a slightly larger penis plug and after making Aaron semi-hard he inserted the plug, but this time he capped it. Then he grabbed a buttplug, one that was wider than Aaron was used to and he inserted that as well. The last thing he did was to wrap a vibrating cock cage around Aaron and held the remote for it in his hand. Stepping away he sat in one of the chairs and looked at his sub spread out and already shaking.

“You understand why I am doing this, correct?”

“Yes,” Aaron’s voice was rough as he fought back the emotions that were welling up inside him. He had never wanted to disappoint James, his Master. The defiance he had felt earlier in the day was slowly draining from him as he was living the consequences of his actions. He almost screamed as the vibrator wrapped around his cock was turned on high. He hadn’t been ready for it.

James sat back and kept an impassive look on his face, but inside he tamped down on the hurt he had felt.

“If you had asked me A, I would have been willing to give you the time you needed.”

“Yes, sir,” Aaron didn’t try to struggle out of his bindings, he knew what he had done had hurt his Dom more than anything. He schooled his expression, determined to take his punishment.

The trust that had been bent between them would take a little work to get back, but Aaron showing James his supplication, his willingness to take the punishment meted out by him was a step in the healing process.

James kept Aaron on edge, denying him release as he cycled the vibrator, never keeping the same rhythm.

Aaron didn’t know how long he was in the swing or how many times he had brought to the brink, he was shaking and sweating with the effort. At one point his body bowed in protest at the near torture of the constant edging. At one point Aaron passed out and slumped in the swing. Next thing he knew he was being lifted up into a sitting position. He opened his eyes to see James gently holding his face, stroking his cheek.

“Can you stand?” Aaron swallowed hard, he didn’t know if he could talk after the screaming he had done, so he just shook his head yes, then stood on shaky legs. With help from his Dom he was led to the bathroom where a bath waited. Before he got in James took out the plug, and unwrapped the vibrator which made Aaron almost buckle in relief.

“No, you have to stand,” James commanded as he helped Aaron the rest of the way into the back. He got in behind Aaron and helped wash him. The emotions that had churned up were too much and Aaron buried his head against James’s chest and let go.

“Sh, you’re safe A.”

“I’m sorry,” Aaron’s voice was rough as he was allowed to wrap himself around his Dom.

“I know, but trust between us has been…bent a little. We have to trust each other fully in this A or we both fail, do you understand?”

Aaron nodded his head against James as he felt the crash come. James was there to catch him physically and emotionally.

The morning brought a new perspective and Aaron gave himself completely to James. They spent the day reconnecting and rebuilding the trust that had run so deep between them.

Aaron was bent over and James was slowly thrusting in him, drawing out the pleasure for the both of them, and when his Dom came inside him he purred in pleasure. The punishment not forgotten and Aaron knew it probably never would be.

Later that morning after breakfast they talked about what it was that caused Aaron’s defiance and he admitted that he had been feeling off, that being cut off from his runs had made him feel itchy and uncomfortable in his own skin.

“You also felt your own true nature surface didn’t you?”

“Yes. I knew I agreed to this, that I wanted it but….”

“You found exposing yourself, breaking your self down was harder than you anticipated. Your walls shattered and you’ve learned things about yourself that you never knew.”

Aaron nodded as he was kneeling, a supplicant at the feet of his Dom.

“Very few Dom’s have ever succeeded at the path you have chosen. I admire you A. You’re strength is not lost on me and I admire you.” James lifted his face so they were looking each other in the eye, “We will get past this and will only be stronger for it.”

Aaron’s heart soared as he smiled and felt a part of them knit back together.

“Get up, go take a shower then come back and get dressed. I will lay out your clothes for you. We will go walk, take some food and spend the day outside.”

“Thank you.”

“You are more than welcome A.” James caressed a hand down Aaron’s face, then let him up. The day out would be good for the both of them.

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