The Trouble With Q

Title: The Trouble With Q
Fandom: James Bond – Craig Era, The Sentinel
Category: M/M
Ratings: Mature
Pairings: James Bond/Q
Characters: James Bond, Q, Other Minor Characters
Spoilers: Up Through Skyfall
Summary: James was always on the cusp of becoming a Sentinel and after the events at Skyfall he tipped fully over. He also knew who his Guide was, but he wasn’t ready. He also wasn’t ready for being an Alpha Prime. Or, more accurately The Alpha Prime of England. James wasn’t prepared for any of it.
Words: 12,072
Warnings: Canonical Character Death
Tags: Sentinel/Guide, Slash, Depression, Self-Doubt, Grief
Beta: None. No non-consensual Beta
Notes: Written for the July 2016 Rough Trade Little Black Dress Challenge

James was angry, hurt, and in pain. Everything hurt. Light, sound, taste, his clothes, even the smell of the moors just beyond his rebuilt childhood home Skyfall, hurt. Standing and just…doing hurt, but that wasn’t anything unusual for him, especially in his line of work. Well, former line of work. Maybe, he wasn’t sure anymore and he wasn’t in a position to phone MI6 to tell them where he was because even just a simple phone call was hell on his senses. He was sitting in the dark, drinking a glass of scotch trying to dull the pain, but it just wasn’t working.

He tried to deny what he was, tried to deny that he had changed, that the torture Blofeld inflicted on him hadn’t unlocked something deep inside him. He had already been an online Sentinel, most 00’s were either an Alpha Sentinel or Guide, most were unbonded. The one surprise to everyone was 004 and Moneypenny. James shook his head and tried not to think about his best friend being bonded to a woman that he had at one time seduced, and who, well, who shot him. Took James a while to forgive her for that, but in the end he had, there were bigger things going on and he had needed to be focused. Now, though, it all seemed so trivial. These spy games he played, and, at one time quite relished in, didn’t seem to fucking matter one way or another. James rubbed at the ache in his head as he sipped at the drink in his hand.

Sitting on the enclosed patio and looking out toward the ruined family church that still sat on the property, still in shambles, James took another drink. He didn’t have the heart to tear down the place that was the center of so much pain and bloodshed. M had died in his arms and a part of him would never forgive himself for not saving her. After the funeral he hadn’t said a word to anyone, just left and landed on a beach in the Caribbean where he proceeded to fish and get blind stinking drunk most nights. Pretty men and even prettier women had tried to seduce him. Some he said yes to, but most of the time he just wanted to be left alone. When he finally pulled his himself out of the bottle he went back home and to a message. M’s last message to him that everything, Vespr, Quantum, LeChiffe, and more were all part of a larger plot, an organization that was slowly taking over everything and she wanted him to find out who or what they were.

James shook his head and huffed out an unamused laugh as he held his drink high and saluted his boss, a woman he had come to care for and respect. A bold woman who stood for Queen and Country. The deep ache in his chest was a reminder that he loved England, and as a child when he had come online, slowly and gently under his parents care, he had a child’s innocence and thought that England herself was his Guide. He felt a bond deep in his soul with his Country and though there were problems, and always would be, he knew he would never lose that love or faith. He’d lost it in people, in individuals, but in the end England herself had never let him down.

Blofeld, nee Franz Oberhauser, a man that James had tried to connect with as a frightened, distraught and lonely child. A boy still, really, when Franz’s father had taken him in and cared for him, treated him like a son and though it hurt to lose another parental figure, James would always be grateful. But, Franz, he had been jealous and instead of embracing the idea of a brother, had pushed him away. James deeply regretted that they had never been able to connect, another failure James had taken on, though it wasn’t his fault, he still felt an odd kind of responsibility for it.

But Franz, now calling himself Blofeld, hadn’t truly realized what he had done. It wasn’t memories that were being erased, no, something had woken in James when those needles had slid into his neck and he was tortured. Something too big for even him to comprehend at the time. When he had gotten back to MI6, before leaving with Madeline, and a restored Astin, Alec had accosted him in the halls and started a bond with him. But, it wasn’t  like a bond with a Guide, no, he felt Alec empathically and psionically. He wasn’t sure what that was about, but it wasn’t wholly unwelcome, that’s why he allowed it. The bond eased the pain of loneliness, that deep ache inside him that screamed, Guide. Alec was a Sentinel, and though they had shared intimacy a time or two, he wasn’t for James. That tipped him off to what had woken in him, and James, being James, pushed it down, denied it and did his damn best to run from it.

James drained his scotch and poured another, his third, fourth, he wasn’t even sure at this point, all he was sure of was that it was a lot harder to get drunk. That just made him angrier, more sullen and morose. He didn’t want this, this other part of himself. He shook his head as he stood, grabbing the bottle of Dalmore Selene, one of the rarest bottles of scotch on earth, and one of the most expensive, he made his way to the church, sipping the dark amber liquid as he went. When he slid into one of the still intact pews, he poured some more of the expensive liquid, sipped it and stared at the spot that M had died. His heart clenched in his chest and he wondered if he would ever be right again.

Looking up at the broken cross he laughed, it was hysterical as all of that pain and anger welled up inside him, cursing a god he no longer believed in, if he ever did. He laughed so hard tears fell from his eyes, his sides ached and his heart pounded hard in his chest. He had one thought, life fucking sucked. M was never supposed to die, she was supposed to have stayed in her nice office directing those who were paid to die. The irony was not lost on him as his laughter echoed through the falling down building. Finally, the laughter died down and James had the thought that he was perhaps finally going crazy.

His nose had caught the smell of old dried blood and he fixated on it, let it fill his nose and his mouth with the scent and taste of it. He wanted to remember what it was he was still fighting for. While England was still there deep in his heart and mind, the people around him, except very, very few, he thought could just go fuck themselves. He almost zoned on that scent but he pulled out, unsure how, but he didn’t want to delve too deeply into that. He took another drink and knew by the time he made it back to the house and into his bed, he would have the whole bottle gone.

James closed his eyes and thought of those that he still trusted, Alec and Moneypenny, Tanner and Mallory, and Q. And wasn’t that just the kicker. Q, James wished he had taken the time to learn the Quartermaster’s real name, but it didn’t matter, he had known Q for what he was the moment they met in the museum. Guide, but not just any Guide, an Alpha Prime, like him. He had smelled beyond amazing and James had only gotten a subtle trace of the man’s scent before he was gone.

Q haunted his dreams but James refused to see, refused the want and longing of the Sentinel inside him. Everyone that had mattered, really mattered, were dead, his parents, Oberhauser, Vesper, M, Boothroyd, all dead. He knew he courted trouble, that it followed him everywhere he went, but he would never forgive himself if the funny, adorably awkward, but brilliant young man got hurt, or worse because of him. He knew, if he took that step, let Q in, let him become what they both knew he was to James, it would kill him if Q died. He wouldn’t survive but moments and he knew, deep down if he died, Q would quickly follow. No, he couldn’t take that chance. Not with anyone and especially not with Q. The young man had too much ahead of him to take on a broken man, broken Sentinel, broken MI6 agent.

Madeline was only a moment in his life. He left her on the side of the road when she had tried to force a bond on him, trying to subtly manipulate him into making her his Guide. His mental shields though, were strong and her manipulations just slid right off. After that he came back here and worked on rebuilding his home, piece by piece. It was long, difficult work but after almost eight months it was finished. It was supposed to have burned out all that anger and pain he still had, but it didn’t. James didn’t think anything would.

James stood and slowly walked back to his house, downed what was left of the bottle and fell face first onto the bed. Alastair, his spirit animal, curled around his head and purred. The fishing cat was trying to comfort him. The depression rolled through him and it was nights like this that he almost ate a bullet from his beloved Walther. The S&G Center tried to tell newly online Sentinels that suicide wasn’t in them, he laughed at that and knew the truth. He had seen unbonded Sentinels kill themselves in a variety of ways. Those that went mad from the constant input of their senses. Those that never found a Guide, or balance enough to live without one. Those that were just…wrong somehow. He had been witness to enough to know a Sentinel could very well kill himself. And, in-truth, wasn’t that the life of a 00? A long protracted path to suicide? Burying his head into the pillow, he fisted a hand in Alastair’s soft fur and sighed. Sinking deeper into his dark thoughts, into the constant ache of pain both physical and mental, James fell into a fitful sleep. He wished, not for the first time, to just not wake-up.


James slowly woke and felt the familiar weight of Alastair stretched out on his side. His spirit animal had, for the last few months, chosen to make himself corporeal. James stroked along his back and let a small smile cross his lips. He thought back to when the animal first came to him and how it confused the fuck out of everyone. James had emerged Alpha, and the center expected for his spirit animal to be a wolf, bear, lion, something predictable. When it became known it was a Fishing Cat, everyone had lost their shit. That just made James do research. He wanted to know what it meant and what he discovered made him laugh his ass off, even as a young boy he understood the significance.

Fishing Cat’s were clever, unafraid, and more dangerous than anyone wanted to acknowledge. They are normally twice the size of a large domestic cat, but fast and cunning and very wild. Even the animals in zoos were treated with caution, though captive bred, they were still wild and dangerous and were respected for it. They are a hunter and predator, and James was rather proud of the fact that he broke the proverbial mold of what an Alpha Sentinel was supposed to be.

He hadn’t lived this long if he weren’t smart, cunning and dangerous himself. He courted fire and was always ready to jump first into it and ask questions later. He was a wild thing, a barely contained captive and he felt an affinity to the creature that had chosen him. He could often be found at the zoo at odd times, sitting in front of the enclosure for the beautiful wild cats studying them, watching their every move. Their patience matched his own, as well as their tempers. They had very long fuses, but once it was lit, everyone needed to stay away till they calmed down. James understood that, and vowed to one day find them in their own natural habitat. He wanted to spend a day with them, studying them, and maybe he’d find an answer to his own wild, barely controlled nature.

He turned so he was on his back, Alastair let out a growl of complaint, but then just settled on James’s chest and purred. James closed his eyes as he stroked along his spirit animals spine. He took stock of himself and knew that he would have to end his self-imposed exile soon, or he would start to suffer sensory overload. He hadn’t gotten stable after he escaped Blofeld’s lair, then, having a building falling down on him didn’t help. When the dust settled he thought he knew what he wanted, but it far and away what he needed.

His hearing was a little better, his sense of smell was still too high, but touch was better and his skin felt better. He cursed to himself because there was no hangover. He had really looked forward to that, but no matter how he tried, alcohol just didn’t affect him like it used to. Holding onto Alastair he reached down by the bed and pulled up the empty bottle of scotch and sighed. He huffed as he sat-up and decided to take a shower. He was a mess and he knew it. Looking in the mirror, the dust and grime from the previous days work was still there. He had cuts and scrapes from tearing down the horse stalls. It was a broken down building and the stones were being sold off to local builders to incorporate in their housing. Scrap wood was taken away and James felt sorrow that part of his parents legacy couldn’t be saved.

Pushing those thoughts aside James stiffened, a coiling of tension started in his shoulders that worked it’s way all over his body. He let out his too heightened senses and found that someone was in his house. Quickly finishing his shower and wrapping a towel around his waist, he pulled his Walther from under his pillow where he had stored it the night before, he slowly uncoiled his body from the bent position he was in, dropped to the floor and silently stalked whoever it was that dared intrude on his territory.

James listened for a heartbeat, which he found in his kitchen. He frowned because he knew that heartbeat, had practically memorized it from their first meeting. Cursing he slipped his gun in the back of the towel and silently walked in, completely unashamed of his near nudity. He looked around and saw coffee percolating, water on for tea, and he even smelled the blend that Q preferred. Taking another step in he saw the man himself. James stood there, head cocked to the side and watched. His heart lurched but he wasn’t going to let the young man in. He slammed his shields down tight and saw the Quartermaster flinch just slightly. Good, maybe it would make him leave all the quicker.

“You don’t have to stand there skulking 007. I have coffee and in a minute breakfast will be ready. Nothing spicy.”

“What are you doing here Q?” James moved forward, water dripping off him.

The man in question turned around and near swallowed his tongue. He tried to look thoughtful for a moment before he spoke, but James was all too aware at the sudden spike of lust he felt coming from the Quartermaster. He was keenly aware of the hard swallow and James couldn’t help watching the bob of adam’s apple as Q tried to compose himself. He was staring at the line of his throat, the soft skin just below Q’s ear, tempting him more than anything. Q cleared his throat and James’s attention was brought back to his face. He had the distinct impression that he just had a zone out, but thankfully Q was tactful enough not to bring it up.

“To talk some sense into you. Everyone has been looking for you. I, of course, have always known where you were.” Q quirked-up the side of his mouth in an almost cheshire cat grin.

“Lose the smirk, it’s unbecoming.” James walked over and with a shaking hand poured himself a cup of coffee. What he wanted to do was kiss the man stupid. Instead, he clenched his jaw as he turned to glare at the boffin. “How did you find me?”

He could tell immediately that Q was going to lie at first, but decided better of it.

“Tracker. In the car. At least this one is still in one piece. Took me months to rebuild the DB10 you dropped in the river. I’m rather put out that you haven’t even let me know that you’re alive and well.”

Sipping the coffee slowly he just stared at Q, pursing his lips, he studied the boffin like he would an enemy spy. Slowly sipping the bitter brew he stayed silent trying hard to ignore the fact that he no longer hurt everywhere. His senses were calmer by just being this close to Q.

“Brooding I see. Well, you can do that rather well, here, eat your breakfast and flush some of that alcohol out of your system. Then, when you’re done, please do put some pants on.”

Reluctantly James took the plate of fried tomatoes, gently poached eggs, potatoes with just a pinch of salt and English bacon. The grilled bread was on a separate plate and placed on the table. He sat down and slowly ate what was given to him and hated to admit that everything was perfect. Not too much seasoning, as his sense of taste had still been off.

“Go home Q, there isn’t anything here for you.” James growled in-between bites. He was trying very hard not to get an erection. It was rather difficult to hide such things when only wearing a towel.

“Oh, I must disagree with you there 007, there very much is something for me here, even if you don’t want to admit it right now.”

James grumbled as he stood and poured another cup of coffee. He knew he was pushing it with the second cup, but he would welcome the pain, his constant companion as of late, that he knew was to come.

“Do you want to know why there is only two known and one other possible Omega’s?” Q leaned back against the counter and sipped at his tea watching him. James looked at him through slitted eyes that sparked with barely controlled danger. Q, it seemed, had a total lack of self-preservation.

“No, why?” James held back the snarl that wanted to escape as he sat down and crossed his legs rather obscenely. He was rewarded with the flush that bloomed on the Quartermaster’s face and that dark hunter inside him smiled. Q was prey and he was the hunter.

“Because many who emerged as Omega’s were improperly bonded and would either go mad or kill themselves to escape the pain and torture that their heightened senses and newly emerged empathic abilities unleashed upon them. I’m going to assume that you are having trouble regulating your senses and you came out here to your country home because it’s far enough away that you don’t feel anyone else’s emotions, correct?”

James flew out of his chair and had Q backed against the wall. All thoughts of playing with his prey left his mind and was replaced by cold fury and he was very close to throwing the boffin out on his ass.

“I am not an Omega, and you are not my Guide. So, just get in your car, I don’t even care if you take the Astin, just leave me alone.”

Q, and that lack of self-preservation had him glaring back at James.

“Why won’t you accept what you are? There isn’t anything to be afraid of Bond. And we both know that I am most certainly your Guide. Don’t try it, my shields are stronger at this point than yours.”

That defiance and spine of steel deflated the 00. James let his head fall against Q’s as he breathed in that intoxicating scent that he had previously only had a whiff of. The scent of bergamot and grapefruit being the main scent, then underlying that was the salty sweet of skin. James almost got lost in that scent alone.

“I can’t. I can’t give you what you want. Don’t you see Q? Our bond would be profound, don’t you understand, we couldn’t be apart from each other and, if I die…”

“So would I. I know the risks, but are you going to deny what we both want, what we both need because you’re afraid?” Q was shaking, but James admired the fact that he hadn’t backed down. It still didn’t change things as a war raged on deep inside him.

James closed his eyes and breathed in that tempting scent which made him rumble low in his chest, Alastair was weaving between the very small space between their bodies, giving his opinion on the situation. James quivered as he fought himself, fought the Sentinel inside him, trying to tame the wild. Finally, finding some strength he pulled away just enough to look in Q’s eyes.

“Fine, stay but it doesn’t mean anything.”

Q just raised a brow and pursed his lips. James could smell the want and need coming from his Guide, but he ignored it as he slowly pushed off the wall and backed away. Turning he started to leave the kitchen.

“007,” Q called out. James just turned his head to look at his Guide over his shoulder, “For god’s sake if you aren’t going to screw me, at least put on some trousers.” Q lifted the side of his mouth in an impish grin.

James couldn’t stop the bark of laughter that spilled out of him even if he wanted to. Not saying a thing he made his way to his bedroom, still laughing at the Quartermaster.


James finally did put on some pants. A pair of old, worn jeans that hugged him in all the right places. He also threw on a t-shirt, but forewent shoes for the time being. There wasn’t much to do with the house at this point, except tearing down the horse barn, but he would do that another day. Today, he had a guide to deal with.

Sitting on the edge of his bed he gripped the sides and closed his eyes. Just the presence of Q in his house had made him calmer, and all his senses were better than they had been since he came out here. Scrubbing his face he knew he couldn’t avoid the boffin so he stood and shuffled downstairs to the library where he knew his Guide was. James stopped in the middle of the halll and sighed as he slumped his shoulders. He realized he had started to think of Q as his, but it wasn’t what he wanted. He tried pushing the feelings aside as he squared his shoulders and started once again towards the Guide.

“Well, you certainly did put on pants. Are you actually trying to kill me?” Q looked-up from the book he was reading and near swallowed his tongue. James stifled the chuckle as he walked over to the couch and draped himself over the opposite end from where Q was sitting. “You look rather pleased with yourself, but you’re being a right arse.” Q’s expression darkened as he stared down James. “You are playing a dangerous game James.”

“And just what kind of game do you think I am playing Q?” James’s eyes darkened and he dialed-up his hearing just a bit and heard the pounding of Q’s heart. He had to clamp down hard on his awakened empathic abilities because there was no way he wasn’t feeling what Q was. He didn’t want to feel what Q was. The ache, the yearning and yes, an underlying affection. That was the part he really didn’t want to feel because he knew if he did, that would be it, he wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation that was sitting right across from.

“You are trying to decide if you can tempt me, if you can have me without any bonding happening. You’re trying to block out the very idea that I am your guide. You can deny it all you want James, but I don’t want to see you suffer any more pain, and that is what will happen if you refuse this just because you are a stubborn bastard.”




Q slowly smiled and shook his head a moment, “You really didn’t know my real name?”

“No. Didn’t come up.”

“Hmm, well then I think you are going to have to earn the rest.” Q ignored James and went back to reading. James narrowed his eyes and wondered just what the Guide was playing at.


Standing he went to the bookshelves that he had been restocking in the time he had been re-building, and looked for something to read. He didn’t know why he chose Dune, but it had been a favorite of his as a teen. Though the undertones of fate and destiny were not what he should have been reading, he felt compelled to crack open the book and read as if he was trying to find some solace in the words for his own situation.

James splayed out at the other end of the couch once again and every so often looked-up through slitted eyes to the boffin who was curled up with a cat on his lap and Alastair on his side.

“Traitor,” James mumbled under his breath at his spirit animal snuggled next Q. James almost laughed that Q’s own spirit animal was a cat. And not just any cat, a blue-point Scottish Fold. James thought back fondly to his childhood and the kittens he would raise himself that would live around the main barn and the horse barn. There had been a few folds in the litters and he had always adored them. James tried to clamp down on memories of he and his mother sitting with one of the cat mothers who had a hard labor. They stayed out in the barn all night soothing the little mother as she delivered each kitten. There had been five in all, but one had been stillborn. James remembered crying so hard over the little thing that his mother had to take him into the house and settle him down. It was the first time that young James had ever experienced death and it devastated him. James wondered if that tiny baby kitten was the catalyst for all the pain he had in his life. He slammed his book shut and tried not to let anymore memories of his mother slip past his shields.

James threw the book on the coffee table, closed his eyes and tried to relax.

Little brother. So much pain and anger that you hold onto so tightly you do not see what is right in front of you.’

James bolted upright, but noticed he wasn’t in the library at Skyfall. He looked around at the sea of heather and smelled the warm comforting smell of burning peat. He didn’t stand right away because he couldn’t take his eyes off the couple that was sitting on a blanket, lazily sharing a bounty of fruit.

“Who the hell are you and where am I?”

You are on the Spirit Plane. We thought it quite necessary to bring you here. You are fighting yourself James and it is only hurting you more. We are worried brother, for there are bigger things happening in the universe and you are needed.’ The male spoke softly, but strongly. James knew him right away for what he was, a Guide. But, this was someone powerful, someone James knew, somehow, that it was wise not to piss him off.

“I can’t. I can’t hurt him. If I give in, If we bond, there is no taking it back, no breaking it and I live a dangerous life. If I die…”


Then he shall follow. It is the way of all my brother’s and sister’s who are Omega. You have been given a gift James. A gift that will be needed in the coming months. And yes, it is your choice not to make that connection, to always live with that fear in your heart, but you are not only hurting yourself James, but Gresham and your Protector as well. My dragon aches for you James and he is hurting with you being so far. He is giving you space, but is barely holding on. You are connected James, to a much bigger purpose.’

James stood and glared at the couple, Alastair and the scottish fold were beside him. In the distance he saw a large dark red dragon. He saw chains surrounding it and as he walked towards it he looked in its eyes and saw unspeakable pain. James furrowed his brow and felt a wetness on his cheeks, he wasn’t sure what was happening to him as he reached out.

Don’t. Not yet, he is not for you, he is for your Protector, but only you can free him James.’

“I don’t understand,” he growled as he watched the couple move next to the dragon.

You deny what you are brother. You are hiding behind your pain, accept who and what you are. Accept your Guide and accept your Protector. Alec needs you James, he is on the cusp of his change, but only by your side will it happen. You are needed James, and not just for your Country, you are needed for your very world.’ The man moved next to his mate and wrapped an arm around her waist.

“And who are you to tell me what I should be doing with my life.” James’s eyes went cold and flat. He shut down all his emotions and raised his shields. His proverbial hackles had been raised and that was when he was most dangerous.

The woman laughed and James was pushed to his knees just by that laugh alone. It was warm and soothing, inviting, like a warm summer day, or the smell of the heather in spring. It was love and light, fate and destiny, affection and warmth all rolled into one and James couldn’t stand under all of the emotions and his blown senses all at once.

We are the first ones James Bond. The first Sentinel and Guide. I am Llandra and this is my Guide Charles. We have stayed in the shadows for far too long, content to watch our brothers and sisters grow and change. We can no longer do that. We have a duty, to protect the tribe. The whole of the world, of the universe is now our tribe. You will understand soon, but, you must accept who you are.”

James couldn’t help looking into Llandra’s eyes and for the first time since his parents had died, he broke. All of that pain and anger came pouring out and when arms wrapped around him he felt the type of comfort he hadn’t known since his mother died. He broke into a thousand little pieces and one by one Llandra help him put them all back.

James, little brother, if I could take away all that you’ve seen and done I still wouldn’t. It’s what has made you stronger, what has made you fight on. But, you are no longer alone as long as you accept who you are.’

The field and everything around him faded. Llandra and Charles were gone, as was the dragon. James wasn’t sure what that was about, but he ached at it all leaving him. Slowly he opened his eyes and saw he was still in the library, but he was stretched out on the couch with a blanket around him. He blinked several times and wondered at what had just happened.


James went in search of his houseguest and found him in the kitchen getting a tray together for an afternoon tea. James leaned against the doorway and just watched his Guide moving around the large modern space. He liked the look of Q, always had and he wondered if that was the Sentinel, or if it was just him. Q was lean, but in an attractive sort of way. It was the long line of his neck and throat that really got to him though. Just the small peak of creamy white skin was doing things to James’s brain. Then, there was the untamable hair. James sighed because he really did just want to bury his hands in that soft curly hair and hold him right where he wanted him.

“Skulking again?” Q turned just in time for him to be backed against the counter by his Sentinel.

“No, just…watching.” James gently grabbed the back of Q’s neck and pulled him closer. “You tempt me beyond reason.” Then he was kissing the boffin, softly at first, then he slowly deepened the kiss little by little. He swiped his tongue across Q’s lips and was rewarded when this Guide opened to him. He slipped his tongue in and mapped out the inside of Q’s mouth, tasting that hint of bergamot that was so much a part of his Guide. The textures he imprinted as well as the moans coming from the younger man. He settled his hands on Q’s hips, pulling him in closer and continuing the kiss. He felt the hum of a bond growing just under the surface. He broke the kiss and laid his forehead against Q’s. lightly touching his Guide’s face James tried to regulate his breathing.

“What do you want James? Because if this is just to sate your curiosity, I’m not having it.” Q was done playing games and James knew it. He felt it through the tenuous bond that had formed.

“I need to know something Q, is Alec alright?”

Q turned his head to the side and closed his eyes. James felt the concern and gently turned Q to look at him.

“Gresham, is Alec okay?”

“No, he isn’t. He didn’t want me to say anything that would influence you. He wants this to be your decision. But, no he’s agitated, short-tempered, and Eve is having a hell of a time keeping him stable. You left behind a mess James and we’ve given you time. You now need to make a decision, come back and be the man, the Sentinel I know you are and stop this self-exile, or continue hurting yourself and Alec.” Q pushed the man away from him and grabbed his tray.

“And what about you?” James wrapped a hand around Q’s wrist, holding him there.

“You are not the end all be all of my existence James Bond.” Q wrested his wrist out of James’s grip, grabbed the tray and left, leaving a very confused Sentinel in his wake.


James didn’t understand what was wrong with Alec, but he knew the only way to find out was to go back to London and MI6. And the only way he knew he was going to leave was with his Guide. He had to stop fighting himself and what he wanted, and needed. He had been denying for all these months what had awoken in him, had pushed it down deep and almost, but not quite, buried it. Now, though, after Q, no Gresham, after Gresham came here he felt it awakening again inside him. Then, the strange encounter with the First Ones, as he was calling them. He knew he couldn’t fight any of this anymore, too many people were being hurt, himself included.

James needed to do something first, before he sought out the boffin and gave in to the tenuous bond that hummed just under his skin. He felt it moving along inside him, felt Q’s curiosity with him and what he was doing. He lightly laughed and hoped that his Guide would never change. That Gresham would always keep that sparkling, sarcastic humor he always had. James closed his eyes as he sat on the same pew in the falling down church that he had sat in just a few days prior. He needed to let go, to say goodbye and he was finding it harder than he realized.

James had tea instead of scotch this time as he sat and quietly said his final goodbyes to M and all the painful memories from the night that Skyfall had burned to the ground. A small smile crossed his lips as he raised his cup in her honor. A few minutes later he was walking out of the church and made his way back to the house, where he had unfinished business.

It didn’t take James long to find Gresham stretched out like a cat on the couch in the library. He had the very distinct impression that man and spirit animal were very much alike. James found that he rather liked the idea and wanted to know more about the younger man.

“And I say again, you tempt me beyond reason,” James said quietly as he sauntered over to the couch, wary eyes were tracking his every move. He knew he put that worry in Q’s eyes and all he wanted to do now was sooth it. Grabbing the end of the blanked Q had wrapped around himself James slowly tugged it off. Opening his senses just a little he heard the catch of breath, the increase of a heartbeat, the smell of want and desire. Kneeling on the couch between Q’s thighs James bit his lip as he looked down on his jumper clad Guide and thought about just how adorable the man looked. He leaned down and grabbed the arm of the couch just above Q’s head and loomed over him, both men breathing raggedly in anticipation.

“Tell me you want this, tell me you understand and that you know once we bond, it can never be broken.” James could not help letting out some of that empathy that he had held onto so tightly, his emotions, doubts and fears spilling out. He watched Q’s eyes widen for just a moment, then darken with need and want.

“James, I would not have followed you here if I didn’t want this you stupid arse.” Q quirked up the side of his mouth as he lifted a shaking hand and rested in on James’s cheek. That small bit of skin contact made James’s breath catch in his throat as he slowly lowered himself and caught Q’s lips in a heated kiss.

Slipping one arm under Q’s shoulders and the other around his waist James pulled the man into his lap in one fluid motion. He buried a hand in that soft brown hair that had been tempting him ever since their first meeting at that damned museum. He wasn’t sure who moaned as lips met once again in a kiss that was more a claim than anything meant to arouse. Pulling his Guide closer James felt the need not just in the bond that was slowly building between them, but the physical evidence was rather unmistakable. After a moment James pulled back and looked Q in the eyes.

“Wrap your arms around my neck,” he whispered against the soft skin of Q’s neck as he took time to taste with lips and tongue, deepening the prior imprint of just that morning. Q’s breath was warm and inviting against James’s skin. When arms wrapped around his neck James held tight to his Guide and stood with his Sentinel strength he walked them to his bedroom. He didn’t stop the kisses and nips to neck, chin, cheek, lips, no part of Q’s exposed skin was left untouched by tongue, lips or teeth.

By the time he had made it up the stairs Q was a quivering mess of want and need in his arms and it rather delighted the 00 that in just a short-time he was undoing his Quartermaster bit by bit. He wanted to make the younger man fall apart in his arms, to break into a thousand pieces, then he would put Q back together slowly with mouth, tongue and cock.

James lay Q down in his own bed and the sight of the mussed Guide had him rumbling with a happiness he never thought could be his. Pressing Q down into the soft mattress he ran his hands over cloth covered skin. He was fighting the Sentinel inside to bond faster, the need inside him to just take kept pushing at his mind, filling his cock, making his hands sensitive to touch. He ached and he revelled in it.

“James,” Q begged, his eyes wide, pupils blown with his own need. James’s empathy blew wide open and reached out for his Guide. He drank in all of the emotion and need that was pouring from Q and let it burn him deep on the inside, flowing through him, healing those scars from past and present.

“Shh, Gresham. Do you feel that?” James popped each button on Q’s jumper while sucking a mark on his neck. He felt it as Q’s breath quickened, and his heart hammered in his chest. James kissed his mouth as he was about to protest. James slipped his hands between the jumper and pushed it aside revealing the fitted shirt underneath.

“You wear entirely too many clothes, you know that Q?” James slid the tie off and opened the first few buttons, kissing the exposed flesh as he went. The Sentinel purred as he ran his tongue over the salty taste of flesh. He snapped the clasp holding the braces in place and flung them over Q’s head. Moving further down he kept opening Q’s shirt, running his tongue, imprinting taste and touch as he went.

“Fuck,” Q bucked his hips and tried to bury his hands in James’s hair, but James growled, so Q fisted the bed sheets under him. James smiled as he watched his Guide quivering, just on the cusp of breaking. Smiling wickedly James undid Q’s belt and pulled it free from his trousers in one go. Pulling the zipper down and undoing the buttons James buried his face against Q’s still covered sex. He inhaled deeply at the musky scent and mouthed at the boxer shorts still covering Q’s hard erection. Hooking his thumbs under the top of the trousers James slid them down and off and threw them to the side not really caring where they went. He went back to that scent that was driving him mad and pulled the top of the boxer shorts down. Just the head of Q’s cock was visible and James could see that he was already leaking with pre-come. Darting his tongue out he swiped at the exposed head to taste.

Q moaned and jerked his hips up as he whined and begged for James to do more. James moaned as he slipped the boxer shorts further down, exposing the hard cock in front of him. He swallowed Q’s cock whole and shivered as the very primal taste of his Guide exploded on his tongue. As he bobbed his head he felt the bond knitting together between them, almost like silver strands flowing, interlocking together in an unbreakable pattern. James got lost in the sensation between the formation of the bond and the taste of Q in his mouth. The Guide under him was thrusting lightly inside his mouth and he was loath to stop him.

James,” Q’s voice was rough as he called out the Sentinel’s name. James just hummed and held his hips down as the orgasm rolled through his Guide. The silver strands tightened even more and James felt himself falling even deeper into Q’s empathy. Finally he pulled off and stood at the end of the bed quickly stripping out of the clothes he was still wearing.

James took his time exploring Q’s body with his hands and mouth. He cemented the feel and taste of his Guide deep inside him continuing to weave together the bond as he went. He rolled the younger man over and gave his backside the same treatment. Q was shaking, moaning, begging and the sounds made the Sentinel rumble with pleasure. He manipulated Q’s body, pulling him up on hands and knees, spreading his cheeks apart he swiped at the exposed pink hole. Q cried out begging James to take him already. Chuckling he blew a soft breath against that tempting opening and it made Q shudder. Holding him open ever more he swiped his tongue again and shivered at the taste. James worked his tongue inside and was rewarded once more with Q’s cries of pleasure. He was undoing the boffin bit by excruciating bit and it pleased him greatly.

Pulling off his Guide James reached out for the slick he had sitting on the nightstand and applied some to his fingers. He pushed one inside Q’s waiting hole pushing the slick inside him to make way for his penetration. Pulling his finger free with a protest from Q James bent down and kissed each cheek. Sitting back-up on his knees he grabbed the bottle and poured some of the liquid in his hand and slicked-up his cock. He positioned himself at Q’s entrance and carefully pushed inside.

“Goddammit James Bond if you don’t get on with it and fuck me already I swear I will send you out with only the rudimentary items in your kit,” Q growled as he tried to reach back to get his Sentinel moving.

James threw back his head and laughed as he pushed in the rest of the way bottoming out he gripped Q’s hips in a tight hold. He wanted to take it slow, make the pleasure last for the both of them, but the bond was impatient and James lost all control and rutted snapping his hips penetrating deep inside his Guide.

The bond flared, those silvery strands knitted together even faster as James moved inside his Guide. His breath caught as his own empathy blew wide open and allowed Q inside as much as Q was doing for him. His senses opened, stretching, reaching as they all focused on the mating between Guide and Sentinel. The silver blanket was almost done weaving itself together and on the final stitch the mating pair felt it wrap around them, in a tight embrace. James felt, saw, heard, smelled, and tasted when his Guide had come and that pushed him over the edge as he faltered in his movements, his body tightened and he cried out as he spilled inside the warm pulsing channel of his Guide.

It was several moments before James could open his eyes but when he did he saw Alastair wrapped around the scottish fold, that he had yet to find out it’s name. Breathing hard he carefully pulled out, checked to make sure Q, no Gresham, was okay. He collapsed to the side and pulled his Guide on top of him and held him tightly in his arms.

“Just so you know, you tempt me as well,” Q said as he laid his head against James’s chest and smiled.

James kissed the top of his head and felt more in control than he had in months. He hated to admit that Q was right as his control had snapped and everything he had tried to keep in flooded his whole body, confirming that he was more, so much more, than before Blofeld.

“You feel it now don’t you 007.”

“James, Q. When we are like this, it’s James.” He gently lifted the boffin’s face and pulled him up at the same time kissing him.

“James,” Q sighed happily as he settled once again against the Sentinel.

“Sleep now, we’ll talk later.” James heard an uncharacteristic sound mumbled from his Guides mouth and it made him smile. As he drifted off to sleep he now wondered just what he had been afraid of.


The next morning James woke with Q wrapped around him and the Scottish Fold draped over the both of them. He had an arm around Q holding him close. They hadn’t slept much, the bond was greedy and they had given in. James couldn’t hold in the rumble that went through him as he held his Guide close.

“Satisfied with yourself are you?” Gresham lifted his head, his eyes sparkling with humor as he studied James.

“Very,” James grinned as he kissed his Guide till he was a quivering mess on to top of him.

“Really James, I have nothing left, at least for a short while.” To James’s protests Gresham slipped from on top of him and off the bed padding into the bathroom. James heard the shower turn on and could feel the satisfaction of his Guide through their bond. Smirking to himself he set the cat to the side, with little protests from him, stood and made his way towards the shower and the young man inside.  He slipped in and was rewarded with a hum of happiness from his Guide. Gathering him into his arms James held Gresham with his back against his own chest.

“You really are incorrigible 007,” Q said playfully as James stroked him. Taking the flannel out of Q’s hands James slowly and gently washed him. After they were both clean James pulled Q close and walked back to the bench seat that occupied the back wall of the shower. Grabbing the bottle of lube that was in the shower, which Q just shook his head at, James slicked himself up and pulled Q even closer. The Guide was still loose from the day before as he straddled James’s lap and gripping his Sentinels cock, slid himself down and fully seated himself in James’s lap. Burying his head against Q’s chest he wrapped his arms around his bondmates back and with powerful legs and hips started to thrust up.

Q’s breath caught in his throat at the slow almost gentle thrusting. Before he could even get his own rhythm going James pushed at their bond, something they discovered the night before, Q couldn’t even protest as he came hard, his cock trapped between their bodies pressed so close together. James grabbed his arse and Q rode his Sentinel hard and fast till a moment later he was cumming as well.

They stayed wrapped in each other’s arms for a few moments, sharing the high of not only the quick sex, but the hum of the bond as it flared between them. James didn’t want to let go for he was finding something wonderful in his Guide, healing. Each time they came together, gave themselves to each other James felt all those dark, empty places filling up, knitting back together and making him whole in a way he hadn’t felt since his parents passing.

Stepping out of the shower and drying them off James lifted Q in his arms and made his way back to the bed, settling down with Q sprawled over him.

“I think we need to talk about what happens next James,” Q said as he nuzzled against James’s neck, almost purring in the contentment he felt. James chuckled and his earlier assessment that Gresham was very much a cat had been confirmed more than once.

“We go back. I don’t know what I want Q, but I’d never take you from MI6. I know what it means to you. You are good with the agents, and you enjoy your job. I’m not one of those Sentinels that will demand you do what I do.”

“Good, and living arrangements? Because your apartment is frankly abysmal.” James shook his head as he buried his fingers in Q’s hair sighing at the feel of the silky strands as they fell through his fingers.

“We can figure that out when we get back. There’s just one thing.” James, holding tight to Q, sat up and held him on his lap.


“You promised to tell me your last name. Did I earn that right?” James smirked as he brushed hair from Q’s face.

“Hmm, let me think.” Gresham slid off James lap and moved around the room and started to put on some clothes. He kept giving James playful sidelong glances and James just waited, patiently for his Guide. “Since you are being oddly patient, and you did get your head out of your arse, I’ll tell you. My full name if Gresham Ainsley Holmes.”

James sat-up in bed, as he furrowed his brow, “The Holmes? As in Morland Holmes?”

“I’m not surprised you’ve heard of my father. Wait, where did you hear about my father?”

“Q,” James pressed his lips together, he didn’t want to hurt his Guide.

“James, where did you hear about my father?”

“His name was in Blofeld’s records. Seems he has his hands in a lot of dealings with SPECTRE. I never said anything because I didn’t know.”

“Do you think he had something to do with the communications network?”

“I don’t know.” James opened the bond and was surprised by just how calm Q was. “You don’t seem to be upset by this news.”

“Frankly, nothing Morland Holmes does shocks me anymore. I decided a long time ago not to be hurt by him. I can’t say the same for my brother’s though. Especially Sherlock. He was the most affected by Mother’s death. We all were, but Sherlock, his empathy is far deeper than mine and it worries me at times.”

“He’s online?”

“Yes, but I think he is suppressing. He hasn’t had an easy time of it. Neither has Mycroft, but he’s so deeply hidden I have no idea what’s going on with him.”

“You worry, they’re important to you.” James stood and walked the short distance to Gresham, cupping his cheek.

“Yes. I’d protect them with my life James, if I could.”

“And hiding Mycroft? Was that your doing?”

“MI6 used him. I don’t blame M, she was using an asset, but even she didn’t know how corrupt his handler was and it all backfired on him. He’s wanted by the American’s and Mallory, upon condition of my hire, is keeping him safe. Just till we can get him out of this mess he’s in.”

“I can help. I can reach out to Felix, see what we can do.”

Q closed his eyes and fell into James’s arms. A great burden was lifted and the bond wrapped even tighter around them. James’s empathy flared as he felt relief and….love, coming from his Guide. He knew he wasn’t ready to say the words yet, but he let his own feelings towards the boffin settle around them, wrapping them both up in a protective layer.

“Come on, let’s get breakfast then make plans.” James kissed Q’s forehead as he gently rubbed at his back soothing him. Their spirit animals were weaving through their legs, contentment radiating from them. James knew without a doubt this was going to be his favorite place to be, wrapped in his Guide’s arms, feelings of love and safety surrounding the both of them.


“Bond, where are you?” Q glared at his screen not seeing his Sentinel, or 006 for that matter. He only felt a faint trace of the bond which told him 007 was suppressing for some reason. Something had gone wrong and he wasn’t quite sure what. Other than the gunfire, which was, frankly fairly common when it came to his Sentinel, there wasn’t any other noise coming through their communication.

It was tense and Q felt R behind him worried as well. Two agents were out of range or were incapacitated, or there was the very real possibility one went feral. Q did not want to consider that option because well, the paperwork involved just gave him a headache.

“007, I say again where are you and 006? We can neither see nor hear you.” The growl that came over did not bode well for the situation they were in. The operation was going to hell fast. Blofeld may have been in MI6’s hands, but his organization was still going, holding together by a thread. They had gotten intel to one of the locations of one of Blofeld’s lieutenants and that was who Alec and James were after.

“I really need to know what’s going on 007.” Q was trying to keep the panic out of his voice, he didn’t want to imagine James in a feral state.

“Q, need extraction, now, as well as several high level guides. It’s Alec, I’m barely keeping him contained.” James’s voice was rough with effort and Q had no idea what had happened.

“R, get the extraction team to 007’s signal. Make sure they have enough Guides to help him, whatever is going on, it sounds like a shitstorm is about to happen.” Q gave orders to his team to work to get James and Alec back safely.

Q paced his workshop, not able to concentrate on anything other than what possibly could have gone wrong. He wouldn’t know till the agents were safely back at MI6. He didn’t even want to go home, not even Romulus and Remus, his two British shorthairs, would be able to calm him down. Archimedes was pacing with him, trying to help as much as he could. The spirit animal seemed as worried as he was. It was several hours later and he was exhausted, which made him curl up on the couch in the corner of his workshop, Archimedes curling up on his hip purring away soothing and calming him somewhat.

Q woke with a start when the bond he shared with his Sentinel flared and he was off the couch and in James’s arms in seconds.

“Shh, love. I’m sorry I scared you,” James rubbed at Q’s back, kissing his cheeks, forehead, chin and finally mouth.

“You’re a bastard,” Q whispered against his mate’s lips. After a moment James just held the boffin in his arms.

“Come on, I’ll explain everything.” James led Q to the infirmary where a very loud 006 was protesting whatever it was the doctors wanted to do to him.

When they entered Q’s eyes widened and he was rendered quite speechless. There was 006 with no shirt on and he had….well he had….Q was trying to make sense of the…..scales?

“007…” Q waved his hand towards Alec not knowing what to say.

“Yes, scales. Dragon scales to be exact. In fact, ahh, there look.” Q’s mouth dropped open as a large red dragon appeared next to Alec. The color of the scales on the 00 matched those of the…dragon. “Yes, that is a dragon spirit animal. Don’t think to hard on it Q.”

“But…this….impossible…” Q kept looking between James and Alec, the two men strangely calm.

“Obviously it isn’t,” James couldn’t hold in his laugh at the look on his Guide’s face. James wasn’t paying attention to what was going on in the room when he was tackled the ground by a half-naked 006.

“Alec,” James tried to keep his composure as his best friend started to scent his neck.

“James,” Alec growled and held the other Sentinel down.

“What are you doing?”

“I…I can’t help it. It’s like a compulsion. I feel like I must imprint on you.”

James sighed as he laid there, no one in the room knew what to do so they let the two men work it out. Alec was still a bit feral, Eve had helped to bring him down, but it wasn’t quite enough.


“Just, don’t kiss me. I don’t want an angry Guide on our hands.” Alec’s eyes widened as he looked over at Q and couldn’t help the embarrassed flush that came over him.

“Sorry. It hurts James. I need to do this.”

“Then let me at least sit on the bed? I don’t think the floor is the place to do this,” James’s dry tone seemed to have snapped Alec out of it and he moved off James. 007 stood and sat down on the bed and let Alec finish whatever imprinting that he needed to do. James held his hand out for Q who quickly walked over and took it. They both felt a secondary bond, but this one felt more, protective. There was a sense of calm to it as Alec pulled away.

“Well, that was interesting.”

“I have no idea why I did it, but thank you for trusting me.” Alec was still flushed as he laid back on the bed. Eve had come back with some coffee and food for her Sentinel and Tanner was right in tow.

James didn’t say much as he stood and let Eve get to her Sentinel. Tanner was looking nervous and it only took James a moment to figure out what it was the man wanted. He was practically bristling with the need to get to Alec. James smiled wickedly as he grabbed Q’s hand and pulled him out of the infirmary and back to Q branch.

“What the hell is going on?” Q turned towards James, confusion written all over his face.

“I can honestly saw that I don’t know.”

“But we may be able to help.” The new voice had the two men turning around to look at a US Air Force general, and several others surrounding him.

“And you would be?” James crossed his arms and cocked his head to the side and studied the man in front of him, who he quickly assessed as a very powerful Sentinel.

“007, this is Major General Jack O’Neil, his Guide Dr. Daniel Jackson, Special Agent Aaron Hotchner, and his Guides, Dr. Carolyn Lam and Special Agent Derek Morgan.”

James’s eyes immediately went to the one named Aaron Hotchner and knew immediately why the man was there. The dragon scales were hardly missed.

“Does this have something to do with Llandra?” His time on the spirit plane became so very clear now.

Aaron looked at James, “Everything.” was all the man said before being led to a conference room. James and Q followed after hoping to get some answers.




Once everyone was settled around a large table in one of the conference rooms James once again looked towards the one named Aaron.

“I’m going to assume, Agent Hotchner, that whatever happened to you is what is happening to Alec?” The dark haired man smiled and James took a moment to appreciate the very handsome features. He felt a mental slap and almost chuckled at his Guide.

“Yes. It’s a long explanation, so please bear with us.” Aaron looked to Daniel who proceeded to tell James and Q about The Lineage. Once they were done James just looked amused while Q looked dumbfounded.

“You’re saying that James is not just an Omega Prime, but he is England’s Omega Prime?”

“Yes and Alec is your Protector. I’m going to assume he already did an imprint on you and you are feeling the secondary bond?”

James just nodded yes.

“It’s just like myself and the General. It’s a fierce instinct and I’ve had to learn it on my own. I was only helped by Llandra and Charles on the Spirit Plane after I was visited by the Omega Primes of North America. But, since I’m here, I can help Alec. Has he found his third? It seems to usually be someone close to them.”

“Yes, I think they are…” James smiled wickedly, “Working it out now. May I ask why you are a trio?”

Carolyn was the one who spoke-up next, “Because a Protectors main drive is to protect, at all costs, their Prime. Aaron has gone feral twice now defending the General. It’s not a normal feral episode. It’s a lot more primal and fiercer. It takes two powerful Guides to have even the possibility to bring them out of it. The scales are key. The sensitivity in them helps the Guides to ground their Sentinel, almost like a conduit for helping to ground them. We don’t understand all of it yet, Dr. Jackson is still conducting research and Derek and I are still learning all that we can do together.”

“So, it’s not platonic?” James couldn’t help the gleam in his eye when he asked.

Aaron laughed and shook his head, “No Agent, it is not platonic. Though the bond you will share with your Protector will be.”

“Anything else we should know about?” Q asked as he leaned forward.

“Oh, just wait. We should probably talk to Alec after his bonding, then if he wants to tell you, he will.”

“What do you expect from my Agents, General O’Neil? Your Government doesn’t have any authority over them.”

“I’m not looking to take anything over here Mr. Mallory. But, there are serious threats to our world. The awakening of the Omega Prime’s and their Protectors has been a concern that, well forces greater than us, believe these threats to be very serious. I’ve been authorized to tell you what’s been going on.” Aaron pulled out the non-disclosure agreements and the information on the Stargate program. Bond, M and Q read through both documents and frankly were dumbfounded.

“We know about SPECTRE. They have been at odds with our own insidious group called the NID. The General thought the NID had been all but disbanded, but unfortunately there is a new head of the group and they are trying to keep SPECTRE out of the way. The possibility that either of these groups gets their hand on alien technology will not be good. They don’t understand the threat we are under and we will help in any way we can.” Aaron almost laughed at the surprised look on the British agents faces.

“And you know all this how?”

“We have our sources Commander. We know that too. Commander James Bond, not just an honorary title like some people believe. Special forces before joining MI5 where you did admirably well. Then, your recruitment into MI6, where your record for reckless and frankly wild behavior has become rather well known.” Aaron smiled and exchanged a knowing look with James. “Look, we are going to need you in the coming months, you are England’s Prime pair, can we count on you?”

James and Q looked at each other and had a quick silent conversation. They looked back at Aaron and nodded.

“Good. We’ll be around for a few days so if you have more questions, please feel free to come see us.” Daniel handed over the information for the hotel they were staying at.

“Thank you.” James took it and handed over the signed NDA as did Q and Mallory. James just shook his head and knew his life just got even more complicated than before, but he really didn’t expect anything less.

They walked the group out and though he wanted to go see how Alec was doing he knew his friend needed some privacy. He hoped Alec would come to him when he was ready to talk.


Wings. Bloody fucking wings. James stood there even more flabbergasted than he was before. Looking at his friend and the huge red wings with flecks of black in them James just did not know what to think. When they were out, Alec’s eyes flashed with fire and he wondered just where that came from.

“They’re psionic. I can pull them back in, block them or use them as I see fit.”

“They’re wings Alec. Damn bloody wings.”

Alec chuckled softly and felt the amusement in the bond he shared with James. The pull for his friend to stay close was there, but they had been working on trying to figure out just how far they could get without it affecting either of them.

“Yes James. Wings. This doesn’t mean I can’t do my job, but the scales say different. Though I can’t seem to keep my Guide’s hands off of them,” Alec smirked and James just shook his head.

“You are incorrigible. What are you going to do?”

“M has me leading training classes. And the damn center wants me to come in. Seems neither the Americans or our own country can figure out just how to classify me.”

James didn’t know what to say, everything had happened so fast once they came back to MI6. Even the Queen herself wanted to have a word with him. He had to admit, even his own famous stoic exterior almost cracked under her steely gaze. He had a feeling that she was probably a latent Guide and that was one of the reasons why she was so beloved. Even in the presence of someone as dangerous as himself, not that he would ever think of hurting her, she showed grace, spirit and dignity. He admired her for that and she respected his position as Omega Prime.

James had come back from that meeting humbled. He studied the reports from the American General and tried to wrap his head around the existence of these Ori and the possible threat of the Wraith.

“Go home James. We’ll figure all of this out as we go, you don’t need to hover. I already have two people who drive me crazy with their worry, I don’t need you too.”

James patted Alec on the shoulder, then turned and left. He had a Guide to go home to. And wasn’t that just the ultimate kicker. Him, James Bond, infamous confirmed bachelor was bonded. He reached inside himself as he made him way home and felt the happiness from Gresham flow along the bond, settling him ways that being alone never had. He was glad he had taken the chance and let Gresham in.


Parking the beloved, restored Astin, Bond made his way into the flat that they had moved into just a couple of short weeks before. It didn’t take much on his part, he didn’t have much and a part of him felt saddened by that. But, Gresham more than made-up for that and everytime James walked into the flat he felt a sense of coming home. It was a feeling that hadn’t been there since losing his family. Q, his bonded, his mate, his everything was home.

Walking in he saw the man in question working at the stove, hair flopping down, jumper sleeves pushed past his elbows, softly humming as he worked. He turned around when James closed the door a little louder than he normally did just to see his mate spin around and smile at him.

“You haven’t startled me yet Bond. I knew it the minute you got home.” The boffin teased as he strode over to his Sentinel. Romulus and Remus were twining themselves around James’s feet, the two cats hadn’t taken long to accept him. James pulled him into his arms and kissed him, soft and loving. When they broke apart James gently pushed an escaped curl behind his ear. Q couldn’t help the blush and the smile that broke out simultaneously.

‘What was that for?” He asked in an almost breathless whisper.

“For not giving up on me. For loving me. For…being my home. You, Gresham Ainsley Holmes, are my everything and I love you.” James finally had felt comfortable enough in their bond to finally admit the feelings he had for his Guide.

“James,” Q was left speechless as he fell once again into his Sentinel’s arms. Together they stood there, uncaring about the world, and luxuriated in the feelings being shared between them through the bond. “And I love you, my Sentinel.”