The Exhibit

Bond was holding Q in a very possessive hold. Q wondered what Bond was thinking about the exhibit. He had a surprise waiting for his lover as they moved through the large gallery. When they got to a particular sculpture, Q smiled and disentangled himself from Bond and walked over to the man that was standing there talking to a patron of the gallery. The man turned and smiled wide, pulling Q into a hug.

Bond stood there stunned and tried not feel the flare of jealousy that bubbled up inside him. Instead he turned his attention to the sculpture on the floor. The beauty and power of the subject came through in each lovingly sculpted muscle. The pose was sensual, but not necessarily sexual. Bond had the feeling that he should know the subject intimately.

“James,” Q came back over, smiling like he hadn’t seen his lover smile in so long.

“I would like you to meet my cousin, Dominic Tristan Reid. He’s the artist.”

“So, Cousin, is this the famous James Bond you keep telling me about?”

“Yes, don’t worry, he doesn’t bite.”

“Oh, I’m sure that isn’t true.” Dominic grinned mischievously. “James, why don’t we talk. Ashcroft, I promise I’ll bring him back in one piece.”

Q wondered what he was going to do, but he would give Dominic his moment.

“Have you figured out who the model is?”

James crossed his arms over his chest and looked down at the sculpture.

“That’s Ash, isn’t it.”

“He said you were smart. But there’s more. Follow me.” Dominic led James to another part of the gallery, one that had a series of paintings. “They were done while you off….dallying.” James may have been a 00, but he could admit the look Dominic was giving him made him fear for his life.

The paintings were of Q in poses that broke James’, heart. In one, Q’s head was down, hair obscuring his face binary code from head to toe.

“This one, its binary for shattered. This one,” the next one, Q was laying on a bed, an arm hanging down, Q looked as if he had been crying, computer code dripped from his eyes. There were more, they were beautiful and emotional. James was faced with the reality of how badly he had broken the young man.

“You ever do this again, you bring my cousin to his knees like this, and I will sic my twin brother on you. He may look like an innocent puppy, but I can assure you that Spencer will eviscerate you.”

“So noted.” Bond swallowed hard as he walked back to the sculpture. “How much?”

“Why?” Q asked as he stood by Bond’s side.

“It will go in the rebuilt Skyfall. I won’t let anyone else have it, or you.”

Dominic smiled, “Good answer. I’ll have it delivered after the show.”

“You’re mine, Ashcroft. Now, and always.”

Q blushed as he was given a kiss that let everyone know who he belonged to.