Oct 4th – Spit Roasting

“Daniel, Jack. I’m glad you stopped by the club.” Aaron saw them from across the room, he and Spencer were playing Go. Aaron had introduced him to the game a year earlier and Spencer took to it quickly. The two were evenly matched and currently locked in a tight battle. Aaron had stood and gone over to talk to the couple.

“I ah, I never got the chance to thank you for what you did for Jack and Haley. You guys haven’t come by in a while and I never got the chance to say it.”

“Aaron, though we sorta bent the rules, we couldn’t do any less.”

“Why don’t you guys join us? I’m sure Spencer will be glad to see you again, Daniel.”


“Sounds good.”

“We could make a lunch date if you don’t have any other plans.”

“We don’t. That sounds good.”

Aaron had hoped to see someone there that would be perfect for what he had in mind. He knew it wouldn’t be hard to talk Daniel into it, but Jack was unpredictable at best.

“Spencer, look who I found.”

“Daniel,” Spencer stood, a smile on his face as he hugged the man.

“I don’t know if you have met Jack. He and Daniel have been partners for quite a few years.”

Spencer held his hand out which surprised Aaron, but it shouldn’t have. Spencer had gained more confidence and some of his earlier fears and phobias had been overcome. He still didn’t shake just anyone’s hand, but he did it more often in the last couple of years.

“It’s nice to meet you. I’ve read your name on more than one project that I’ve helped Daniel and also Rodney on. I had hoped one day we would meet.”

“Yes, Daniel keeps gushing about the genius helping us with translations. He didn’t say that said genius was gorgeous.”

“I’m sure it was just an oversight on his part,” Spencer smirked and Daniel just rolled his eyes.

“Why don’t we all have lunch?”

“Sounds good. I’m starving.” The four men moved from the main library and headed into the dining room where they were immediately seated. Ordering was quick, the conversation was light and Aaron could see that Jack was eyeing Spencer up and down. Daniel and Aaron made eye contact and a slow smile of comprehension dawned on Daniels’ face.

Leaning towards Jack, Daniel whispered in his ear. The raised eyebrow had him looking between Aaron and Spencer.

“Hmm.” Jack’s smile was wicked as he leaned back in his chair. Aaron could tell that Spencer was wondering what was going on.

“I think, Spencer, that we could have some fun with Daniel and Jack, don’t you?”

Comprehension dawned on his face and Spencer blushed.

“Of course. Why not?”

Their meals arrived and the four men decided to only eat part of their meals. They didn’t want to get too full. There was an anticipation floating between the four of them as they ate and kept the conversation to small talk.

Once their food was packed up, included was a selection of decadent desserts that they could take with them. The anticipation ramped up as they left the dining room and made their way to Aaron and Spencer’s room.

After Aaron put the food in the fridge that was in the room, he walked back over to the others and decided to take the lead. He pulled Jack to him and kissed him. The sharp intake of breaths to the side of him he knew Daniel and Spencer were watching. Aaron heard himself moan as Jack’s tongue slipped between his lips and began exploring his mouth. Aaron was quickly getting hard.

Jack pulled back and started taking off his clothes, the other’s did the same and it wasn’t long before all four men were naked.

“I certainly know what I want to do.” Jack pulled one of the chairs from the table across from the bed over and placed it at the side of the bed and pulled Aaron to it. “I want you to sit and watch as Danny and I take your boy apart little by little.”

Aaron’s breath left him at the very thought of it. He nodded and sat down anxiously looking forward to the show that the three men were going to put on for him.

“Daniel, lean back against the headboard.”

“Oh, I think I know where you are going with this.” Daniel gave Jack a kiss before he did as Jack asked.

Spencer raised a brow but it didn’t take much for him to know exactly what Jack wanted. He crawled up on the bed and stayed on his hands and knees bent down just enough to take Daniel’s half-hard cock in his mouth. A filthy moan left Aaron’s mouth as gripped his own hardening cock and slowly started to stroke.

“You’re partner is a very smart man, Aaron.” Jack’s voice was thick and husky with his own arousal. Lube and a condom were grabbed from the nightstand. Jack and Aaron both watched Spencer as he bobbed up and down on Daniel’s now fully erect cock.

Daniel gripped Spencer’s hair and pulled on it. Spencer let out one of the filthiest sounds Aaron had ever heard from him. Daniel was taking control and directing Spencer where he wanted him. The other hand, Daniel was playing with his balls, his eyes rolled back in his head and Aaron fought the urge to stroke his own cock faster. His eyes slowly moved down Spencer’s body, watching him flush as he became more and more aroused. Aaron groaned looking at the heavy cock and balls hanging down from Spencer. The cock was fully erect and Aaron wanted to touch, but then Jack was slowly pushing his now condom covered cock inside Spencer and Aaron just about bowed his back off the chair as he watched his lover being fucked in the mouth and ass at the same time.

“Fuck, so hot,” Aaron moaned as he continued to slowly stroke himself. His free hand he started to play with his balls, pinching and pulling on them as he moved his hand over his cock, paying attention to the head, precome was pearling at the tip and Aaron swiped his thumb over it, gathering up some of the fluid and when Daniel made eye contact with him, Aaron sucked his thumb making Daniel audibly hitch his breath as he watched.

“Spencer…your mouth, fuck..” For a man who Jack had trouble shutting up half the time, Daniel was being reduced to few words and it made Aaron smiled. He broke eye contact because he wanted to watch Jack slide his thick cock in and out of Spencer’s ass. The sight was one of the filthiest and most erotic things Aaron had seen in a long time.

Jack was gripping Spencer’s hips in a bruising hold. He wasn’t being gentle and he wasn’t going slow. The loud slap, slap of flesh on flesh had Aaron’s own breath coming in pants as his cock got almost impossibly hard in his hand. He stroked, pulled, and pinched, feeling pleasure was over him from both the scene being played out in front of him and his own attention to his body.

The bottle of lube he had next to the chair he grabbed then scooted down in the chair planting his feet on the bed and reached down to get his fingers inside of him.

“Shit,” Aaron heard and looked up to see that Jack was watching him, licking his lips as Aaron pushed two fingers in as far as they could go in the position he was in. Jack’s head fell back on his shoulders as he gave over to whatever he was feeling. His hips stuttered and he fell across Spencer’s back, rutting as he clamped down on Spencer’s shoulder with his teeth. Aaron heard the grunt and knew Jack had come.

Aaron was trying to draw out his own pleasure watching Spencer suck Daniel’s cock. He could tell Daniel was close as the man closed his eyes and let his head hit the headboard. He still had a hold of Spencer’s head and Spencer was now deep throating Daniel. Aaron was paying such close attention to what was happening he was startled when a mouth wrapped around his cock. He looked to see that Jack had laid down across the bed and moved just enough to where he could suck Aaron off.

“Oh fuck, Spencer. Not gonna last.” Daniel’s voice pitched high as he held Spencer’s head still. He fucked into Spencer’s mouth for a couple of minutes and Aaron saw when he had come. Spencer swallowed everything and just watching that triggered Aaron’s own orgasm as he came inside Jack’s mouth.

Jack sat up and looked rather pleased with himself. The four men looked thoroughly fucked out.

When Aaron could find his voice again he smiled at Jack and Daniel.

“I hope you guys are going to stay.”

“Yes! Please stay.” Spencer had rolled over and was propped up on his arm stroking one of Daniel’s legs.

“I don’t see that as a problem. Daniel?”

“Oh, I think we can think of a few things to do. Maybe Jack and I can introduce you to things you never even thought of.”

Aaron was intrigued as he crawled on the bed. He had to have a taste of Daniel before they all cleaned up and decided on what was going to happen on round two. The kiss made Aaron shiver, then Jack’s hands all over him as he was pressed against Daniel.

“We are definitely going to have fun.”

Aaron didn’t move. He didn’t want to and when Spencer started to touch him, he thought he was going to come undone. The sweet torture of three men focusing their attention on him had Aaron greatly looking forward to whatever Jack and Daniel wanted.