Writing Goals

My Writing Goals for 2017


Finish my Rough Trade Story, Do Androids Love Their Electric Sheep

Start the following Series:

Beautiful Submission: A Hotch/Reid Dom/sub series with Hotch as sub and Reid as Dom.

Doctor, Doctor: The series with Spencer Reid as the Doctor from Doctor Who

Long Way Around: A Hotch/Reid Sentinel Fic, but AU where Reid doesn’t start with the BAU till season 3.

Lineage: A multi-fandom Sentinel Fusion crossover story. This will encompass Criminal Minds, Stargate, Stargate: Atlantis, NCIS, Bones, and several other fandoms. Both Het and Slash pairings, as well a threesome’s.

Life At the Brewery: A Criminal Minds AU that puts our intrepid profilers in vastly different lives. They all live and work in a group of referbished warehouses that have been turned into artists lofts and businesses. This is loosely based on the real life artist lofts in Los Angeles called The Brewery.

Criminal Minds Big Bang: 2 Stories

NCIS Reverse Big Bang

Rough Trade Mulligan: This will be my original time travel story, The Strange Romance of Mitchell Evans. It’s a travelling letter story.

Finish the following WIP’s:

I Will Never Be Broken
The Secret Marriage

Little Black Dress Challenge in July