Oct 6th – Corset

Spencer was standing in the middle of the room blindfolded and letting Aaron dress him. He felt the pants, with no underwear underneath. They were leather, but buttery soft and they clung to him in ways that made him shiver. The shirt had gone on and Spencer wondered about that. It felt odd, he couldn’t place it, but it fitted him perfectly like it had been tailored. It fit him in such a way that he knew the outlines of his body wouldn’t be hidden. Aaron had him sit on the bed, then socks and a pair of boots were being laced up to his knees. After that one last thing that had Spencer’s mind reeling. It was a corset. He felt the bindings and knew exactly what it was. He got into it and Aaron pulled on the laces in the back just enough to where it was tight on him, but not enough to cut off his oxygen. Spencer was led to where he knew there was a full-length mirror and the blindfold came off of him.

“Wow.” Spencer couldn’t deny how he looked. The whole effect had taken even his breath away. Aaron had done something to Spencer’s hair to make it curlier, but artfully messy.

“Something a little different, if you agree to it.” Aaron held up some mascara and a khol black eyeliner. Spencer quirked a brow as he turned to look at Aaron. He almost lost his breath as he looked his lover up and down. He was in an 1800’s style Gentlemen’s outfit, complete with vest, ascot, waistcoat, and a two button long coat. The trousers were fitted and Aaron even showed Spencer that he was wearing spats and small heeled boot.

“Fuck me, Aaron. You look hot.”

Aaron smiled then picked up the hat that had a pair of silver and brass goggles sitting astride it.

“Have you guessed what this is?”

“The Steampunk Ball.” Spencer smiled wide and felt the excitement rise inside of him.

“Yup. Here. These are yours.” Aaron handed him a pair of aviator goggles, a scarf, and a pocket watch. Spencer put them all on, then the belt with a fake sword. Spencer was giddy. He had loved the idea of Steampunk, but with their crazy schedules had never found the time to go to an event. He grabbed the mascara and eyeliner and went to the bathroom where he put on the make-up, which gave him an appropriately roguish look.

“One last thing. I found the frames in a little antique shop and took them to your optometrist. He happily filled them with your prescription.” Aaron handed Spencer a pair of authentic spectacles. The kind that sat just on the nose with a spring that was attached. Spencer quickly took out his contacts then put the glasses to where they could sit on his nose and wouldn’t fall off.

“You look amazing, Spencer.” Aaron smiled and he wrapped Spencer in his arms and kissed him.

“The food is all inspired by the era. There will be absinthe drinks, as well as coffee, wine, and other popular drinks from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. Several internationally known Steampunk bands will be here to play. It should be fun.”

“It sounds wonderful.”

Aaron held his arm out for Spencer to take and smiled.


“Yes. I am looking forward to this.”

Spencer took Aaron’s arm, hooking his own around it and Aaron used that to pull Spencer closer. As they walked out of their room, Aaron grabbed the beautiful walking cane that Spencer hand not seen before.

“There’s a surprise inside.” Aaron smiled as the door shut behind them. “Maybe I’ll show you later.”

Spencer was intrigued. He knew it could be one of several things, but for once he was not going to let himself speculate. This was a night to let go, be seen, and have fun.

When they entered the main ballroom it took Spencer’s breath away. Brass and metal decorations were everywhere. The wood of the walls was gleaming, glass chandeliers had been replaced with brass hanging candelabras. The candles were electric, but they gave the same effect. All the candles on the tables, though, were real. Music was playing and people were dancing. The costumes were elaborate, some going all out for authenticity. Heads turned as they walked in. Spencer knew what they looked like and he loved it.

Aaron was at his most charming as they mingled in the crowd. Spencer watched him from the corner of his eye as he danced with both men and women. Spencer always enjoyed watching Aaron, but when he was purposefully enigmatic and charming, it was stunning and never ceased to make Spencer aroused.

Spencer danced as well, talking with people he had met previously and was introduced to ones he had never met. When a drink was pressed into his hand he looked up with a smile at Aaron.

“Having fun?” Aaron took Spencer in his arms and kissed him. His hands playing with Spencer’s corset as they walked around. Spencer was aware that Aaron had done this every time they found each other again after dancing or mingling with others. It was like Aaron couldn’t get enough of how Spencer looked in it.

“I am. This is better than the charity ball. There’s an air of pageantry about the whole thing. I love the posters of those who were most influential in the Steampunk movement. They are beautifully done.”

Aaron smiled and pointed out one of the posters of Jules Verne’s Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

“Haley did that one. She had a lot of fun painting it.”

“I’m so glad we decided to add a studio for her. She looked like she had been missing it.” Spencer turned and kissed Aaron. “So, what do I have in my hand?”

“It’s Absinthe done in the traditional way. Poured over a sugar cube into a cold glass, then a splash of water on top.”

Spencer quirked up a brow as he looked at the drink.

“It’s not green.”

Aaron chuckled and sipped at his own glass of the unique spirit.

“It’s science, Spencer. We’ll get a bottle and you can play. But, the reaction of the sugar and the water changes the composition of the ingredients in the alcohol.”

Spencer wanted to see it. He grabbed Aaron’s hand and pulled him over to the bar where the bartender was doing a wonderful job of keeping up with everyone’s orders. When one of the attendees came over and asked for some Absinthe straight up, Spencer got excited and watched the bartender set it up and poured the drink in the traditional way.

“That’s fantastic.” Spencer sipped and was delighted by the complex flavor profile. The anise taste was the first taste, but then there were other more complex tastes as he took a new sip. Spencer was having fun trying to break down all the components in the spirit.

“How do you like it?”

“It’s delicious. Very complex, but I can see how people could get enamored of this particular spirit.”

“I’ve only ever had it here and only on special occasions, but I do know several places that sell the original French version. We could get our own bottle if you’d like.”

“Sounds wonderful. Now, I think I want to do some dancing with my very handsome partner.”

Aaron finished off his drink and set the glass on the bar then pulled Spencer with him. They danced, mingled, ate food from the buffet, fed each other a decadent dessert then decided it was time for them to be alone. Aaron growled low in his throat as he nipped at Spencer’s neck when they stepped into the elevator to take them to their floor.

“Aaron,” Spencer’s breath hitched as he was pushed against the wall of the elevator and held close enough that Aaron ground his hips against Spencers. There were too many clothes between them for there to be real friction, but it didn’t stop Spencer’s cock from starting to get hard. It was the way Aaron was kissing and touching him more than anything.

The elevator pinged signaling the stop on their floor. After stumbling into their room, Aaron started to strip. Spencer had to sit on the bed to get his boots off, then he was peeling out of the pants. When he looked up he could see the arousal in Aaron’s eyes and his half-hard cock hanging heavy.

His fingers shook in anticipation as he tried to fumble the front buttons on the corset.

“Don’t.” Aaron practically stalked over to Spencer and stilled his fingers. Aaron redid the buttons Spencer had already undone. “I want to fuck you just like this. I want t see you ride my cock with you wearing this. You are so fucking sexy Spencer.”

Spencer shivered as Aaron undid the sleeves of Spencer’s shirt and rolled them up to his elbow. Spencer watched as Aaron laid down on the bed, his body splayed out for Spencer’s eyes.

“Come on, Spence. Get me hard then ride me till we both come.” Aaron’s eyes were heated as they kept looking at Spencer in the corset.

Spencer felt flush as he crawled up on the bed, taking his time to pay attention to those parts of Aaron’s body that often got forgotten. He stoked and kissed up one leg and down the other pulling obscene sounds from his lover. Spencer wanted to draw out the pleasure for the both of them as he worked his way up Aaron’s body.

Aaron was already hard, but Spencer was in a playful mood as he took Aaron’s cock in his mouth. He wanted to taste and to give Aaron as much pleasure as he could.

“God, Spencer. Your mouth, so good.” Aaron reached down and gripped Spencer’s hair tugging him, telling Spencer to stop. “I want you on my cock.”

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer teased as he crawled up further. Aaron already had the lube on the bed, he grabbed the bottle and coated his fingers and sat up just enough to reach behind Spencer to get to his asshole. Aaron slipped in two fingers making Spencer moan and shudder at the feeling. Aaron was quick, getting in as much lube as possible. Aaron pulled his fingers out, then laid back on the bed after wiping his fingers on a towel. Aaron planted his feet and spread his legs as Spencer lifted up, grabbed Aaron’s cock and held it while he slowly sank down. The sounds from both men were bordering on downright filthy.

“Fuck you look hot like this.” Aaron gripped Spencer’s sides, pressing the corset even more into Spencer’s flesh. Spencer’s mouth dropped open and his eyes closed as he began a slow ride up and down Aaron’s cock.

Aaron didn’t take his eyes off of Spencer the whole time. He played with the corset as much as he played with Spencer’s cock. Aaron sat up a just enough to where he could reach back and grab the laces and pulled taught making Spencer suck in a breath as Aaron thrust up inside of him. Spencer was shaking at the intensity of what Aaron was doing to him.

A moment later Aaron was laying back on the bed and gripped Spencer’s hips and started to fuck up inside of him faster and harder. All Spencer could do was hold on at this point. Aaron was fully in control and a part of Spencer loved it. A hand wrapped around his cock and Spencer’s head lolled back on his shoulders as he came spilling all over Aaron’s hand and stomach. Aaron didn’t stop, he was chasing his own release as he fucked Spencer harder and faster. The grunt, and the way Aaron scrunched up his face, Spencer knew he had come.

Spencer pulled off of Aaron making them both hiss as he did it, then he rolled onto his back on the bed.

“Fuck, that was amazing.” Spencer was trying to catch his breath as he looked over at Aaron who was looking at him with eyes filled with too many emotions.

“I love you, Spencer.”

Spencer blushed hard as he leaned in and kissed Aaron.

“I love you too.”

“Why don’t I call room service and have them change the bed while we indulge in a long bath and order us some coffee and a snack we can have later and laze in bed the rest of the evening before we fall asleep.”

Spencer smiled as he stood up.

“That sounds perfect. I’ll go start the bath, you call downstairs.” Spencer walked to the bathroom and washed his hands before he started to take off the corset. He had some very wicked thoughts on what else he could wear it with to drive Aaron crazy. He just might be bad and one day wear it on a case. Spencer smiled as he made plans in his head to tease the hell out of Aaron.