Rescue Me

Title: Rescue Me
Fandom: Bones, Criminal Minds, Stargate – All Medias, The Sentinel
Category: M/M
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Seeley Booth/Zach Addy, Temperance Brennan/Angela Montenegro
Characters: Seeley Booth, Zach Addy, Temperance Brennan, Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, Carolyn Lam
Spoilers: None
Summary: Zach came back from Afghanistan changed in more ways than one. Not only was he an online Guide, he had been manipulated into a bond he didn’t want. When Seeley saw him once again, he knew Zach was his Guide. Now Seeley just needed to save him for the villain Gormogon.
Words: 14,467
Warnings: None
Tags: PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Sentinal/Guide Bonding, Kidnapping, Forced Bonding, Slash, Mentions Cannibalism
Beta: None. No non-consensual Beta
Notes: Written for the July 2016 Little Black Dress Challenge, and also part of my Lineage series.

Seeley walked into the Jeffersonian unsure of what Temperance had called him in for. They didn’t have a current case so his mind was pinging with all kinds of scenarios. He walked into the lab and saw a small party going on and this confused Seeley even more. The squints didn’t often “party”. He frowned as he moved through the foyer and got closer to the main lab. He took a few more steps, head slightly down his sense of smell went crazy. He had to stop in his tracks to try to gain control again. He hadn’t had a sense spike in a very long-time. He often had been able to ground himself with Angela or Camille, but since Angela bonded with Tempe, he had backed off and that left only Camille. For a while he thought she had been his Guide, but they had never fully bonded. They did have a mild empathic bond that could be severed at any time.

Booth.” He felt a hand wrap around his wrist, grounding him, bringing him out of the zone out he found himself falling into.

“Camille, what is everyone doing here?” Seeley tried not to bring attention to what had just happened as he breathed deep to calm himself.

“Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself. Are you okay? How are your dials?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Good, two’s across the board.” Seeley took a few deep breaths, smiled at Camille and straightened up.

“What happened?”

“I…I’m not sure.” Seeley just shook his head and smiled, “Come on, let me find out what’s going on.” Seeley shook off Camille and walked towards the main lab. He swiped his card and was engulfed in a hug.

“Ange. Hey, saw your showing at Statera. Really nice.”

“Thanks. Now, honey, I think we’ve been stringing you along too long. Here, take a drink. Don’t worry, no alcohol, I promise.”

“Thanks.” Then he heard a voice. One he hadn’t heard in over six months and again his senses spiked. His eyes landed on Zack Addy, former squint, who had gone off foolishly to Iraq just because the President had asked. Identifying bones in a warzone. Seeley hadn’t wanted the sensitive young man to go, he knew the risks and the emotional and mental costs of any war. He hadn’t wanted to think about what could have happened to him. But Zack was home now, whole, and from what Seeley could tell from what was going on with him, Zack Addy was a Guide. And not just any Guide,  his Guide. He almost let a growl slip from his throat and he practically thrummed with anticipation.

“Hey, Booth,” Camille looked at him concerned. “This is the second zone already, you okay?”

He didn’t say anything as he strode towards Zack, keeping that small thread of control he still had.

“Hey, Zack, buddy. When did you get back?” Seeley kept his tone light and friendly but his Sentinel was screaming inside him to take the young man someplace quiet, just the two of them.

“Sentinel Booth, how are you,” Zack held his hand out stiffly, and Seeley wondered at the formal tone.

“Zack.” Seeley took his hand and pulled the younger man to him and hugged him close. That’s when the scent assaulted him fully. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “Zack, when?” He asked quietly in Zack’s ear.

“It’s a long story and I don’t want to talk about it.” Zack pulled away, frowned a moment, but couldn’t stop himself from threading his fingers with Seeley’s. He didn’t want to let the Sentinel get too far away from him. When his spirit animal started to weave around Seeley’s ankles he sighed and knew what it meant.

Seeley furrowed his brow and Zack just smiled that awkward shy smile of his. Seeley was trying to get a handle on what exactly was going on with him. Zack just couldn’t be his Guide. He liked the kid, it took a while, but the socially awkward bone specialist had grown on him. His quirks had often made Seeley smile, even against his will. Now, though, he was thrumming with Guide wrapping around him. He looked down to see a Siamese cat weaving around his legs.

“Okay, so what is going on?” Hodgins looked between them waving a finger.

“None of your business Hodgins,” Zack growled low in his throat.

“Easy there tiger,” Seeley squeezed Zack’s hand just a bit and the younger man backed-off.

“Can we get out of here Booth?” Zack was bleeding anxiety all over him. He pulled Zack close and tucked him against his side and wrapped an arm around him.

“Are you sure? This is your party.”

“Booth, you know as well as I do that I don’t ‘party’. I stayed this long for them, but I need to get out of here.” Their conversation was whispered, but Booth saw that Temperance had heard.

“Okay everyone, I’m sure Dr. Addy is tired from just getting in. Let’s give him some time and I’m sure we’ll see him again in a few days. Isn’t that right Zack?”

“Yes Dr. Brennan. Thank you. Booth, would you mind giving me a ride home? I don’t have my car.”

“Sure, come on.” He turned around and led Zack out of the lab. He didn’t turn back, but just said his thanks quietly to Temperance, knowing that she would hear. The only time the two of them separated was when they got to Booth’s car.

Silence reigned for a few minutes, but Seeley still felt that hum just under his skin that kept beating at him GuideGuideGuideGuide, was the only word that fuelled it. Finally he couldn’t take the silence anymore.

“I’m sorry for pulling you out of there.”

“Don’t be. I wasn’t expecting it and the whole thing was making me uncomfortable.”


“Not yet. We need to be someplace quiet, someplace safe.” Seeley frowned at Zack’s choice of words and though they didn’t have a bond yet, he could feel anxiety and fear pouring from his Guide. He wondered what was going on with the young man.

Seeley had immediately recognized signs of PTSD. Zack had, before going away, learned to relax more, open up and tried to make more friends and be more sociable. Seeley was aware of how badly he had treated the young man in the beginning, but he hadn’t truly understood them. Any of them, only Temperance and that took work. A part of him was embarrassed and ashamed at the way he had put Zack in a box labelled weird and kept him at arm’s length for as long as he did. Taking a deep breath as he gripped the steering wheel as he looked over at the rigid posture of his Guide and his heart broke a little.

“Zack, look, there were things I wanted to say to you before you left that I, well I was stupid, selfish and short-sighted. When we first started to work together I didn’t treat you right and I know I hurt you. I also know that you didn’t understand I was being a jerk at first. I’m sorry.”

“Hodgins explained it to me. I was hurt. You were a bully and I’d already put up with a lot of bullies in my life. I know I’m different, even to my family I’m different, but they didn’t care. They all love me for who I am and if I hadn’t had them…” Zack looked out the window and closed his eyes a moment.


“It was only a moment, when I first went to college. It was hard being by myself, and I was younger than everyone around me. I didn’t party, I didn’t try to chase girls or do any of the things you’re supposed to do when alone and in college. I had a purpose, a goal and that was all I focused on. But, it was lonely.”

Seeley took a calming breath and tried not to get angry. He didn’t want to get angry with himself or with all those other who had hurt the young man beside him.

“I’m glad you worked through it.”

“Where are we going?”

“My place. I don’t think yours is Sentinel friendly and right now I need to be someplace calming.”

Zack just nodded as he leaned back in the seat and closed his eyes.

Seeley drove the rest of the way in silence, but his mind was whirling. It wasn’t just whatever happened to him Iraq, but much of his life and Seeley wondered how long Zack had been suffering. By the time he pulled into his parking spot he was a jumble of emotions.

“You know I didn’t even notice if you had a bag with you.”

“You were in hyper protective mode. I threw it in the back seat.” Seeley blushed that he hadn’t registered that detail. He had only been thinking one thing, get home, get safe.

“Come on, are you hungry?”

Zack was about to say no when his stomach growled.

“I will take that as a yes. Let’s get inside. I’ll fix us something to eat.”

Zack didn’t say a word, he just nodded and followed Seeley into his apartment.


After a quick thrown together meal of soup and sandwiches, Seeley gathered Zack in his arms and led them to the couch.

“We should maybe talk about this.”

“What is there to discuss? You’re my Sentinel. I felt it the moment you stepped-up into the main lab.”

“I want to know what happened Zack. I want to know what pushed you on-line because it sure as hell wasn’t something we were working before you left.”

Zack set aside the iced tea he had in his hand and crawled into Seeley’s lap. He leaned in and kissed the Sentinel. He slipped his tongue out and over Seeley’s lips, teasing them open so he could lick inside. Seeley wrapped his arms around his Guide and pulled him close, their cocks brushing against each other through their layers of clothing. After a moment Zack pulled back.

“I’m not a blushing virgin Seeley Booth. I have had many successful and fulfilling sexual relationships with both men and women. You do not have to hold back Sentinel. We, unlike many Sentinel-Guide pairs, have the added benefit of knowing each other. Now, stop hesitating and take me to bed.” Zack looked at his Sentinel with such longing tinged with desperation. “Please Seeley, please, you have to save me.” Zack’s breathing increased and his scent pile was overflowing with fear, anxiety and pain.

“Zack, why? What’s going on?”

“Please, you have to claim me. It’s the only way to break….” Zack stopped what he was going to say and pressed his lips together.

Seeley narrowed his eyes and watched his Guide tremble with a touch of fear.

Zachary Addy, what is going on?” Seeley hadn’t wanted to use his Sentinel voice but there was something deeply wrong here and he needed to know what was going on before any bonding could happen.

Zack closed his eyes and swallowed against the dryness in his throat. He knew he had no choice against that voice and was compelled to tell Seeley everything.

“It was supposed to be a routine grab and go. There was a burial plot that was uncovered with several skeletal remains. The unit assigned to myself and the two anthropologists with me had swept the area. We grabbed our black bags and were getting the remains ready to transport back to the base to determine cause of death, and possibly identification. When we got close to the gravesite, we were ambushed. The unit lost three men, the other two were captured as was myself, Dr. Pearlmutter and Dr. Jensen.

“We were held captive. The leader of the group was trying to ransom us back to the US. But, as you well know, the US doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. We were there for several days. Little food or water. They kept interrogating us one at a time. They were looking for something that they thought we had. I…I…” Zack fell against Seeley, and broke. All the pain he had been holding in rushed out and the Sentinel was caught in the emotional wave. Seeley closed his eyes and cursed as he wrapped his arms around the Guide. “They broke my right leg, and I had other injuries. During the last interrogation, something inside me snapped and I screamed against the pain. There was an empathic backlash. The terrorist in the room with me, he, he was slammed into the wall and his neck broke. I killed him Seeley. I killed someone.” Zack was hyper-ventilating and on the verge of a panic attack. Seeley grabbed his shoulders and forced him to look him in the eye.

“Calm down Zack. You need to finish it, okay? I know, Zack, I know. But you need to calm down. You are safe here I promise, okay?.” Zack slowly calmed his breathing. The pain and anger and frustration were still there, but he trusted Seeley more than he trusted anyone anymore.

“How did you get out Zack?” Seeley rubbed the young man’s back, hoping to calm him down.

“A seal team was sent after the kidnappers. A Commander McGarrett got me out. He was the only one that could touch me. Everyone else, it hurt.”

“He’s a Sentinel then?”

Zack just nodded. Seeley laid a hand on the back of Zack’s head. He missed the longer, unruly hair. The military haircut was not right on his Guide and it made Seeley a little agitated.

“It will grow back Seeley.” Zack had sensed what it was that was making his Sentinel upset.

“Right. Tell me the rest, Zack.”

Zack wiped his face and shifted in Seeley’s lap. He laid his head on the Sentinel’s shoulder, a hand fisted in his shirt. He knew if he didn’t finish Seeley would make him. Sighing he tried to get even closer to his Sentinel than he already was.

“I was badly hurt Booth. They took me to triage, got me stable then sent a med vac to get me out and home. I was in a VA Guide friendly room to recover. A man…a volunteer from the hospital started to come see me.” Zack told Seeley about the strange man that had come to see him almost every day. Brought him books, and puzzles. They talked and the more he talked the more Zack fell under a pall. He was mesmerized by the man and before he was fully healed, before he could make a fully rational decision Zack found that he had a partial bond with the man.

“Dammit Zack,” Seeley growled and Dante, his Jackal was sitting on the floor growling along with him.

“Something is very wrong with him Seeley. I don’t want this, it makes me feel sick inside. All the hate and anger and….wrongness I feel it.”

“How deep is the bond.”

“Not very. When I figured out what he did I was able to build a shield around it in my mind, but it leaks, I’m not strong enough to hold it much longer and I’m scared. Please, Seeley help me.” Zack was near panicking as he clung tight to his Sentinel. “I want it gone, I want it out of me. I didn’t know Seeley, I didn’t know.”

“Shhh Guide, calm. Look at me Zack.”

Zack looked-up with such pain and confusion that all Seeley wanted to do was to wrap him up and protect him forever. Seeley cupped his face and leaned down and kissed him again. He grabbed the end of the t-shirt Zack had on and lifted it. He laid his hand on the younger man’s stomach, groaning as he touched his Guide’s flesh. With his Sentinel strength he picked Zack up in a bridal hold, and never taking his lips off Zack’s, walked with him into his bedroom.


Reaching the bedroom Seeley laid Zack out on the bed and finally came up for air. He looked down at the younger man, his hand touching Zack’s cheek, fingers gentling as he slowly mapped out his face.

“Seeley,” Zack bit his lip as he frowned, feeling hesitant.


“I just need to know something. Do you really want me or is it your biological imperative that is pushing you towards forming a bond with me? I know that on my part I’ve always had a cursory attraction to you but I never considered that someone like you could ever like someone like me. I know…” Seeley stopped him talking by kissing him. A slow slide of lips across his, a tongue tasting him, encouraging him to open up, warmth flooded him as he kissed back and held onto his Sentinel.

Seeley pulled back and smiled, “Zack, I want this and no it isn’t just biology.” Seeley laid a hand on Zack’s chest and closes his eyes. “Do you feel that Zack? Do you feel what’s already between us?”

“Yes.” Zack turned his eyes up to Seeley and the Sentinel’s heart broke at the anticipation and fear in his eyes.

“What are you afraid of?” Booth closed his eyes a moment and cursed. “Zack, I’m not going to hurt you, I would never do to you what this man that hurt you did. I will not force this on you. We can wait. I’m not an animal Zack, I’m not ruled by my biology.”

Zack took a deep breath and pulled Seeley back down and kissed him. “I’m ready for this, please Seeley.”

Seeley slowly started to map out his guide with his tongue, tasting the skin along his neck. He pushed the shirt Zack was wearing up and when Zack stretched up he moaned as flesh and surprisingly lean muscle was exposed. He pulled the shirt off and went back to mapping out Zack with his mouth, tasting him, and breathing in his spicy, sweet scent.

Hands on the jeans were deft as he quickly undid them and slipped them off, following their trail with his tongue, taking in the salty sweet taste of Zacks skin. When he got to Zack’s ankles he worked back up the other leg, noticing smooth, soft hairless skin. He wanted to ask, but knew it could wait.

“Seeley,” Zack moaned and wanted to touch his Sentinel the man was just out of his reach. His eyes rolled back as Seeley buried his nose between Zack’s balls, taking in his most primal of scents. Licking a stripe up his hard cock, Seeley groaned low in his throat as the taste of his Guide exploded on his tongue and settled inside him more locking that sense into place. Licking around the head Zack thrust up as he fisted his hands in the sheets under him. Seeley pulled off him then stood and quickly stripped, taking off shoes and socks as well.

Seeley walked to the nightstand and grabbed the lube, throwing it on the bed he then quickly stepped to his bathroom and grabbed a small towel. After setting that aside he settled back between Zack’s legs. Taking his mouth again Seeley felt the slow simmer of the bond just there in his core searching, waiting for their other half. He knew this was the point of no return and when he looked at Zack once again he saw the young man smile and cup his cheek.

“Yes.” The firm answer to the unspoken question. Seeley grabbed the lube, slicked up a finger and pushed it inside Zack’s tight entrance. He let himself indulge for a few moments the tight warm hole. He wanted to flip Zack and take even more time, to taste him there, but Seeley pulled his finger free and wiped it on the small towel, he would take his time later. Using more lube he slicked up his hard already leaking cock and guided himself inside Zack. He took it slow, to get his Guide used to the feel of him as he pushed inside.

“Seeley, please, I’m not a delicate flower, fuck me already,” Zack was breathing hard as he reached out for his Sentinel. Seeley almost growled low as he buried himself fully inside his Guide. He lifted Zack’s legs to wrap around his waist as he thrust long and deep inside him. The sensation of Zack’s tight heat made him feel bound in a way he had only dreamed of. He felt connected and all those dark lonely places inside him were gradually being filled by a warm gentle light. Bending his Guide almost in half he stroked in and out as he kissed that mouth that he didn’t think he would ever get enough of. Tasting Zack was like coming home and he never wanted to tire of that feeling.

Zack kissed back with open mouthed kisses and knew he was close. The bond pushing at the both of them to finish. He felt that other, that walled off part of his mind trying to fight back, but he opened his empathy wide and let Seeley in, let his Sentinel envelop every single part of himself. He felt Seeley’s emotions as he was being stroked into and it was heady. The slithering thing in his mind, the sick, horrible, corrupt bond was fighting and Zack held onto his Sentinel, held on and fought. When he felt all of Seeley all at once, felt the bond forming deep inside both of them, he pushed even more and cried out as a blinding white internal light engulfed the both of them obliterating that darkness, that taint and filling in those spaced with only his Sentinel.

Zack hadn’t realized he had passed out until he found himself sprawled over Seeley. He wrapped his arms as best he could and held on. He felt the bond moving between them, felt the rise and fall of his Sentinel’s breathing deep within himself and he had never been happier.

“Hey, welcome back,” Seeley was smiling as his arms were around his Guide, stroking, soothing and comforting.

“How long?”

“How long what?”

“How long have I been sprawled over you like a cephalopod gripping its prey.” Zack smiled against Seeley’s chest and felt the rumble of his laugh.

“Don’t ever change Zack.” Seeley’s hands were stroking his hair and all those dark places that he hadn’t even known were there after Zack had left, filled. The place inside him that was reserved for Guide was practically spilling over. The snapping in place of their bond had been almost painful in the rush of emotions. Seeley had processed and recovered quickly.

“About an hour ago. I haven’t wanted to move you. I felt how much you needed the rest.” Seeley checked Zack over and noticed the anxiety had faded, his heartbeat was more regular and his Guide was calm. He held Zack even tighter against him, vowing to always keep him safe, no matter what.

“We should get up, get food.” Zack half-heartedly said as he lifted his head to look at Seeley.

“Hmm, I think we’ll just stay here for a while longer.” He pulled Zack up closer and kissed him again. The bond pushed at them and Zack couldn’t even believe he could be ready for another round.


The fourth day of nesting and the bond was pretty settled. Seeley smiled to himself as he thought of the previous morning when his Guide had worked him up and rode him for everything he was worth. He thought to himself that it was a good way to wake-up. He stretched out on the bed and Dante was stretched out along his side, both signed in contentment. When Seeley brought his hand down he felt soft fur. And when he opened his eyes he saw the Siamese cat from four days ago.

He looked around and didn’t see Zack so he let his senses out and found his heartbeat near the kitchen. He had found out that even though Zack only ate Macaroni and cheese for lunch, it was really fucking good macaroni and cheese. The young man could cook. He wasn’t as inept in the kitchen as he liked to tell everyone at the Jeffersonian.

“Breakfast. Egg white omelettes with spinach, feta and black olives. English muffin and some turkey sausage.” Zack was always matter of fact when he made food, and it always had a purpose. Seeley gave up trying to get him to stop, but it grew on him over the last few days. It was Zack’s way of showing how much he cared and the young man always preened a little at the praises Seeley had for his cooking.

“Trying to keep me healthy?” Seeley teased as he pulled Zack down onto his lap and kissed him. “You never told me your Spirit Animal’s name.”

Zack blushed a moment, “Ossa, it’s,” he ducked his head and played with the sheet over Seeley, “It’s latin, for bones. I know it’s corny and not really original but it just seemed to fit her.”

“I think it’s cute.”

“Dr. Brennan wasn’t so pleased, but I told her that Ossa wasn’t named after her.”

Seeley couldn’t help the chuckle. “It really doesn’t matter what Tempe wants.” Whatever he was going to say next got cut off by his cell phone ringing. Frowning he reached over and answered the call.

“Booth.” He couldn’t help pulling Zack flush against him. He knew it would be a while more for them to not feel compelled to touch all the time.

“Booth, we have something you need to see and I need Zack to help me with the bones.”

“Bones, what’s going on?”

Just get to the address I’m going to send you. I know you are nesting but I really need you both here.”

There was a ping on his phone and Seeley looked at it. He frowned a moment then was back on the phone with Temperance.

“That’s a closed bank, what’s going on Bones?” Seeley had an unsettled feeling in his gut about whatever it was that was found. “Who’s with you right now?”

Since you were out of contact we called the BAU. They sent two of their junior agents, and Ashley Seaver and Ethan Michaels. I’ve been told Agents Hotchner, Morgan and Reid have recently resigned. I don’t know what’s going on Seeley, we need you down here.”

Seeley wiped his face and frowned at the news that two of his friends had resigned, it didn’t sound like them, but he didn’t know what the hell was going on with that. He didn’t want to leave junior agents alone if the case was going to get big.

“Okay, we’ll be there as soon as we can, but you gotta’ give me something here Temperance.”

“Hold on, I’m sending some pictures.”

The pictures Temperance sent just confused him more.

Zack moved to where he was sitting next to Seeley and looked at them with his Sentinel. His face paled and his heart rate sped-up.

Seeley felt the change in his Guide immediately. “Zack, buddy you know what this is?” He nodded his head and swallowed hard. The fear permeating his scent pile had Seeley on high alert. “Zack, don’t make me use the voice on you.”

Zack took a deep breath and looked-up at his Sentinel and said one name. “Gormogon.”


“Zack, who is Gormogon?”

Zack shuddered at Seeley saying his name and the fear in his Guide’s eyes had Seeley practically growling.

“Zack, hey, I need you to talk to me.” Zack crawled into Seeley’s lap and wrapped his arms around his Sentinel.

“Gormogon is the only name I know him by.”

“This is the man that hurt you Zack? That forced a bond on you?”

Zack nodded his head unable to continue talking.

Seeley wanted to curse but he didn’t want to scare his Guide anymore than he already was. He just wrapped his arms around him and held him for a minute.

“I’m not going to let him get his hands on you Zack. The bond broke, and ours, a deeper, stronger bond shattered it completely. You need to trust me. Trust that I’ll always take care of you, no matter what.”

Zack buried his head against Seeley’s chest and felt for the bond inside him. He opened it wide, let his Sentinel practically flood his aura with the care and affection he knew Seeley had for him. He didn’t want to say the other, deeper emotion he was feeling because he wasn’t sure that Seeley even knew it was there, but Zack felt it. The warm golden glow of the deepest part of his Sentinel washed over him and all he felt was love. He would have patience and let Seeley come to that realization himself, but he knew it, he felt it and it settled that fear and that pain he had been living with since leaving the hospital.

“I do trust you Seeley. I trust you more that I have anyone outside my own family.” He took a few deep breaths to settle his emotions because he knew if he was unsettled, it could drive his Sentinel’s senses out of control and none of them needed that right now.

“Come on, let’s go see what Bones has got for us, okay?” Seeley lifted his chin and made Zack look at him. He almost said the words that were just there, just on the tip of his tongue, but, he admitted to himself that he wasn’t quite ready to say them. Instead he placed a gentle kiss on his Guide’s lips to reassure them both of their connection.

Zack broke away first and slid out of Seeley’s lap, immediately feeling the loss. But, he knew if he was going to get through this he needed to stand on his own. If he was to be any good for his Sentinel he needed to find his own strength and fight through the anxiety and fear that still plagued him.

They quickly dressed and were out the door heading to the crime scene. Seeley didn’t know what he was going to find, he just hoped that Zack could hold-up through whatever it was. He knew they had moved fast and he knew his Guide was still suffering from PTSD as well as what amounted to mind rape. He knew it wasn’t all solved in the four days they nested, and Seeley would have liked to take more time, time he needed to help Zack come to terms with what happened to him in Iraq. He knew, more than the rest of the team, what it was like to be a POW. And that was essentially what Zack had been. The interrogation and torture, coming on line and killing a man in the backlash all amounted to Zack’s current fears and anxiety. Seeley knew it, but he would only push Zack so far. Pushing to hard too fast was never a good idea, especially with the type of traumas Zack had been through in such a short time.

“You can do this Zack and I’ll be right there with you.” Zack smiled but it didn’t quite reach his eyes, Seeley parked the SUV and with Zack next to him made found the officer that had been waiting for them. They were led down to the basement where the strange statue was.

Ashley pasted on a smile and approached Seeley.

“Agent Booth, I’m sorry we couldn’t see each other again under better circumstances.”

“Agent Seaver. I’ll be asking you about your Unit Chief later, but tell me what you’ve got.”

“What we have so far is a puzzle, wrapped in a riddle.” She led the way over where Temperance was studying the bones.

“Bones, what have we got?”

“I honestly have no idea Booth. From what I can tell at first glance, there are bones from at least five different people. There are marked characteristics that tell me right away that not all these bones are from the same person, but I need to get this back to the lab and make a better assessment. Agents Todd and Seaver don’t want to let me move anything till CSU gets here and gets what they need.”

“And I agree with them. Come on Temperance, you know it’s only protocol.”

“I know, I just can’t wrap my mind around this. It’s disturbing. Each of the silver pieces is slowing being replaced by human bones. The statue and the pose is reminiscent of the ancient greek “Widow’s Son” and I have no idea the significance of it yet.” She sighed in frustration and paced away from it. Angela was there and wrapped her hand around her Sentinel’s wrist, giving her comfort and trying to calm her down.

“Anything else in here that’s significant?” Seeley was looking around the room at the tapestries, a table with tarot cards, and other strange works.

“I can tell you that many of these works are symbolic of Masonic and other secret societies. But, the ones that pop out at me are these, these early Roman works show some of the first written Sentinels in history. Or, I should say who art and political historians believe to be Sentinels. Some even believe that Julius Caesar was a Sentinel and Marcus Aurellius was his guide. Hence this particular tapestry that shows us the betrayal of Marcus. He was also a “Widow’s Son.” His mother, according to some historical records, was believed to be alive, while his father died in on of Julius’ many wars.” Angela was studying the many tapestries that surrounded the silver “Widow’s Son” statue.

“Are you saying that this person or person’s is going after Sentinel’s?”

“I don’t know Booth, but these art pieces are significant, I just don’t understand it all yet.”

“Zack, do you know anything about this?”

“I know Gormogon was obsessed with history and more specifically the Mason’s it was all he would sometimes talk about.”

“Booth, what’s going on?” Seaver was frowning at him as she looked between him and Zack.

“Seaver, this is Dr. Zack Addy, my guide, and he’s had contact with a man calling himself Gormogon.”

“What!, then he can’t be here Booth, he can’t even be a part of this investigation. You know that.”

“He’s also my Guide, Seaver.”

“I understand that, but if he has information, if he’s a material witness, he can’t even touch anything.” Ashley crossed her arms. “If Hotch was here he’d be kicking your ass right now.”

Seeley snorted and knew it was probably true. “It’s okay Seeley, I understand that I’ll need to be interrogated.”

“Not until you have a lawyer with you and we talk about this.” Seeley twined his hand with Zack’s and pulled him close, “I just found you, I’m not letting anything happen to you.”

“I know, but Agent Seaver is right, I shouldn’t even be here. I can go wait in the car.” Seeley took a deep breath and focused all his senses on his bondmate, then let him go. He didn’t like it, but Ashley was right. Zack couldn’t be a part of this investigation and he knew it.

“Okay, just stay in the car and we should be done soon.”

Temperance was glaring at him, with arms crossed.

“What? Seaver is right, Zack can’t be here.”

“But I need his help.”

“Then get one of the interns you hired in his absence to help. But, he is a material witness and he may have information who or where this Gormogon is.”

“I don’t like it Booth.”

“Dr. Brennan, I understand, but we need to talk to him first and if we are able to clear him, then he’ll be able to help out, but for now, we he can’t. You’ve been working cases long enough to know the protocol.”

Temperance frowned her displeasure as she went back to taking notes. Booth knew her mind was trying to come to terms with the fact that Zack was part of this.

“Listen, Bones…”

“What!?” She glared at Seeley, angrier than she’d ever been at him.

“Hey, you need to realize that Zack is one, no longer your grad student, two, he is my Guide, and three he is part of this. Now, I’m not going to break his confidence, he will talk to Ashley and probably David Rossi, since you called in the BAU, I’m expecting that it’s going to be their case. I’m not even sure what the protocol will be for myself. Since I’m Zack’s Sentinel, they may not want me involved. You are going to have to play nice with them Bones.”

“Fine. I don’t like it, but…I understand.”

“Good. Seaver, what do you need from me?”

“I’m going to have to talk to Rossi, they haven’t had time to replace Hotch yet, so he’s acting Unit Chief. He’ll be here shortly. But, since you are Zack’s Sentinel, I am going to say that you’re right, you may not be able to be involved in the investigation. But, it’ll be his call.”

“Okay, just to make it easy, I’ll go join Zack outside and when he gets here we’ll hash this out.”

He noticed that Hodgins hadn’t said anything to him, or Zack, he was keeping his distance from them. He wondered it was because of their abrupt departure from the makeshift party the lab team had thrown for Zack. Or, if it was the fact he was Zack’s Sentinel and they were now bonded. Either way he knew they were going to have words, but he just didn’t want to deal with the man right now. He turned his back and made his way back outside to his vehicle to wait for SSA David Rossi.

As he was approaching his vehicle he realized that he couldn’t feel Zack. He couldn’t feel his heartbeat, or hear his breathing. His heart started to race as he ran from the bank building and practically fell to his knees when he burst from the building and saw the SUV with the door open, tires slashed and his Guide was gone. A very primal scream was ripped from the depths of his very soul. Dante was pacing, and crying out matching the fear and anger of his human.


Zack was waking-up to very bright room. He was tied to a chair and fear was leaking from him in waves. He tried struggling out of the bindings as memories of Iraq and being held captive flooded his mind. He closed his eyes and counted back from fifty, like the VA assigned psychologist had told him. Slowly his anxiety was leaking away and the memories were pushed back. He tried to focus on where he was.

Shaking his head, he reached deep inside him and connected to Ossa. he told her to find Seeley, to let him know where he was. Ossa cried and butted against him, but then disappeared again. He hoped that she understood what he needed her to do.  He knew that his Sentinel would go feral if he was gone too long, and God help the person who had taken him.

“Good you’re awake. The Master is very, very upset with you Dr. Addy.” Zack didn’t know that voice, but thought that he should have.

“And what is it I was supposed to have done to make him upset?” Zack glared at the man sitting next to him.

“You broke the bond. You weren’t supposed to bond with your Sentinel, you were supposed to bring him here.”

“No, no, no, no. Seeley is mine.” Zack growled low in his throat as he struggled against the bonds.

“The Master marked you Dr. Addy. Just like he marked me. We, we were supposed to be brother’s in his cause.”

“And what cause is that?”

“Sentinel’s must be destroyed. They subjugate, and dominate us. They don’t look our for what is best for us. We work where they tell us to, we live where they tell us to, and we are slave to their emotions and senses. We bind ourselves to them and lose what we are. Don’t you see? They are humanity’s plague.”

“No, you have it all wrong. Being part of someone, it’s beautiful, it’s special and I won’t give it up. And you won’t make me. You can’t break what is between us.”

There was soft whispering at the other end of the table where Zack could just make out a figure gave him the shivers.

“Master says they are nothing but animals, do you really want to be bound to someone like that? Someone capable of becoming nothing but a feral animal?”

Zack glared at both men and pressed his lips together in anger, how dare they question him and his bond with his Sentinel.

“Yes, because there is more than just the biological imperative. There is the emotional and human side to them as well. Studies show that a Sentinel will only go feral if they perceive their Guide or members of their tribe to be in mortal danger. You see, by taking me, and pursuing the course of action that I can surmise you are going to attempt, you will drive my Sentinel into a feral rage and he will kill you. So unless you want to die a horrible death, you will let me go back to him.”

The young man move off again and there was more whispering between the two men. Zack had already figured out who the Master was and though he was terrified he was forming a plan, building his shields and doing everything he could to protect himself and his Sentinel.

“Master says let him come. Let your Sentinel see the destruction of his Guide.”


Zack glared at the man that he couldn’t see, but knew. He worked to tighten his shields, the short time he spent with a Center Guide who had come to the hospital while he was in recovery and rehab helped him, but not before it had been too late to stop Gormogon from forming the tethering bond.

‘You’re angry you couldn’t form a full bond with me. You didn’t expect that I’d have any type of shields at all. You are a broken Sentinel, what did your Guide figure out what you were, psychotic and leave you? Did another Sentinel hurt you?” Zack wanted to try to keep them talking, the longer he had Gormogon’s attention, the longer he had to protect himself and his bond with Seeley.

What Zack hadn’t realized, he was now an Alpha Guide. He had been declared a Beta, and while being taken to the MASH Unit, he had formed a partial bond with the doctor who was working on him. It had helped to stabilize his Guide gifts till he could get further treatment. Coming online in such a traumatic fashion, everyone who had treated him, from the triage doctor to the VA doctors, they believed he wouldn’t be able to move past being a Beta. But, bonding with Seeley had unlocked that part of himself that had been closed off during his interrogation and torture.

Looking deep inside the intelligent young man had found the truth of himself. Had found what it was that Seeley had helped him to unlock, the core of him and he almost gave himself away, but he didn’t. He had been here before, he had been victim, but not anymore. If he couldn’t get away, he was going to lock down and not give his captor any room to maneuver in his mind. Taking a deep breath he began to form an unbreakable cage around the bond. He realized what this could do, but to protect himself, protect Seeley he would do this, he just hoped his Sentinel could bring him back.

Zack heard the whispering again but couldn’t hear what they were saying. After a few minutes the younger man came back and spoke.

“Master is a Sentinel, as you guessed. His Guide rejected him when they were young, said he felt ‘wrong’ and wouldn’t have anything to do with him. He found out another Sentinel bonded with his Guide. He was angry, sought them out but they had gone to ground, hid from him. He became angry, and the next Sentinel/Guide pair he met, he killed the Sentinel and took the Guide. Broke him, twisted him, made him perfect, but the Guide killed himself.”

Zack couldn’t help the tears that fell. How had this man, this psychopath not been found? Surely someone at the S&G Center knew what was going on. This just made him buckle down on his resolve. His need to protect his Sentinel was an even deeper driving force to keep him going, keep him building that protective cage.

“And you’ve done this to others. Hurt other pairs for you own selfishness. No one owes you anything. And I’m not going to let you hurt me again.” With one last push Zack finished the cage, pulled everything inside himself, the bond, his own mind and his gifts wrapped together and buried it deep inside his mind. The moment he did that, his body slumped and nothing Gormogon or his apprentice did could pull him out.


Seeley as stalking through the room just barely keeping hold of his senses. He growled at anyone that came into the room. Dante, was right beside him pacing and snarling. He had been put in an ISO room in the BAU offices. He was pissed and close to feral. When he heard the door open and David Rossi, acting Unit Chief and dormant Guide walked into the room Seeley didn’t stop his pacing.

“Let me go Rossi. I don’t have fucking time for this. I need to be out there looking for Zack.”

“Sentinel Booth, you need to calm down.” Seeley flew at him and had him against the wall.

“I need to be out there looking for my Guide. He’s in the hands of that monster and I need to find them.”

“I understand that, but they aren’t going to let a near feral Sentinel loose and you know that.” Rossi tried to project some of the empathy he still had to try to calm the growling Sentinel.

“You are not strong enough to help me. Why did they send you?”

“Because, right now, I’m all you got.”

“Where’s Aaron and Derek?”

Rossi took a moment before he spoke, “Colorado.”

The words were no more out of his mouth than the very people they were talking about walked right into the room, and everyone gaped.

“What. The. Fuck.” Seeley released Rossi and immediately felt better being around Derek. But that wasn’t what he was staring at, what he was staring at was Aaron Hotchner, former Alpha Prime of D.C.. “Those…you have….what is going one?” Seeley was literally out of words.

“Scales. Yeah, shock to me to, but when I heard something was happening with your Guide we got here as soon as we could.” Aaron said matter-of-fact.

“Wait, but that was….you couldn’t have gotten….I don’t understand.”

“Unfortunately I can’t tell you everything. You would have to be read in and we don’t have time for that. What I can tell you is there is something called a Protector Sentinel and I am one of them. I’m empathically and platonically bonded to Major General Jack O’Neil of the US Air Force. But we can discuss that later, what you need is our help.”

“How did you even know…”

“Gormogon. When Garcia and Angela Montenegro started to do a search on the name it tripped a very sensitive system. The Center has been aware of him for years and I’ve been on his trail since it fell in my lap, but we could never get a bead on him. Now, though, we know why. Gormogon is a title, passed from Master to Apprentice.”

Seeley was listening, but he couldn’t keep his eyes off the green scales that ran from Aaron’s neck to under his shirt. He also saw the ones peeking out from under his wrists. Also, the dragon that was in the corner of the room was freaking him out.

“Look, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on, but right now all I care about is getting my Guide back, and in one piece, mentally and emotionally.”

“And you will, with our help.”

“Aaron, Carolyn is getting twitchy.”

Aaron chuckled. Their third was probably chewing someone’s ass out and he was sorry he was missing it.

“Let her in, she’ll be good for Seeley to ground on till we get Dr. Addy back.”

“I really don’t want to know how you know all this do I?”

“Probably not, but it will be all explained as soon as you get Zack back and you’re more stable.”

As he was about to say something else one of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen strolled into the room and went right to him.

“You’re a mess. Sit.”

“I don’t have time…” He was cut off with what he was going to say when she just raised a brow and he sat. He took a deep breath and he smelled something clean and sweet, almost like lemons and honeysuckle. Almost as soon as he took that breath he slumped in the chair and calmed down.

“Now, you can deal with him.” Carolyn moved to stand with Aaron, taking his hand in hers.

It wasn’t but a minute later that Ossa appeared on the table and jumped in Seeley’s lap. The fact that she was solid gave Seeley hope as he buried his fingers in the fur and let her calmness wash over him. She meowed at him a few times, then jumped down and started to run out of the office.

“Micah, follow,” Aaron smiled at his Dragon Spirit Animal, which Seeley noted was the same color as Aaron’s scales. “He’s a hunter, I’ll be able to follow him through our psionic bond.” Aaron smiled a predatory smile and his eyes changed to an almost crystal green. “Do try to keep up.” He was out the door and moving go fast that Seeley’s head was spinning.

Dave hadn’t said a word, he didn’t know what to say, he had questions. Lots and lots of questions.

Carolyn looked over at Seeley, “Well, you going to follow him or sit there gaping after, go on, go find your Guide, don’t want to miss out on the fun.” Seeley wrapped a hand around her arm and pulled her along with him. “You can direct me?”

“Of course. My Sentinel might be a showoff, but I’ll be able to track him.”

“Good, get in the car.” He opened the doors to his SUV and was about to get in the side when he felt it. A painful tearing in his empathic connection to Zack, he screamed as he fell to his knees. His heart was pounding and the pain was worse than anything he had ever felt in his life. When Carolyn ran up and tried to touch him he growled.

“Shit. Booth, what happened?”

“Zack, I can’t feel him.” He was panting hard trying to push the pain down as he looked-up at the Guide.

“Get in the car, now. I’ll drive.” Seeley stood on shaky legs and ran to the passenger side and crawled in. He was barely holding it together as Carolyn got in on the other side. She started the car and opened her bond to Aaron, looking for him. She found him, quickly and locked on. Thankfully he had Derek with him, they did not need another incident like on P3X-574. That would not be good at all.

She put the car in reverse and pulled out, then in drive and peeled out of the garage. She had no time to watch for traffic as he dodged cars and ran through red lights. Thank the gods that Seeley had enough presence of mind to put on the siren, or well, it would not have been pretty.

When Seeley looked up after wrestling with himself to try to gain some control over the feral episode he was quickly falling into he saw…well he wasn’t quite sure he was seeing what he thought he was.

“Just, don’t think about it and it will all be explained soon,” Carolyn said. He swung his gaze at her and just shook his head. He did not want to believe he was looking at a huge dragon spirit animal flying through the city with former UC Aaron Hotchner…running? Flying? Something that Seeley couldn’t wrap his head around. But that didn’t matter now, now all that mattered was them getting to Zack and him keeping that pain just under the surface. The closer they got, the more he was losing his battle and he knew by the time they found Zack, he’d be in a full feral state.


Major General Jack O’Neil was sitting in his apartment in D.C. nursing the biggest headache he has had since before coming online. Daniel was standing next to him.

“Well, there goes the neighborhood.” Jack took a sip of the scotch he had poured.

“Jack, you know you aren’t supposed to drink.”

“And what exactly are we going to do about this situation? How are we going to spin this? Cause you know the whole gas leak bullshit isn’t going to work this time.” Jack sighed as he flopped on the bed wondering what the hell they were going to do.


Carolyn was frantically following her Sentinel, but he was fast and dangerous when on a hunt. When he emerged all those Alpha instincts that he already possessed just went wild. It was no wonder it took her and Derek to keep him in check. No single Guide would be able to handle him. She knew what he was going to be like once this hunt was over and she smirked inward, knowing what he was going to need.

Pulling out of her thoughts she looked over at Seeley and knew he was close to blowing it. She knew if he was in the car when he did it would be bad. She pressed harder on the pedal and pushed the Bureau assigned car even faster.


Seeley knew he was growling, and practically snarling. He pulled off his jacket and practically ripped off his dress shirt, they were bothering him in ways they never had before. He was hunched down in the passenger seat trying to keep his mind focused, but he wanted to be out there with Aaron, on the hunt, following the Alpha Prime, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep up.

He tried to look deep inside and his bond with Zack was barely a flicker. The pain of that, of finding and having possibly lost his Guide in four days was pushing him further towards feral. He gripped the door handle so tight that his knuckles were white and his body was shaking. Trying to keep control was harder than he thought. He felt the empathic waves from Carolyn, but even that was tenuous at best. They had better get there soon or he was going to jump out and try to find Zack on pure instinct alone.


The blood pumping in him was making his Sentinel sing, and the only thought he had in his mind while he was following Micah was hunt. He hadn’t realized till he had emerged as a full-fledged Protector why he had always sought out the most dangerous jobs. Prosecutor for the D.A.’s office, SWAT, then elite profiler for the FBI. He liked the hunt, he liked the danger and even his Guide had known that, tried to tell him, but he didn’t fully appreciate it till now.

All of Aaron’s senses were wide open, he was seeing father, hearing more, tasting the emotions of those around him as he ran/flew through the streets following Micah hoping that Seeley was keeping-up. But he knew Carolyn was with him, he felt her mind skitter over the bond and he shivered. Derek was with him wrapped in one arm, his Guide keeping him somewhat calm enough to stay on task. He really didn’t want a repeat of P3X-574.

He let a part of himself go and he sought his Omega. Jack was in the DC apartment and it settled Aaron to know the man was safe. He didn’t want to think about what would happen if Jack was compromised. While he may be on a hunt, his basic imperative was to protect the Omega Prime at all costs and he really did not want to lose Dr. Addy.

He worked through all of the information from when he was trying to track down Gormogon before and why they had trouble finding him the first time. He wondered if the known cannibal was going ot try to make Zack one of his acolytes, or his protege. They knew with the previous Gormogon, it was an entirely different motivation than the current, but their hatred still fell on Sentinel’s and Guides.

Micah made a sharp turn and Aaron did as well. The Dragon hovered above the house and when the small Siamese cat stood on the porch, they knew they had the right place. While every instinct in him wanted to burst through that door and save the Guide he could smell was inside, Seeley would never forgive him, and they needed him. They needed him and Zack, whole and trusting. Things were just too important and falling too quickly into place.

Taking a deep breath Aaron stood, hid the wings and held onto Derek, practically vibrating with the need to go inside.

Derek wrapped his hands around the scales on Aaron’s wrists and almost instantly he was brought out of his dragon state.

“I’m fine Der.”

“Hmm, not fine, but you’ll be better later.” That was when Carolyn pulled up to the house and Seeley burst out of the car, almost breaking the hinges as he ran, in a full feral rage into the house, not even Aaron, in his Dragon mode would have been able to stop him. The screams from inside should have had them worried, but they didn’t. They knew from the outset that Seeley was going to be the one to put the Gormogon and his current apprentice down.

When Seeley walked out with Zack, Carolyn tried to touch him, to check him over, but Seeley only snarled at her, telling her to back off. He slid into the back and wrapped himself around Zack, not caring that he had blood all over him.

When Carolyn tried to help, Aaron just shook his head no. He knew all too well what Seeley was going through.


Fifteen Minutes Ago.

Seeley felt himself slipping further and further the closer they got. He knew he was closer because he was finally picking up Zach’s scent. It was faint, but it was there.

Carolyn was pushing it to the maximum she could get out of the car. When she saw Micah hovering over a house she almost thanked the gods that they were there. As soon as she parked, Seeley was out the door and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

“Let him go Caro, nothing is going to stop him.” Seeley barely registered that Aaron was speaking as he burst through the door and leapt at the first man he saw. The man tried to run from him, but Seeley was in full feral rage as he tackled the man to the floor. By the time he was done with him, there was almost nothing left.

When the second man tried to run, Seeley saw him out of the corner of his eye, he snarled and growled low as his own instinct to hunt was on full overdrive. He lept, blood and viscera were all over him. Dante was beside him and growling as well. The Jackal was corporeal and tracking the second man. When they found him trying to barricade himself in the basement, Seeley tore the door off its hinges and leapt, pushing the man against the wall.

I am going to tear you apart, and there isn’t a damn thing anyone is going to do about it.”

The man didn’t say a word, just smiled and showed a disturbing set of sharpened teeth. Seeley flew into a deeper, more primal rage as he fought with the man. It was a painful back and forth as the damaged Sentinel felt a sick kind of joy as he fought with Seeley. Finally, though, Seeley got the upper hand when he punched through the man’s chest and ripped out his heart. The man looked at him in shock then just fell dead with Seeley standing there, bloody heart in his hand. He crushed it between his fingers before watching it fall back to the ground.

He heard the whine of his spirit animal and his mind processed, Guide. He flew up the stairs to where Zack was, ripped off the rope bindings and lifted him up. Just touching his Guide brought him somewhat back to himself. But, he knew there was something really wrong. Zack wasn’t waking-up.

Zack, buddy come on, come back. I need you Zack.” Seeley whined as he sank to his knees wrapping his arms around his Guide. He scented his neck and felt the wrongness, like Zack wasn’t there anymore and he needed him to be, he needed him to come back. Seeley knew, if Zack was gone, it would break him entirely.


Zack was waking-up but it wasn’t in a hospital, or bound to a chair, or even Seeley’s house. He was waking-up in a field of bluegrass with birds chirping and a sweet smell of honeysuckle on a warm Spring day.

He closed his eyes and breathed in the sweet scents and relaxed back. In his hand was a crystal box in the shape of an octagon. He knew it was important, knew he had to keep that box safe, everything good and important in his life was in that box, but he couldn’t quite remember what it was. The pulsing, golden glow of it though soothed him and he held the box close.

Zachary Uriah Addy, you have to go back. Your Sentinel is waiting for you. He needs you Zack.”

“Where am I? Who are you?” He looked-up to see the most beautiful being he’s ever seen in all the universe. His breath was shallow and his stomach was turning as he felt the power radiating from her.

“I am called Llandra, and this is my Guide Charles. We are the first ones. The first Sentinel/Guide to be woken on Earth. You, Zack have a purpose, your Sentinel needs you for together you are destined for something greater.” Llandra sat on the grass in front of Zack and smiled softly. “You have suffered greatly little Guide, but it has only made you stronger. You need to accept your fear and your strength, only then will you begin to heal.”

Zack shook his head. He couldn’t wake-up, he had to protect Seeley, Tears leaked from his eyes as he cradled the box close. He was shaking and just shook his head violently from side to side as the fear for Seeley, for himself grew and grew.

“Sh, child. There is nothing to fear. He waits for you little brother, he hurts for you, do you not feel him Zachary? He needs you as much as you need him. Your gifts I know are both a burden and a blessing, but the two of you together can accomplish many great things. Come here, little brother, come here and find comfort.” Llandra opened her arms and though a part of him felt foolish, Zach stumbled over to her and fell into those wide welcoming arms.

“All this pain you feel, little brother, can only be eased if you break the glass and wake-up. That doesn’t mean we can’t talk again, or that you can’t come here again, it just means you can’t stay. This is not the place for you, yet. Ease your heart and know that love and so much more await you, but, like all my brother’s and sisters, it is your choice Zachary. You can stay here and sink deeper into your fears, but your body will die and your Sentinel will break.”

“Was it ever my choice?” Zack finally found his voice as he sat in the warm comfort of the First Sentinel.

It was and always will be your choice little brother. But know this, a bond was formed, by your choice, YOU fought off the corrupted one in your mind because you wanted to. You followed your Sentinel, into his embrace, and his comfort. It is always your choice.”

“But if I stay here, with you, he’ll die?” Zack’s voice choked on his words as he said them.

Llandra took a breath, more to settle her mind than anything. She didn’t want to lie to him, he was too perceptive and too intelligent. Placing a gentle hand on his chin she made him look her in the eye.

Not even one of my Dragon’s can pull him back Zachary. If it is your choice to stay, your bond with break, your body will die and your Sentinel will succumb fully to the feral rage. There will be nothing anyone could do for him. His heart would break, and he would pass the mortal realm.”

“No, no you can’t let that happen, you have to help him.” Zack was crying and fisting his hands in Llandra’s psionic robes. She wrapped her arms around him and held him close.

“Your bond is profound little brother. He will not survive your death. He has had other bonds, ones to ground him and keep him going, for you. But, if you want him to live, you have to let go. Let go of the fear and the pain. Let your Sentinel help you, let him help heal your mind and your heart, but as I have said, it is your choice.”

Zack broke down as all of the pain and fear and anxiety of the last six months overwhelmed him. He clutched the glass box in his hand tightly to him. He knew if he broke the glass and freed what was inside, he’d leave this place and he would have chosen his Sentinel.

It was a battle inside himself with the choices that he had to make.


Seeley wasn’t letting anyone get near him or Zack. He was just barely aware of being in an S&G ISO room and even less aware of the people coming in and out. One person had started to give him a tranquilizer when he grabbed their hand and almost broke it. No one tried that again. One of the Doctor’s thought to pump in a sleep agent, but they were afraid of what it would do to Zack. The only person who could get remotely close to Seeley was Aaron.

“Sentinel,” Aaron growled and Seeley looked-up growling back at him. “Let me clean you up, I won’t take you away, but you have blood all over you.”

Seeley glared and looked down at himself. Carefully letting Zack go he let Aaron take care of him. Aaron got him cleaned and brought him a change of clothes. Soft cotton natural fiber pants and t-shirt. Aaron left another clean basin with wash cloths and some fresh clothes for Zack. Once he left the room Seeley went about taking care of his Guide.

Once Zack was clean and in fresh clothes Seeley once again wrapped around him, taking in that spicy, sweet scent that was his Guide. He kissed the back of his neck and held him in a tight embrace.

Everyday, Seeley was slowly coming out of the near fatal feral state, but he wouldn’t be able to fully shake it off, not till Zack was awake. Everyday he cleaned and changed his Guide, still not letting anyone near them. Finally, on the third day he let Doctor Lam in, but only her. He knew Zack needed nutrients and when a saline line and artificial feeding tube was put in she smiled softly and was quickly gone.

By day five Seeley was getting frantic, but he still wasn’t going to leave his Guide. He tried to eat himself, but it was hard and his senses were slowly shutting down. Everyone was worried that if Zack didn’t come out of his self-induced coma soon that they were going to lose the both of them.


“Seeley,” Zack shot-up in bed as Seeley was curled-up around himself screaming. “Seeley,” Zack said as he touched his Sentinel’s face. Seeley jerked awake and looked at his Guide, eyes wild. Zack was pushed back on the bed and Seeley was kissing him, pressing against him frantically trying to feel every part of him at once.

Zack pulled out the tubes from his arm then wrapped himself around his Sentinel.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I was so scared. I was afraid he was going to try to hurt us, through the bond…” Seeley’s mouth stopped him talking as he was kissed hard. Clothes were ripped off, and a frenzied entanglement of arms and legs had Seeley shaking with such need that he almost didn’t stop to think about Zack.




“Shut-up Seeley.” Zack brought their mouths together and delighted in the feel of his Sentinel. By the time Seeley was pushing his cock inside his Guide he was trembling with need. The need to reconnect, to feel his Guide inside him, to feel that bond flowing between them. Their coupling was hard and fast and the bond burst bright between them once again. This time Seeley felt everything Zack was feeling as he thrust in and out of that glorious tight heat. Seeley threw his head back and stiffened as he came. There wasn’t anything in this world that would have been able to stop him. When he looked down and saw the blissed out look on his Guide’s face he assumed that he had come as well.

“Jesus, Zack I..I’m sorry,” Seeley panted as he tried to get a hold of himself, “I didn’t mean to just…you know like…..fuck, I’m not an animal…I just..”

“Seeley.” Zack cupped his cheek and smiled, “I could have stopped you at any time. I wanted this, I’ve always wanted this and it was my choice.”

Seeley closed his eyes and let out the breath he had been holding. Pulling out he fell to the side of Zack and held him close.

“Don’t ever do that again. I was so afraid Zack. I was losing you and it was killing me.” Seeley’s face was scrunched up from the outpouring of emotion. It was a pain he would never forget and never wanted to feel again. “I couldn’t feel you, you weren’t there anymore Zack, and it scared the hell out of me.”

Zack wrapped around his Sentinel comforting him like only he could.

“I’m sorry. I had to protect you, it was the only way I knew how. But I got lost there for a moment. I, I think I was on the Psionic plane, but I can’t be sure. I would need to do further study, and I want to write it all down and maybe try to get back there. Meditation, I’ve been told, is the quickest way. It would be an interesting study to make, scientifically speaking, no one has really been able to discern just what the Psionic plane is.”

Seeley was stupidly smiling and he knew it. He ran a shaky hand through Zack’s hair and leaned down for an almost chaste, but reassuring kiss.

“What was that for?” Zack furrowed his brow as he looked-up at his Sentinel, confusion clearly written on his face.

“Never, ever change Zack.”

“But I have changed Booth. I’m, different. I feel it and I know you do to. Every experience I’ve had since leaving the Jeffersonian has changed me. But, you, Seeley, being with you, has changed me the most.”

Seeley wrapped an arm around Zack’s waist and held him, not wanting to let him go. He knew he was going to have some separation anxiety for a while, not letting Zack out of his sight, or his reach. He wasn’t sure how that was going to go on cases, but they would manage, just till it passed and he felt more settled. The flood of emotion coming from his Guide filled his heart and he knew without a doubt that he would love and protect his Guide for the rest of their lives.

“I love you,” Seeley was surprised that he had said the words out loud. He had never said the words to Rebecca, or even Cam, they never felt right. But, some strange quirk of fate had given him the one man he had tried to avoid for so long. He loved Zack, he had even liked him in that first year, but he was nervous around him. His strangeness and intelligence had made Seeley keep him at arm’s length for so long. But not anymore, Zack was his, and he found he was more than okay with that. “I love you Zack Addy.”

Zack sucked in a breath and buried his head against his Sentinel’s chest to give himself a moment. He never thought he’d ever hear those words said by anyone.

“Seeley.” The immense joy that flooded out of him and through the bond made Seeley smile. “I love you to.”

Neither of them said a thing as Seeley once again took his Guide, but this time, he was gentler as he made love, opening all his senses at once, letting his Guide flood him entirely. He glutted on the emotions, the touches, the sight and smell of the man under him. He tasted every single part of his Guide and the bond was practically singing inside him, the Sentinel purring with each touch from the Guide. The mental, empathic brush against the bond had him shivering as he once again came, but this time he felt it when Zack did as well and the pure emotion being fed back and forth between them had him breaking apart, but in a very good way. He slid bonelessly next to Zack and the bond pulled him back down into much needed sleep. It was satisfied that Sentinel and Guide were once again, together.


Two Weeks Later:

“What do you mean I’m the Alpha Prime of D.C.?” Seeley asked as he paced back and forth in the BAU conference room.

“If you want it, we’d like you take the position Seeley.” Aaron stood with arms crossed, his two Guides on either side, General O’Neil and Daniel Jackson seated in front with Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg as well. David Rossi was at the other end of the table trying to keep up with exactly what was going on.

“But I’m Major Crimes.”

“And you would still keep that position, but now, they have to give you Unit Chief status because you are the strongest Sentinel in that department. You take precedence. Which should have been offered to you years ago.”

“Yeah, well, they said I had anger issues.”

“You did shoot at a clown on an Ice Cream truck.” Jack almost couldn’t hide the smirk on his face.

“There were…circumstances. That’s beside the point. Why me, why us?”

“Because when you bonded, we,” Aaron indicated himself, Derek, Jack and Daniel, “Were pulled onto the Psionic Plane and had a conversation.”

“Was it Llandra?” Zack asked from beside Seeley.

“Yes, it was. You went from an Alpha, to an Alpha Prime. Your gifts enhanced greatly, as did Mr. Addy’s. You are a Prime pair.”

Seeley sank into the chair next to his Guide and rubbed the back of his neck. He hadn’t felt any difference, but he hadn’t really tried. After bonding, then Gormogon, getting Zack back, a lot happened in a short-time and he hadn’t had a chance to assess his own situation.

“Do I have a choice?”

“You always have a choice Seeley, but we trust you.” Aaron leaned forward, “Believe me it’s daunting. When I was first offered I resisted, but Derek talked sense into me. We need someone like you to keep the Center honest. And, Dr. Addy, you will get first dibs on any research in your areas of expertise. You’ll still be able to work at the Jeffersonian, in fact it’s the perfect place for you to stay.”

Seeley and Zack looked to one another, then looked back at Aaron and Jack, grasping their hands under the table Seeley nodded.

“Okay. Does this mean I’m like you?”

“No. So far we only know of Jim’s Protector, Dr. Charles Epps. We have heard rumors of an emerging Omega Prime in England and, I think that’s where we are headed next. We won’t know much more till we get there.” Aaron sat back and studied his friend. He wanted to tell him more and when Jack mentally slapped him he frowned. Jack tilted his head to Seeley and Aaron reached into his briefcase and pulled out a sheaf of papers.

“There’s a reason we’ve been working to put powerful people in the right positions Seeley. There is a threat coming. We don’t know if it can be stopped before they get here. Here, you’ve been authorized to read this, but you need to sign an NDA. The President is close to declassifying the project, but we aren’t so sure that is wise right now, not until, well these threats are somehow neutralized.”

“And just what are these threats?”

Aaron sat back and crossed his arms, he told the the two men and David about the Stargate Program, Atlantis, the Wraith and the Ori. While he talked he knew Jack was gauging them, seeing how much they believed.

“This has been going on under our noses?”

“Pretty much.” Jack flicked his eyebrows up.

“And you want us as the Alpha Prime pair of DC because?”

“You hate politics. You’re also a former decorated Army Ranger. You, more than most, will understand what is at stake if these Wraith make it Earth. We, along with those on Atlantis, are going to try to stop them before they even set foot in our galaxy.”

Seeley understood. As Prime of DC he’d have direct contact with the President and Congress in case of an emergency or some kind of outside threat. Because he hated politics, and had known conflict he could make the men in power understand what they would need and help to minimize casualties. He’d be the contact between the Stargate Program and the Civilians.

If there was no global threat, he and Zack would be the investigators into any S&G crimes on the Eastern Seaboard. They would take precedent over any FBI cases.

Seeley and Zack stepped out of the room and talked it over for long enough that everyone was getting twitchy. When they came back and settled Seeley leaned forward.

“Okay. We accept.”

“Good, now can we go to dinner?”

“Really Jack?” Daniel raised a brow and shook his head.

“What? We’re in DC, I want to go to Morton’s. You know they have the best steaks around.”

Seeley was watching the interaction with amusement.

“Before we go anywhere I still have a few questions. Like, what exactly is a Protector?”

Aaron chuckled and sat back down. He explained first the Lineage as told to them by a…well he left out the part about Castiel being an Angel, he just didn’t think Seeley would be able to digest that information.

“The Protector’s were, from what we can gather from Llandra and the historical record, the first line of defense, so to speak. Their most primal imperative was to protect the Omega Prime first, then the tribe second. We’ve been trying to get more information, but the language is…difficult. Though I’ve been able to decipher some of it, when we get more, each S&G Center will get all the information we have. We figure that there should be some kind of test available to identify potential Protectors, like we have for identifying who is going to be Alpha, Beta, Theta, etc. As you know each designation has different abilities. Thing is we don’t even know how to classify a Protector. Since Aaron and Dr. Epps are the only two that have emerged as such, it’s been difficult to define them.”

“What Dr. Jackson is saying is because I have a deep connection to the Psionic plane, two spirit animals and two Guides, they aren’t sure where to put me on the scale.” Aaron laughed at the look Daniel was giving him, but he just couldn’t help it. “Years of Spencer, Daniel, no offense.”

“And the wings?”

“Are actually Psionic. They manifest when I need them.”

“Chief here is having a field day with these two. He’s trying to get them in the same room at the same time, but, as I understand all of this, time may be of the essence.” Jim had finally spoken-up, having listened to everything going on around him.

“It’s just, this is so exciting Big Guy. I mean a new type of Sentinel and I’ve barely been able to sit Charlie down long enough to get anymore from him. His connection to the Psionic Plane is even deeper than mine. The things he was able to do there just…blew my mind.”

Seeley held up his hands and had them all stop talking.

“Will we be talking again?”

“We are coming back after going to England. Whoever the Omega is, his Protector will emerge shortly after he is fully on line. Llandra wants us to meet again on the Psionic Plane. She’s the one that started this, and I don’t think its going to stop. We think there are more potential Omega’s that are going to emerge, at least one or two in each country. But, it’s a slow wave.”

“Why did she do this, why now?”

“She sensed the threat of the Ori first, then the Wraith second. But, look, neither is here now, just, be ready when we come back and we should know more by then.”

Seeley’ head was reeling with all of this information. He knew he had more questions, and he knew Zack did to, but they would wait. Right now he wanted to digest everything and figure out their new roles.

“I think this is enough talk, don’t you think?” Jack stood and saw his Guide was about to say something, “Zzzt, no, no more talk, I think we have given Agent Booth enough for now.”

“But Jack…”

“Bzzt,” Jack did a zipper motion across Daniel’s mouth. “No, no more for now, okay?”

Daniel pressed his lips together and gave a frustrated sigh.

Aaron, Derek and Carolyn were barely containing their chuckles and Seeley and Zack just looked lost.

“Dinner, a little beer, conversation not about Stargates, or Wraith or Ori…Please. Just a nice pleasant conversation about how the Internet is all about kittens. Can we do that Daniel?”

Daniel shook his head as he closed his eyes and smiled, “Yes, Jack, we can do that.”

“Good, now come on.”

Everyone was piling out, except for Dave. Aaron excused himself from the group and went back to his best friend.

“You’ve been quiet.”

“Just trying to understand where you fit in all this craziness.”

“I’m sorry Dave. Things happened so fast, that, we didn’t have time.”

“Yeah, how’s the kid?” And just like that the two friends were on even ground again.

Dinner was relaxing as everyone got to know each other a little more. Zack was trying to be a part of everything, but he was feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. Seeley sensed it and stood, saying their goodbyes. He knew they had formed some kind of, tethering, that they, as a group, had something big ahead of them, but he didn’t want to think about it. All he wanted to do was go home and be with his Guide.

When morning came, the first day back for them both, and in their new roles, Seeley wasn’t sure how this was going to go. It wasn’t too long before there was a call and a body was found at the local Zoo. Seeley just shook his head and made his way to the Jeffersonian. He had a new incentive not to call first. He smiled to himself as he quickly made his way over there.

When he walked into the lab he looked up and took a deep breath, there was his Guide, goggles, lab coat too big for him, large gloves on, and being egged on by Hodgins. Zack looked up at him as he walked toward the main lab and the large goofy smile made Seeley’s heart stutter just a bit. He couldn’t help it, he walked-up and kissed his Guide stupid.

“What was that for?”

“For bringing the real Zack Addy back.” Seeley smiled wide as he adjusted the goggles. “I’m not even asking, just don’t hurt yourself.” He couldn’t help touching and the feelings flowing over the bond made it worth the few minutes he took just for them.

“Hey, we are going to take every precaution my man.” Hodgins was grinning as he watched Zack and Seeley together. Finally Seeley pulled away and looked towards Temperance.

“Come on Bones, we got a dead body, Smithsonian Zoo, this should be interesting.”

Temperance stood, took off her lab coat, grabbed her kit and started rambling off facts about Zoos and the anthropological significance and unethical treatment of animals in cages.

Seeley took a deep breath as he followed her out of the lab and to his SUV. When he got in the driver’s seat and just smiled and shook his head. He thought to himself how everything was right with his world once again. Though he and Zack still had things to work through, Zack’s fears and anxiety weren’t going to go away in just a few weeks, but they had a good start. He knew he had changed, Zack had changed, yet, some things had stayed just the same, just as they should be.