Oct 5th – Sadism/Masochism

Spencer was wondering what Aaron had in mind when they sat down in the front of the audience at the workshop they were attending on Sadomasochism. Spencer knew a little bit of what Aaron had shared with him recently and finding out that not all of Aaron’s scars were from his father had been a little shocking to Spencer. Then he had thought about the man, his job, his personality, and could see where the tightly wound Aaron Hotchner would need the kind of release that pain could bring.

Spencer wasn’t one for pain. He had enjoyed the encounters with John and Bruce, but it wasn’t something he would want all that much. He wasn’t a sadist by any stretch of the imagination, but he was willing to learn some things to help Aaron when he did get too far in his head and was stressed to almost the breaking point.

“Spencer, are you sure you’re comfortable with this?”

“Yes, Aaron. I am willing to learn things that help you with that side of yourself. I’ll never be like Bruce or John, but I think I could enjoy some things because it’s something you need.”

Aaron took Spencer’s hand and kissed the back of it.

“I didn’t want to tell you at first, but I signed up to do a demonstration. I know the lecturer and I trust them. If you don’t want me to, I’ll decline and let someone else take my place.”

Spencer looked around at the mix of people there, then up at the stage where a Saint Andrew’s cross stood ready for whoever was going to be helping in the demonstration. Aaron was patient with him as he thought through it all. He considered for a moment that it might be good for him to learn what Aaron liked and what he was willing to learn.

“It’s okay. I think it’s a good idea.”

“And don’t worry. With all of the workshops, no sex and sexual release is allowed. But, don’t be alarmed if I get hard. Certain things can make me very hard, but the demonstrator is going to put a cage on me and I will have bike shorts on.” Aaron’s eyes were filled with an emotion that Spencer couldn’t place. It wasn’t fear, but Spencer wondered if Aaron thought Spencer would reject his needs for some reason.

“Aaron, I trust you. And, I want to learn, for you, for us.”

Aaron closed his eyes a moment then leaned towards Spencer framing his face with his hands. The kiss was tender and full of emotions that were sometimes difficult for Aaron to express. Spencer returned the kiss and let it take them away from everything for a short amount of time.

“I love you. God, Spencer you don’t even know.”

Spencer smiled and gently touched Aaron’s cheek with his fingers.

“I love you too, Aaron.”

The two were silent for a moment then the moment passed as Aaron was being touched on his shoulder by a very beautiful woman. Spencer tried not to be surprised as she smiled at Aaron.

“Aaron. I’m glad you considered doing this.”

“Heather. If it was anyone else, I would have declined. I trust you.”

“That’s a very heady thing to tell a Domme.”

Aaron chuckled and stood up, pulled Spencer up with him. The room was filling up with more people. Some were curious, some exploring their own sexuality, and some lived the lifestyle.

“Heather, this is my partner, Dr. Spencer Reid.”

“Dr. Reid? The one who wrote a paper on the entomological evolution of various insects and larvae on deceased bodies in shallow graves?”

“Umm, yes. You read that?”

“Oh, oh no. I didn’t. My partner, Dr. Gil Grissom did. He’s wanted to meet you for a long time, but something always gets in the way.”

“Wait, Dr. Grissom for the LVPD Crime lab?”

“Yes. though he left when I needed a change in locations. He isn’t here with me today, but we come to DC quite a lot. We both would love to meet you outside of all of this.” Heather waved her hand around the room, but Spencer knew she meant the club.

“That sounds fantastic.”

“Well, it was nice to meet you. I promise not to push your man too far, though in Aaron’s case I have yet to find out how far that is.” Heather gave a little wink of her eye as she took Aaron’s hand and pulled him along. Spencer raised both brows and for some reason watching his lover be just a tad submissive to her had him getting aroused. He thought that this demonstration just might push his own limits of arousal.

Taking a deep breath, Spencer sat back down and tried to get control of himself. There was but a few moments when the lights of the room dimmed and lights on the stage were turned up just enough to illuminate the dark, but not fully light it up. Aaron was indeed in a pair of bike shorts that were so tight they showed off the curve of his ass and the narrowing of his hips in a way that only Spencer had seen. Aaron was strapped down on the cross, his back to the audience. Spencer heard murmurs and whispers and knew they were seeing the same thing he was, the many faint scars crisscrossing his back and the part of his muscular thighs that were visible.

“Thank you, everyone, for attending this demonstration. My name is Lady Heather. My hope for this afternoon is that you walk away with a greater understanding of the dynamic between a Dom and a sub, and more importantly between a sadist and a masochist.

“I know in popular media sadism has been associated with murder and abnormal psychopathy. The truth is that is far from the reality. We associate the two because that is all we hear and see about sadism and masochism. However, there is a very healthy side to sadomasochism. When two people in a strong and healthy, consenting relationship, a little or a lot of S&M can be fun and sexy. But, I cannot stress this enough everything you do must be consensual. Today I will be showing you some simple and easy entry level things you can do to spice up your sex life with. Before we begin, I want to take a moment and talk about safewords, RACK vs SSC and why they are important and what the difference is. I know you are all wondering why I am making my lovely sub wait, that’s because he is taking this time to get into the right headspace for this demonstration.

“As most of you can see, he is experienced in this type of kink and is what we call a hard masochist. I will get to that in a little bit, just bare with me and I’m sure that A and I can titillate you all just a little.”

Spencer couldn’t help but chuckle at Lady Heather’s cheekiness. He also was not immune to how she was dressed. It wasn’t the typical leather you would expect from this type of demo. She was wearing an expertly made corset that accentuated her curves. The shorts were form-fitting and matched the corset. She wore boots that came up to just past her knees and while in most popular media and porn someone such as Lady Heather would be wearing ankle killing heels, she was wearing a thick wedge style boot. Spencer wondered if she dressed for both comfort and the style that was typically associated with the lifestyle.

Spencer tried to pay attention to what she was saying but Aaron was distracting. He could see the outline of his muscles, especially his legs and arms. His back and sides were defining more because Aaron had gotten a personal trainer and was working on defining his body and upping his endurance. He wanted to start training for a triathlon that the FBI put on for charity every year.

Lady Heather quickly went over the different aspects of BDSM with emphasis on the SM part for this particular workshop. When she took out the first flogger she talked about what to look for, how to tell if they are a quality piece, the difference between the different falls and more. She showed how to hold it and the best ways to wield it to cause the right amount of pain/pleasure for your partner. Spencer’s mental arousal was off the charts. Lady Heather was an excellent teacher and Spencer didn’t even try to keep himself from getting hard listening to her. Not only was she beautiful, but she was intelligent and assumed those who were taking her workshop were as well.

Spencer was lost in his head and almost didn’t register the first contact of flogger to Aaron’s back. Aaron’s response was a low moan. Lady Heather alternated what she was doing and where on Aaron she was doing it. She emphasized the importance of not hitting the spine or the tailbone. Her movements came faster, harder and Aaron’s shoulders slumped as he was sinking further in the pleasure he was receiving. Watching Aaron’s response got Spencer harder than he already was. He didn’t think he would like this kind of thing, but he knew it was about giving Aaron a different kind of release.

“We are going to switch gears a little and talk about riding crops.”

Spencer’s shivered a little as Lady Heather picked up a long thin split tail crop. She talked about the different kinds, a single tail, a flat wide head, the split tail she was currently holding, and a dressage whip. She mentioned there were other kinds, but those were the most common. The first kiss of the crop against Aaron’s flesh had Spencer so aroused he felt his face flush. The cries and moans as Aaron let himself be used in this fashion Spencer knew he was going to be leaking before this whole thing was over.

Lady Heather stopped and talked about keeping the sub hydrated, checking for any breaks in skin and dealing with them before moving on. Heart rate was also something to watch. If it was too fast or too slow then it was time to stop and reevaluate. She made Aaron count backward and though his speech was a little slurred, he could do it.

Talking intellectually about subspace was one thing, but Spencer was seeing it happen with his own lover and it turned him on.

Paddles were next, but Lady Heather’s philosophy was that they were only reserved for the ass and the thighs. Paddles, especially in inexperienced hands could cause damage to the kidney’s, the spine and the tailbone. She emphasized that they were not for those just starting out, or if someone wanted to use them, to only use them as a spanking device.

Spencer wasn’t sure how much more he could take of watching. His cock was painfully hard in his pants and he could tell by Aaron’s body that he was close to being overly hard himself.

Lady Heather stopped and helped Aaron turn around. She hooked him back onto the cross. She went over some important things about the front of the body and to stay away from the stomach and abdomen because of how very sensitive those areas were. She talked about clamps and pins. There was a quick discussion with Aaron who nodded his head, then Lady Heather was screwing nipple clamps onto Aaron’s nipples. Clothespins were demonstrated and Spencer could tell from where he was sitting that Aaron was almost at his limit. His body had slumped down once more and Spencer knew that if Lady Heather let him go at that moment, Aaron’s knees would buckle and he wouldn’t be able to stand on his own.

She did another check and talked a little more but frankly, Spencer was lost in his own world of arousal and lust and frankly lost the thread of the workshop. His heart was racing and he wanted desperately to touch, to suck and to fuck Aaron long and hard. When his name was called he pulled out of his head and looked at Lady Heather who was smirking at him.

Spencer stood and walked awkwardly up on the stage. Lady Heather lowered her voice as she carefully removed the clamps and pins making Aaron whine a little.

“There’s a room behind the stage that is all prepared. You first need to make sure he’s okay, then he needs a good release. Afterward some serious aftercare.” Lady Heather quickly went over aftercare with Spencer before she helped get Aaron down from the cross.

“Spence…” Aaron slurred as he leaned into Spencer’s body.

“Do not skip any steps. You don’t want to have to deal with subdrop. If there are any signs of discomfort or emotional upheaval you have the attendant come to find me and I’ll walk you through on what to do. I doubt you’ll have to deal with that, but you never know. I knew I could be intense with him.”

“Thank you.” Spencer turned towards the back of the stage where an attendant showed them to a large room with a bed, a spa tub, a toilet behind a screen,  and a table with water, fruit, and some protein bars. Soothing lotions and oils were also available as well as various lubes and condoms.

Thankfully Aaron could walk, but he needed help. Spencer’s workouts had helped him be able to carry more weight than when he had first joined the team so getting Aaron into the room wasn’t as bad as he thought it was going to be. He laid Aaron down on the bed, the hiss and then the obscene moan from him had Spencer trembling with his own needs.

“Please, Spencer, please I need you. I need…” Aaron was trying to form more words but Spencer could tell it was difficult. He quickly stripped, then pulled the bike shorts off as well as the cock cage. Aaron moaned and Spencer knew this was not the time to go slow.

Spencer lubed up his cock and thankfully Aaron was incredibly pliant in his hands he was able to manipulate Aaron’s body how he wanted it. A pillow was shoved under his ass, then Spencer was pressing the head of his cock right at Aaron’s hole.

“Yes, fuck yes. Spencer please, please fuck me.”

Aaron had his arms above him gripping the underside of the headboard and Spencer pushed all the way inside in one swift stroke. He didn’t take things slow, Aaron needed the hard, fast fucking and Spencer was willing to give it.

Holding Aaron’s legs at the knees Spencer opened Aaron up even more. His movements were hard and fast. He was so worked up and lost in the pleasure that he almost didn’t register that he was going to come till he felt his orgasm pull from him, emptying inside Aaron’s body. He let Aaron’s legs go then grabbed Aaron’s cock after getting some lube all over it, Spencer quickly brought Aaron off making the man cry out as he bowed his back and came all over Spencer’s hand.

Aaron’s breathing was shallow, but Spencer knew he wasn’t asleep. He wondered if Aaron had slipped into subspace. Carefully he pulled out and walked over to the spa tub and got the water just a little warmer than what was usually their favorite temperature. When the tub was sufficiently filled, Spencer helped Aaron down into the water, then he got in and pulled Aaron back to him.

Gentle soothing words spilled from Spencer’s lips as he held Aaron close. He could tell when Aaron had come closer to the surface of his mind, his breathing deepened and he started to touch Spencer.

“How are you, Aaron.”

“Good. So good. I didn’t scare you, did I?”

Spencer kissed Aaron’s temple and stroked over the skin he could get to

“No, you didn’t scare me. While there are things I don’t think I could ever do to you, some of it we could try together. If you’re willing to be patient with me.

“I don’t need or want it often, but I think you can guess when I do seek this out.”

“Yes. But, we can talk about that later. Right now, I’m going to take care of you, then we are getting out of this bath and cuddling up under the covers of the bed after some water and a protein bar.”

Aaron didn’t protest as he drank down a whole bottle of water and ate the protein bar after getting out of the bath. Spencer sat him down on the edge of the bed and helped him to dry off, then he dried off himself. He helped Aaron under the covers then spooned in behind him holding him close. Spencer had a lot to think about but for the moment he was content to let Aaron sleep in his arms till it was time to go back to their room to get ready for dinner.