Oct 2nd – Ass Worship

Breakfast had been good. They sat out in the gardens just as the sun was rising and enjoyed soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers, asparagus wrapped with prosciutto and a decadent sauce, a bowl of fresh berries and cream. Aaron told Spencer he was glad there was a gym for all members at the Club or he could easily pack on the pounds. Spencer laughed as they sipped their cappuccinos and enjoyed the morning.

They strolled the gardens with no real plans for that day. They were thinking about going to a lecture at the Smithsonian later in the week, and a play over the weekend, but for the most part their vacation was going to be loose and whatever they felt like doing that day.

Aaron and Spencer had already talked to Jack, he was having fun with Haley and her family. He said he missed them, but he liked his cousins as they included him on all the fun fall things that were happening. They even loved Tala.  It set Aaron’s mind at ease that his son was doing well. Haley and he had talked about getting Jack enrolled in school, but a deeper conversation would be had once they were back from their time away.

Morning slowly turned to the afternoon where a picnic was had in a secluded part of the grounds. There were small closed off ‘rooms’ on the sprawling grounds of the Club and patrons could reserve one at any time. Each one had a different floral theme. High bushes made up the walls and the interiors had a different flower or plant theme. The one Aaron had reserved was the Nightshade room. He knew Spencer’s love of the beautiful, but potentially deadly plants. There was no chance of them harming anyone and all the plants were protected by sensors that if someone tried to take a trimming or cutting an alarm would go off. The rooms were the size of a standard bedroom. Each one had benches, chairs or outdoor furniture that matched the theme.

The black wicker furniture with the deep red cushions adorned Aaron and Spencer’s room. The picnic had been picked out by Aaron when he had made their reservations. At the moment, Aaron was lounging on the couch that had deep, thick cushions. Spencer was straddling his lap feeding him some of the fruit from the basket.

“I’ve never done anything like this, but I have to say it’s a bit thrilling. Not quite full voyeuristic, but it isn’t hard to assume what goes on in each of these rooms, as they call them.”

Aaron had been touching Spencer all day, little touches just because and firmer more arousing touches to get their blood pumping.

“So, you took a very long shower this morning after breakfast.”

Aaron’s smile widened as he looked at Spencer and placed his hands on Spencer’s thighs.

“I thoroughly cleaned myself out.”

Spencer raised a brow as he leaned down to kiss Aaron.

“And just what did you think was going to happen Aaron Hotchner?” Spencer wiggled against Aaron’s crotch, smirking as he did it.

“I know you watch me, Spencer. And I know you have a hard time keeping your hands off my ass. So, you get to do whatever you want. Whatever fantasies you’ve had I am giving you my consent and permission to fulfill any one of those, right here and right now.”

Spencer’s breath caught in his throat as bit his lip. He leaned down and kissed Aaron hard, slipping his tongue inside knowing how much that aroused Aaron and made him hard.

“I’m going to get up off of you, then I’ll close up the entrance to this room after I put the do not disturb sign on the hook in front. I want you naked and face down on the couch when I come back to you.”

“I should tell you that there are supplies in the side pocket of the picnic basket.” Aaron stood and did as Spencer told him to do. He stretched out, the couch was thankfully longer than both men were tall. It was almost seven feet long and fit perfectly along one ‘wall’ of the room.

Aaron heard Spencer rummage in the basket. He turned his head to the side to look and saw Spencer walking back towards him with the lube and a strip of condoms. There was also a packet of extra large wet wipes, and a few other things that Aaron could tell was making Spencer excited for whatever he was going to do.

“Get on your hands and knees.” Spencer stripped quickly, throwing his clothes in one of the chairs on the other side of the coffee table. “There are some interesting things that were in that pouch. I am going to assume I can use all of them?”

“Any, and all.”

“We are definitely going to have fun.”

Spencer first put matching cock rings on each of them, then slipped a condom on Aaron’s now fully erect cock. The sun was warm, but there was a gentle breeze that just barely kissed their skin. The tall bushes helped to keep the room cool and comfortable. When Spencer settled behind Aaron and gripped his ass, the warmth of the sun had penetrated Aaron’s skin and it felt very good under Spencer’s hands.

Aaron’s breathing deepened as he wondered what Spencer was going to do first. He felt his ass cheeks being pulled apart and thumbs began to play with his hole. Aaron moaned as Spencer circled the tight pucker teasing him that he was going to push in. Aaron did not expect what came next, but his breath hitched as Spencer’s tongue swiped over his asshole. Gripping the wicker bars of the couch’s arm, Aaron held on as Spencer began to give him the best-damned rimming of his life.

Aaron let out a groan as Spencer’s tongue began to push inside of him, the sensation had Aaron shaking as his cock hardened even more.

“Spencer, please…”

The chuckle against his ass had Aaron dropping his head between his arms that were holding him up.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you there, but I am going to take my time.” Spencer went back to his ministrations and Aaron was thankful for the cock ring or he just might have come from the treatment Spencer was giving his hole.

When Spencer stopped, Aaron dropped down on the couch, panting at the sheer amount of pleasure that was coursing through him. He didn’t know how much more he could take, but he would be patient. After all, he had given Spencer permission to do whatever he wanted.

Slick fingers penetrated him making Aaron thrust against the couch cushion, he was glad for the condom, he didn’t want to mess it up. The Club had rules about keeping the furniture clean. Spencer played with him, rubbing his fingers over his prostate, making Aaron shake against the feelings inside of him.

“God I love how responsive you are, Aaron. You amaze me every day at how much you love me touching you.”

Aaron couldn’t talk, but he knew Spencer didn’t expect an answer. The fingers were pulled from his ass and was replaced by a plug slowly being inserted inside of him. Spencer gave him a moment to adjust to the feeling, then a hand smacked down on one of his ass cheeks. Aaron inhaled sharply, then slowly let out a moan. Spencer went slowly at first, and when Aaron started to make more and more incoherent noises, Spencer set about to give him a proper spanking.

“Fuck…” Aaron cried out, his ass cheeks were on fire, but he kept pushing back into Spencer’s hands, wanting, no needing more. Aaron was slowly succumbing to that nothing place that was often hard for him to find.

“I could do this all day. I love your ass. Tight, firm, and perfect under my hands.” Spencer kissed the top of each side then licked a stripe before scraping his teeth over the inflamed skin. Aaron gripped the bars and his cock was now painfully hard as he thrust his hips down trying to get some friction on his cock.

“Look at you, wanton and needy. I love that I can reduce you to this. One your knees, Aaron.”

It took a little effort, but Aaron got his shaky legs under him as he once more presented his ass to Spencer. He had not expected Spencer to play with the butt plug, fucking him with it, making him cry out once more.

“Please, Spencer, please…”

“I think I like you begging. But, I won’t make you wait.” Spencer pulled the plug out slowly and set it aside, Aaron heard more than saw, he was lost to the pleasure that swamped him when Spencer’s cock replaced the plug that had been inside him.

Aaron let the bars go as he let his head fall onto the cushion, fingers curled around the thick soft texture as Spencer slowly fucked him. Incoherent words slipped from his lips as he was pushed closer and closer to that edge. Aaron heard the snap of the cock ring on Spencer then a deep moan as he came. Aaron was so close he almost whimpered when Spencer pulled from his body, but the plug was pushed back in after Spencer took off the cock ring on Aaron. A hand gripped his covered cock and started to pump as the plug was pushed in and out of Aaron’s ass.

“That’s it, Aaron let go. Come for me.” Spencer once more scraped his teeth over Aaron’s ass and that act alone had Aaron finally finding his release. “There you are, that’s it, Aaron.”

Slumping down on the couch, the cool breeze washed over them as Spencer cleaned them up. He pulled the blanket that was strapped to the picnic basket and laid down behind Aaron holding him close.

“I love you, Spencer.” Aaron barely got the words out as he fell asleep wrapped up in his lover’s arms. The rest of the day could wait, there was nowhere else Aaron wanted to be at that moment.