The Submission of Aaron Hotchner, Part 2

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Title: The Submission of Aaron Hotchner, Part 2; All The Walls Come Tumbling Down

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/James Bond (Sir)

Rating: NC-17

Genre: BDSM, Angst, Porn with Plot

Warnings: Exploration of Pain Kink, Hard BDSM, Sensory Deprivation

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The next morning Aaron was kneeling on a kneeling bench at a small table in his room. He was still blindfolded and hands behind his back. He was was being fed a light breakfast by his unknown companion. Fruit, water and some toast. He was grateful it wasn’t heavy, he didn’t think he could handle anything more than that. The breakdown had overwhelmed him emotionally and he was trying to understand what happened. The man only spoke commands to eat, there was no talking other than that. When they were done the man left and came back a short time later.

“Kneel on the bed.” Aaron quickly did as he was commanded. “Open your mouth.” He did that too. He thought he was going to feel a cock, but what he felt was a gag. “Hold out your hand.” He held his hand out and felt something being put there. “Put them in your ears.” It all started to become clear. Sensory deprivation. He put the plugs in his ears then he was manhandled back on the bed and chained down, then nothing. He couldn’t hear, see or taste. Even his sense of smell was blunted as anything in the room that could give off a smell had been removed. Even the sheets were neutral. Touch was also cutoff as his hands were bound away from his body.

He didn’t know when his Master left. He was left like just like he was and at first he was okay. Slowly the thoughts in his head started to whirl, he tried to make sense of the night before but he couldn’t, he needed to talk about it but that privilege was taken from him. He tried to put those thoughts aside as he was also trying to make sense of what was happening now. He was completely cut-off from all sense of his surroundings. When he realized that, fear set in. He hadn’t been afraid of anything for a very long-time. Not since coming to Dragon House when he was a scared, broken fourteen year old boy boy. That fear ramped up slowly by degrees. At one point he started to fight against the chains, but with no slack all he did was struggle. His heart was pounding fast as the fear gripped him tighter. He fought against it as he gripped the small amount of chain he could reach. m. When he tried to move, he really couldn’t  

Aaron tried to keep his breathing calm and his mind clear as he worked to remind himself that he was safe. Fighting back the fear and the tears he stopped struggling remembering where he was and what was happening. He felt like hours had passed, he was disoriented, his mind was a mess of fear and anticipation.

Then something strange happened, his mind stilled, the lack of sense coalesced and he was just, empty. No fear, no pain, no thoughts, he was only aware of the rise and fall of his breathing. His mind started to concentrate on just that. the rise and fall of his chest, the feel of his breath through the gag the way he would breath in through his nose and out his mouth. He got lost in the sensation, almost forgot about his surroundings and his own body. He wasn’t sure if he was actually floating, he wasn’t sure of anything other than the next breath he took.

He was so lost in his head that he wasn’t aware of what was happening around him till he felt that first touch to his body. He cried out and his body bowed almost painfully as his awareness slammed back into him. He started to shake and he felt like he was cracking under some kind of imagined pressure.

Hands slid all over his body, touching him everywhere. His mind switched as he now concentrated on those hands and what they were doing. The glide of those hands was gentle but painful at the same time. The strokes were gentle, but after being sense deprived for what seemed like hours any touch to his oversensitive skin felt like little pinpricks everywhere. He cried out and a part of him wanted those hands away from him. Another part, a deeper unknown part of himself wanted it to go on, wanted that pain he was feeling and the shaking became uncontrollable and almost violent. And just as abruptly the touching stopped, then nothing again.

Aaron found it harder to go back to that nothing state he had been in before. He was on edge wondering what would happen next. When nothing did he pulled again against the cuffs and chains holding him down. He felt the scream bubble up from inside him and out his mouth. He was screaming against the gag and trying to violently pull against the chains. He knew he was acting out of fear but his mind was again pinging in a thousand different places. His body started to sweat with the struggle, but the chains held fast and wouldn’t let him go.

Falling back onto the bed, he tried to calm his breathing and his mind as he lay there wanting his Master to come back. The litany against fear from his favorite book series Dune came to mind. He started to recite it in his head over and over, concentrating on that he calmed down and was lulled into a light sleep.

Some unknown time later his eyes flew open against the blindfold and his heart pounded. He tried to figure out what had woken him up. When he felt a mouth on him he shook. His cock was hard and he wanted to thrust up but he was being held down by a strong arm across his waist. He couldn’t get any leverage in the position he was in. All he could do was let himself feel. He gave in to the sensation, was dizzy with it when the mouth left him. Something was being clamped around his cock, keeping him hard. He whimpered in frustration when there was nothing else. Dizzy with emotions, fear, frustration and an aching need in his body he was exhausted. He again fell asleep and wasn’t woken up for quite some time.

He was being lifted, his hands had been freed but his legs were still held fast. The gag was pulled down and a straw was being put in his mouth. He took a few slow sips, knowing if he took too much too fast he would get sick. The water slid down his throat, cool and sweet. He never paid attention before but the loss of sense made everything heightened. He tasted the tang of the minerals, the sweetness of the water itself and it made him groan as the sensation went straight to his loins.

The water was being taken from him and something else was being given to him. It was a piece of cantaloupe from the taste and texture. He took a bite and it burst on his tongue, the sweet melon was also a revelation. The texture wasn’t smooth it was a bit rough, but it felt good to chew it. Aaron evaluated each bite he was given and by the time he was done food held a new meaning to him. The tastes and textures were more complex than he ever stopped to consider. His mind was still on the strawberry that he had bitten into, analyzing the sweet and sour flavor with the bumpy texture of the seeds when the straw came back. The water tasted even better after the sensations of the fruit he had been fed.

A moment later he was being laid back on the bed and once again chained down.

And on it went. This roller coaster of sensation from taste to touch, from soft and gentle to painful, and  being cleaned with soft cloths and neutral smelling soaps, his cock swelled and deflated with this ebb and flow as it was still housed in the cage. He didn’t know when the fear stopped, when the pain felt good and he craved it, when the touches became erotic all on their own. He didn’t know when he stopped analyzing and started to just accept but he did and he couldn’t help thinking that it was glorious.


He didn’t know if it was morning or night, or even what day it was. Since all sense had been taken from him he was lost. He was being woken and the ankle and wrist cuffs being taken off him. He almost whimpered at their loss. Slowly the gag was being taken off him, then his right ear was gently tapped. He was in a haze, but was aware enough to know what was wanted. He took the earplug out and handed it to whoever was with him.

“Take the other out.” The voice was, thankfully, quiet. His heart was racing at that voice. He took the other out and braced himself for sound. When all there was, was quiet he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Close your eyes.” He closed them as he swallowed. Aaron was quaking on the inside in anticipation. He would finally be able to see his Dom, his Master. The blindfold was carefully removed. Aaron felt movement as someone went from behind him to the front. He heard a chair being moved then he felt a hand on his knee.

“Slowly open your eyes. Take your time.” He did, he had to blink a few times to readjust to light and his surroundings. When he opened them he saw the most captivating blue eyes he has ever seen. The smile was more of a smirk and Aaron actually blushed at the look he was being given.

“Look at me A.” Aaron looked up as a hand reached out and cupped his cheek. “You are a treasure.” The man ran a thumb across his cheek and Aaron almost whined at that touch.

“My name is James. James Bond, but you will call me Master James for the most part, or Sir. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” Aaron felt fragile. He didn’t know why getting his senses back made him feel lost yet again. He was frowning because he was trying to understand what was happening to him.

“I watched you struggling with your fear, with your uncertainty and finally with your acceptance. Have you conquered your fear A?”

“You, you were here? The whole time?” Aaron looked-up at him with a myriad of emotions swimming in his eyes.

“Did you think I would leave you A? Did you think it was someone else who was touching you? Taking care of you, pushing you?”

“I…I wasn’t sure, Sir. Why…” Aaron let out a long sigh as he sat on the edge of the bed, unsure of what was going to happen now.

“Why what?”

“Why all this? You touched me, but not once did you have sex with me. Am I..” Aaron looked down at his hands as they twisted together. “Do I not please you?” His heart was pounding fiercely in his chest.

“Oh Aaron, you please me greatly and there were many times over the last week that I would have buried my cock inside you and fucked you senseless. But, sex was not the way to push past your walls. It would have reinforced your walls. It’s what you expected and I never do what is expected.”

James saw the raw vulnerability that had surfaced after the fear shattered, after the recognition and acceptance of his own pain kink, now there was vulnerability. An unspoken need in the young man’s eyes. James curled his fingers with Aaron’s and pulled him onto his lap. Reaching up he cupped the back of his neck and pulled Aaron down to him and kissed him. The kiss was soft and warm and it made Aaron moan low in his throat.

James reached down and slipped a finger in Aaron’s still slick hole. Leaning forward he took a hard pink nipple between his teeth and nipped and pulled. Aaron’s breath quickened as he shivered in the Dom’s lap. Sliding his teeth across Aaron’s chest he bit at the taut flesh.

“You keep yourself in excellent shape,” James complimented Aaron as he slipped another finger inside while he bit at the the other nipple.

“Y-yes, god, Sir.” James removed his hand from Aaron’s ass and told him to lay on the bed. Standing he stripped out of the clothes he was wearing and grabbed a zippered pouch he had with him. He straddled Aaron and wrapped his hand around the young man’s cock, making it harder grabbing the pouch he pulled out a two inch thin smooth stainless steel apparatus.

“Do you know what this is?” James held it up as he kept his hand slowly working Aaron’s cock.

“It’s, it’s a plug isn’t it?”

“Yes. It was on your list of soft limits. Do you trust me A?”


“It’s for you. If it’s painful or uncomfortable we will discontinue its use, but I want you to try it.” Aaron was nervous, his first Dom had tried to sound him before he was ready and it made him a little nervous for anything coming into contact with his penis. When he looked at James all he saw was trust and faith.

“Yes, Sir.” He swallowed hard as James carefully showed Aaron that it was clean and sterile. Then he slowly and gently inserted the end inside Aaron’s cock. He pushed it carefully inside and slipped the outer ring over the head.

“Fuck, oh fuck,” Aaron swallowed hard as James kept up stroking him while the plug was securely in place. James was pleased at how vocal Aaron was becoming, but he knew he would have to be careful. He didn’t want Aaron trying to turn tables and start trying to top from the bottom. They hadn’t talked about punishments yet. It was on the list of things they did need to talk over. Right at the moment though James was going to properly claim his sub.

Slicking up his cock he pushed Aaron’s legs up, he wasn’t going to use restraints for this first time, they would come later. He lined himself up and pushed in hard in one go. Aaron’s back bowed as he cried out, hands gripped the bed as James slowly fucked in and out of him. The urethra plug adding in added stimulation.

“Oh god Sir,” Aaron started to close his eyes as his hands gripped the sheets under him.

“Open your eyes and look at me.” James gripped Aaron’s hips. “Don’t take your eyes off me, I want you to understand who it is that is claiming you Aaron.” The use of his first name had Aaron groaning. He looked up and didn’t take his eyes off the Dom. His cock was hard and leaked through the plug. Not taking his eyes off James he bowed his back in pleasure as each stroke pushed him closer and closer to release.

“Listen to me, you will not cum till I tell you, do you understand?”

“Y-yes,” Aaron groaned as he was thrust into over and over.

“Put your hands above your head.” Aaron did as he was asked. James practically bent Aaron in half as he moved to lay on top of him. Grabbing Aaron’s wrists he held them tightly above the sub’s head with one hand while he used his other to pinch and pull at Aaron’s nipple. All the while his pace never changed. He moved over Aaron’s body pushing in hard, snapping his hips then pulling back. He could feel how heavy Aaron’s cock was as it was trapped between their bodies.

“Sir, please, please,” Aaron begged. No one had even gotten him to beg. But here was a Dom who was playing his body like a fine tuned instrument. The subtle pain in his nipples, the grip on his wrists, the cock moving his ass were all working together to break down his defenses even more. The plug kept stimulating him just at the inside and tip of his cock and it was driving him mad.

James started to pick-up the pace as he raked his nails down Aaron’s side. The man screamed and he quickened his pace as he bent and kissed Aaron, licking inside his mouth and swallowing his screams. Legs wrapped around his waist trying to get him to go faster. Aaron kept begging, his eyes half lidded as he kept his eyes on James. But the Dom wouldn’t give, not yet, he wanted to not only break Aaron’s defenses, he wanted to shatter them completely.

James slowed down and sat up. He pulled out and commanded Aaron onto his hands and knees. He wanted to test just how far he could take Aaron with pain. Reaching for his kit he pulled out the wartenberg wheel with not one, but seven wheel. Setting it on the bed he pushed back inside Aaron’s ass and started to fuck into him harder. Grabbing the wheel he gently pressed at first and let it glide up Aaron’s back. The man screamed but he didn’t safeword so James continued. He rolled it over and over Aaron’s back, varying the pressure from a light gentle glide to pressing the spikes of the wheel just enough to leave an imprint.

Aaron was shaking, his screams made James moan in pleasure. Throwing the wheel aside he gripped Aarons hips and started to fuck him hard and fast. He was close to his release as he reached around and grabbed Aaron’s hard cock and started to stroke. Each firm pass of his hand made the plug stimulate Aaron even more.

“Please, please Sir, please, pleasepleaseplease,” Aaron’s breath hitched in his throat as he cried out, begging the Dom to let him cum.

“Beautiful, so beautiful.” James dragged his nails down Aaron’s back making him bow his body as he cried out, pushing back hard against James. The Dom grunted as he thrust in hard and stilled, spilling his seed deep inside the sub. James pulled out and laid Aaron out on the bed. Taking Aaron’s cock in his hand he stroked with a tight, sure grip. Making sure Aaron was looking at him he pulled and stretched his balls making Aaron thrust up.

“Yes, that’s it Aaron, cum, cum now for me.” Aaron gripped the sheets beneath him as his back slighly bowed and he shot his release over James hand and his own stomach. Standing, James walked to the small bathroom and washed-up. Grabbing a washcloth he wet it and cleaned Aaron up. James lay next to him and pulled him into his arms. For the second time in a week Aaron broke down.

“Shh, you’re safe Aaron.” James knew the possibility of sub-drop, especially for a man like Aaron. He was there to hopefully stem the emotional tide he knew was coming. “You’re not broken, A. I’ve just been pushing you, breaking your walls, you asked me for this and I promise I won’t let you fall.”

Aaron could control the sobbing. He felt completely empty, his defenses had shattered in the moment he came on command. He clung to James riding out the tidal wave of emotions, emptying them, emptying himself, getting ready to be remade.

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