The Submission of Aaron Hotchner, Part 2

Title: The Submission of Aaron Hotchner, Part 2; All The Walls Come Tumbling Down Fandom: Criminal Minds Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/James Bond (Sir) Rating: NC-17 Genre: BDSM, Angst, Porn with Plot Warnings: Exploration of Pain Kink, Hard BDSM, Sensory Deprivation Not beta'd. No non-consensual beta allowed. Thank you. The next morning Aaron was kneeling on a kneeling bench at a small table … Continue reading The Submission of Aaron Hotchner, Part 2


The Demon And The Winchester

Aaron was walking the latest crime scene by himself. It was late at night and he wanted to be alone without the rest of his team. He had seen the demon sign and the little bits of brimstone were also there, though they were subtle. He had quietly collected the evidence and pocketed it, intending … Continue reading The Demon And The Winchester