Oct 7th – Aphrodisiacs

Aaron smiled over at Spencer as he worked on chopping up some chilies and shallots sliding them into a small bowl with some vinegar and cracked pepper. Spencer just raised a brow as he watched.

“So, what are we doing in the Club’s kitchen again?” Spencer leaned forward so he could watch closely to what Aaron was doing.

“We can use the kitchen’s whenever we like. They keep this one station free for any members that want to cook. You just have to reserve a day and time ahead. I reserved this for us when we checked in.”

Aaron set the condiment he had made aside. He was keeping it a secret for now. In a flat pan, Aaron sauteed some tomatoes, onions, garlic, a little salt and a pinch of sugar all in some olive oil. He let it cook down then added some rice and a healthy portion of saffron. Spencer sat up a little and was shocked to see what Aaron was doing.

“I know it’s a bit of an expense, but trust me, this will be worth it.” Aaron smiled as he leaned forward and took Spencer’s face and kissed him. He went back to the rice and cooked it in the sofrito sauce until the rice was toasted and mixed with all the sauce. He then added white wine and vegetable stock. When the liquid stated to simmer, Aaron put the pan in the oven.

“You still aren’t telling me just what it is you’re cooking, are you?”

Aaron didn’t even try to hide the wicked grin on his face before turning to the refrigerator and pulling out eggs, cream, and milk. Setting a saucepan down he added the cream and milk, then some sugar, fresh vanilla beans, a little cinnamon, cracked pink peppercorns, and a bit of salt.

“Nope. You just have to wait. But, I would have thought you would have figured it out by now.”

“I wasn’t sure if you were trying to keep everything as a surprise. But, I am going to guess that the rice dish is a paella. And, if I remember correctly you are making your spiced vanilla custard ice cream. But, I have no idea what else you have planned.”

“I have plans to seduce you, Spencer. I want to tease you with food and make you a needy, quivering mess till I bend you over whatever is nearest and fuck you senseless.”

Spencer swallowed hard and Aaron didn’t mistake the lust in his eyes.

“Now, sip your wine and enjoy.”

Aaron had poured the two of them a lovely Beaujolais. Spencer had been surprised by Aaron’s wine knowledge and always enjoyed his picks. This one had a nice sweet taste that went well with the sharp tannins in the wine.

Aaron checked on the milk and cream mixture and was pleased with how it was coming along. In another bowl, he cracked six eggs and quickly scrambled them. Taking a bit of the warm milk he was careful in pouring it into the eggs. He did this a couple of times till the eggs were up to temperature and were no longer in danger of scrambling. Aaron added all of the cream to the eggs and whisked, then transferred the whole thing back to the pan to create the custard base of the ice cream. When it was ready, Aaron set it in the freezer to cool so it could go in the ice cream maker.

Checking on the rice Aaron was pleased with the progress. Pulling out some salmon from the fridge he set that aside, then grabbed some fresh arugula, butter lettuce, pomegranates, strawberries, an apple, and walnuts. It didn’t take long to prepare a fresh salad with the fruits and greens. The pomegranates he made a dressing out of, leaving some whole and some he smashed releasing the juice which he mixed with red wine vinegar, a little sugar, a balsamic vinegar reduction, olive oil, and spices.

“Here, taste.” Aaron held a spoon for Spencer to take a taste of the dressing.

“Oh god, that is amazing, Aaron.”

Setting the salad and the dressing in the fridge, Aaron went to work cutting up the delicate salmon into cubes. He also had some clams, mussels, and large Gulf shrimp cut into chunks. He took the paella out of the oven and added the clams and mussels. He put it back for about ten minutes, took it out again and added the salmon and shrimp. Setting it back in the oven he took up his wine glass and took a long sip as he quicked up his mouth into a smile.

“That will only be a moment. Then it will need to rest. I have a few surprises. Go sit down and I’ll be right there.”

Spencer went to the two-person table that sat to the back of the station Aaron was cooking at. It was out of the way of the main kitchen, and very private.

“Before I bring anything out, there is something I would like to try.”

Spencer looked up and tilted his head to the side.

“What is it?”

Aaron kneeled next to Spencer.

“I’d like to cuff your hands behind your back, blindfold you and feed you every single morsel.” Aaron kissed Spencer in between each word as his hands wandered over Spencer’s chest. A nipple was pinched as Aaron leaned forward to kiss right at the juncture of Spencer’s neck and jaw. “Would you like that?” Aaron’s breath ghosted over Spencer’s neck, his lips nearing his ear.

“Yes,” Spencer breathed out as Aaron covered Spencer’s now hard cock and gently squeezed making Spencer moan.

Aaron stood and touched and kissed as much skin as he could see, then he gently drew Spencer’s arms back and placed leather wrist cuffs around them, then linked them together. Next, he used a blindfold. This one was the type that had little soft cloth cup that completely covered the eyes. Aaron felt Spencer’s breath hitch as he unbuttoned the shirt Spencer was wearing. Leaning down to whisper in Spencer’s ear, Aaron was feeling his own excitement over the evening to come.

“I am going to seduce you, Spencer. With my food, with my hands and lips. I want to make you so hard you beg me to take you. I want you to feel sensation and pleasure in every bite, every sip of wine, every touch of my hand. I want you to fall apart so I can put you back together again.” Aaron whispered in Spencer’s ear, then gently licked and nipped before pulling back, not expecting an answer.

Aaron wasn’t even trying to hide how hard he now was. He took the paella out of the oven and set it out on the edge of the counter, waiting for him to come and get it. He always found it best when eaten warm, not scalding hot.

First, he grabbed the bowl of oysters he had already shucked and ready for him. He took the mignonette sauce he had made earlier and spooned a little bit on each fresh oyster. On top of that, he sprinkled just a touch of parsley and another single ring of a spicy chili.

Sitting down he picked up one of the oysters and held it near Spencer’s nose.

“Smell all of the spices and the tart of the vinegar. Take in the scent of the fresh oyster. Then open your mouth.” Aaron was using his voice as well to seduce Spencer. He could tell it was working too. Spencer shivered just slightly as Aaron fed him the oyster. The moan he got for it made Aaron want to abandon dinner altogether and fuck Spencer right there on the table. But, he restrained himself and took an oyster and ate it.

There were six altogether, three for each and by the time he was done feeding Spencer his, he could tell his lover was trying to find friction for his cock.

“Oh, we have a ways to go, Spencer.”

“Fuck, Aaron. You’re going to kill me.”

Aaron softly chuckled as he stood up and got the second plate. This was roasted figs with honey, a little soft goats cheese and some cured paper-thin slices of Parma ham.

Aaron fed the first bite to Spencer who appeared to him to be rolling back his eyes as his mouth opened in pleasure. Aaron took a moment to touch Spencer, his hands wandering over bare chest, thumbs flicked hard nipples making them even harder and Spencer letting out the most delicious sounds fall from his lips.

One hand wandered down and unbuttoned Spencer’s pants. They had no zipper, just three buttons. Aaron had asked him to wear them specifically. Reaching in, Aaron got his finger past the fly and stroked as much of Spencer’s cock as he could without pulling him out.

“Aaron,” Spencer groaned as he lifted his hips. “Please.”

“Mmm, not yet.”

The figs were finished off, then Aaron was taking the plate to the sink and set it aside. There was a bucket for him to set all of the utensils and plates he was using to wash up later.

Aaron grabbed a plate and dished up the paella which was now at the perfect temperature. He took a quick taste and nodded, pleased with himself that it came out better than he hoped. Taking a moment he turned on the ice cream maker and poured in the custard, it would churn while Aaron fed Spencer the rest of their dinner.

Aaron fed bites of the rich rice dish to Spencer slowly, letting Spencer experience each individual portion before having him take the next bite. That also came with more kissing and teasing. When the paella was gone, Aaron had not made a huge portion, just enough to satisfy, but not get them full. The rose wine he picked out went perfectly with everything they were having. He gave Spencer sips here and there and only refilled the glass once.

Taking the salad out Aaron dressed it and tossed it before putting it into a serving bowl. Again the portion wasn’t very big, it was just enough for them to enjoy every bite. When a little of the dressing dripped on the edge of Spencer’s mouth, Aaron leaned forward and licked it off before kissing him once more. This time he deepened the kiss and slipped his tongue inside Spencer’s mouth. He wanted to taste his lover as his hand this time did pull Spencer’s cock out of his pants. Dropping to his knees, Aaron took the head into his mouth and started to lick, playing with the slit.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, Aaron.” Spencer’s voice hitched and Aaron looked up with just his eyes and saw Spencer’s head fall back on his shoulders. Aaron pulled off and tucked Spencer away.

“Bastard.” Spencer bit out as his body shook.

Aaron stood up and kissed Spencer once more as he threaded his fingers in Spencer’s hair, gently pulling drawing a sharp breath from Spencer.

“Yet you are loving every second of this. You look thoroughly debauched. Sitting there totally at my mercy, not seeing what I want to feed you or what I want to do to your body. Your skin is flushed with arousal, the head of your cock is peeking out you’re so hard. Your pretty pink nipples are puckered and hard just waiting for me to bite and lick. You shake with pleasure and with anticipation. Your lips are swollen from the kisses and I could give you more. You are a sight, Spencer. Beautiful and perfect.” Aaron nipped at Spencer’s lips then stepped away leaving Spencer panting and squirming.

Aaron took only a few moments to make some coffee and then dish up their dessert. He took a ripe banana and cut it into fourths. Two of the pieces he sliced longwise and set them in the bottom of a dish. The ice cream was ready and he put one scoop on each banana. Drizzling some homemade spicy chocolate on top, then some sliced fresh cherries and a homemade whipped cream.

Aaron poured the coffee then took two of the four portions with him and settled in back at the table. The other two went into the fridge, as did the rest of the ice cream.

“Which do you want first, coffee? Or the Ice Cream?”


“All right, be careful.” Aaron tipped the cup against Spencer’s lips who practically moaned obscenely at the taste. Then it was a bite of the dessert where Spencer did moan obscenely.

“Holy shit, Aaron. That is incredible.”

“There’s more, but we can have it later.” Aaron cleared their dishes then came back to the table where Spencer was once again squirming in his chair.

“You want something more, don’t you?”

“Please, Aaron. You’ve been teasing me all night.”

“That was the point, remember?” Aaron kept his voice light and teasing as he hauled Spencer to his feet, then bent him over across the table.

“Here?” Spencer squeaked out as his pants fell, then his underwear was pulled down.

“Oh, yes. Don’t worry, no one can see us. This alcove was made so that it was away from prying eyes. Now hush, just let yourself feel, Spencer.” Aaron had a travel single use pack of lube in his pants as well as condoms. He rolled a condom onto Spencer’s now engorged cock. Aaron quickly got his pants undone dropping his trousers, then his boxers and used one as well. It didn’t take much to prepare Spencer, he was still loose from their lazy morning sex. “Open your mouth.” Aaron used an improvised gag on Spencer knowing how loud his lover could be. Even though the alcove buffered sound, some still got through.

Keeping a hand wrapped around the short chain of Spencer’s cuffs Aaron used his other hand to guide his cock to Spencer’s hole and let out a long pleasure filled sigh as he pushed in.

“God, Spencer. I never get tired of being inside you.” Aaron pulled out then pushed in harder making Spencer cry out. “Yes, that’s it, Spencer.”

Aaron didn’t hold back. He was relentless as he pounded himself inside Spencer’s asshole, pushing Spencer’s hips against the table under him. He used his lover like a whore, but Spencer wasn’t complaining in the least. He was screaming into the loose gag, his body was sweating, Aaron could see the wet spots all along the shirt that was still on Spencer. Aaron knew there was going to be bruises, but he would take care of them later. Much, much later.

“Aaron, close,” Spencer cried out against the gag. Aaron could understand him though as his hips pistoned in and out, harder and deeper.

“Oh, yeah. I love to fuck your hole, Spencer. So hot and tight around me. I never want to not know what this feels like.” Aaron let words spill from his lips as he felt closer and closer to that sweet release he was seeking. Falling across Spencer’s back, Aaron rutted as he pressed his forehead between Spencer’s shoulders, fucking even deeper inside his lover. He gritted his teeth and scrunched up his eyes and shouted against Spencer’s back as he came. Reaching around to Spencer’s front he pumped Spencer’s cock till he too found his own release.

Taking a moment to get his breath back, Aaron whispered words of love to Spencer. Standing up, Aaron pulled off the condom and used an aftercourse wipe that he had stashed a packet of on a shelf near the table. When he was cleaned up, he pulled up his pants, then used a wipe on Spencer before helping him to stand. He uncuffed Spencer, then took care of the condom and cleaning him up as well. Aaron untied the blindfold, then slowly took it off of him.

“Blink a few times then open your eyes.” Aaron helped Spencer to put his clothes back to right, then he gathered up all the soiled items and threw them away in the bathroom at the back of the kitchen. When he got back he saw Spencer had a smile on his face and his eyes were a bit droopy.

“How do you feel?”

“That was fucking hot, Aaron. And it didn’t take me long to figure out your little dinner. Almost everything in it was some kind of aphrodisiac.”

Aaron laughed as he kissed Spencer pouring all of his love into it.

“You figured me out.”

“Wasn’t hard after the oysters. But, it was wonderful. Now, I think I want to go to our room, get naked and cuddle.”

Aaron helped Spencer up and wrapped around him.

“I think I could totally get behind that.”

“I love you, Aaron.” Spencer cupped Aaron’s face after he had pulled away. Spencer’s face looked serious and emotion swam in his eyes.

“I love you so much, Spencer.” Emotions caught in Aaron’s throat as he leaned in and once more kissed his lover. “Now, let’s go. I’ll come down in the morning and clean the dishes. The rest is already cleaned.”

“Sounds good.”

The two men walked out of the kitchen and made their way back to their room where for the rest of the night they watched movies and cuddled on the bed.