Oct 3rd – Temperature Play

Spencer was sitting in a chair at the end of the bed watching Bruce Wayne fuck Aaron. When they had started their relationship Spencer had not been sure if he would want to share Aaron with anyone else, but at the moment seeing the broader, taller man take apart his lover did things to Spencer that had his cock standing at full attention.

The three of them had dinner together earlier, then there was dancing, a little wine, some talking and then some of the hottest kisses Spencer had ever been witness to. Bruce had whispered something in Aaron’s ear which made Aaron smile, then the three of them ended up in Spencer and Aaron’s room. They said they had plans for Spencer, but Aaron had been so keyed up that Bruce wanted to take that edge off. That was how Spencer was now watching his lover being fucked hard and fast.

“Bruce…” Aaron moaned and Spencer knew Aaron was close. All it took was for Bruce to wrap his hand around Aaron’s cock and give it one or two pulls. A moment later, Bruce’s face scrunched up and he groaned as he stilled.

“I hope that will keep you for a while at least, Aaron.” Bruce’s voice held a touch of amusement as Aaron collapsed down on the bed, his cock still covered in a condom.

“Hell, Bruce, that might keep me all night.”

“I sincerely doubt it. Now, why don’t we clean up and turn our attention to poor Spencer over there was very good and didn’t touch himself once.”

Aaron rolled over and off the bed. He leaned towards Spencer and took his mouth in a hard, sloppy, filthy kiss. Spencer didn’t want to let him go. Aaron chuckled softly as he cupped Spencer’s cheek.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be well taken care of. We have plans for you.”

Spencer shivered wondering just what the two men had in mind. He stayed where he was while Bruce and Aaron cleaned up in the bathroom, then they came out and walked over to him, the both of them kissing him together. Spencer closed his eyes and thrust his hips into the air, moaning, and whining because neither man was touching him.

“He is eager, isn’t he Aaron?”

“My little minx always is. Now, Spencer, we want to play with you. Bruce is very skilled at fire drumming and hot wax play, and I have some ideas for some cold and ice play. If you consent to this you will let us do whatever we want to you. Of course, you can always use a safeword, or yell red if something doesn’t feel good. This is all about you feeling good.”

Spencer swallowed hard, he had never been subjected to this kind of thing before, but like everything else, in his and Aaron’s sex life he was willing to try.

“Yes, yes I consent. And I’ll use colors.”

“Good, give us a moment and we’ll be ready.”

Spencer watched as on one side of the bed Bruce moved things off the nightstand, only leaving the lamp. There he laid out a pair of unlit firesticks, an appliance that already had melted wax in it, which he wasn’t even sure where that had been. He assumed that Aaron either brought it, or it was in the cabinet with the other play items. He set a couple of other things down that Spencer wasn’t sure what they were, but he anticipated their use.

On Aaron’s side, an ice bucket with fresh ice and a few other things were laid out. There was also some lube that Spencer had never seen or heard of, as well as a weird looking dildo.

The covers were pulled off the bed and the sheet that was there was a microfiber covered plastic sheet. Spencer assumed so he didn’t stick to it and it could be cleaned easily.

“Lay face down, hands gripping the rails of the headboard. Remember, anything that doesn’t feel good, or feel right to you, use your colors. We’ll stop and asses.

“Alright.” Spencer barely squeaked out as he laid down as Aaron had instructed. Hands grasped his ankles, pulling his legs apart. Two sets of hands started to touch him, and two mouths kissed, licked and bit as they both worked Spencer up. He was panting and thrusting into the bed trying to get friction on his aching cock.

Aaron laid a hand on the middle of his back, stilling him.

“On your hands and knees.”

Spencer didn’t think, he did as Aaron asked. He felt something shockingly cold wrap around his hard dick, which was slowly deflating from the sudden cold. HIs breath sped up, and his mind caught up to what was happening.

“A stainless steel cock cage, designed for this type of play. It’s been in our fridge since last night.”

“Fuck, cold.”

“Do you want me to take it off?”

“No. No, it, it’s fine.” Spencer didn’t want to say that it actually felt kind of good. He was just getting into the sensation of the cold when his ass was hit with something hot. He bucked up and cried out. The dual sensations of hot and cold made Spencer’s brain short circuit. His other ass cheek was hit with the fire stick which made him push down on the bed reminding him of the slowly fading cold of the cock cage.

“Aaron, please,” Spencer whined as the sticks once more came down on him, this time higher up.

“Please what, Spencer.”

“I…I need more.”

“Oh do you.” Spencer wondered what it was in Aaron’s tone, but he couldn’t think as fire sticks were doing things to his body, his mind that he couldn’t get a handle on.

“He responds so well. His body was practically made for this, Aaron.” Bruce placed a kiss on each spot he had struck with the sticks making Spencer moan.

“Let’s see what he thinks about this.” Spencer didn’t have time to worry about what was going to happen when something cold was slowly being pushed inside of him. “This is a prostate stimulator, Spencer. But, it isn’t an ordinary one. It’s glass and hollow. It can be filled with water then frozen. Don’t worry, I’ll be very gentle.”

The press of the dildo inside of him was slow. The cold smooth glass almost had him jumping out of his skin. Something warm, almost hot was pressing into him right above his tailbone. He cried out as his legs kicked involuntarily.

“Too much?” Bruce’s voice was next to his ear and the deep baritone washed over him making him shiver.

“N-no. More.”

“I think he likes it.”

Aaron chuckled then pushed the dildo all the way inside. Spencer screamed, he was confused, but beyond horny at the same time. He wanted and didn’t want more but as Aaron fucked him with the dildo all thoughts fled from his mind.

More of those hot compresses were being laid up his back, Spencer was trying to place what they were when the tip of the dildo dragged over his prostate. Spencer thrust down into the mattress and just knew he was slowly coming apart.

Aaron pushed the dildo all the way in then stopped.

“Turn over and spread your legs.”

Spencer quickly obeyed and waited as he gripped the headboard once more. The first drops of the hot wax over his nipples and down his chest had Spencer bowing his back and his breath coming in quick pants. Aaron and Bruce didn’t give him time to recover this time as they alternated the cold of the ice and the hot of the wax. The two sensations dripped and rolled over his body not giving him any time to get used to either.

Spencer lost all sense of time as he let go more and more getting lost in what was being done to his body. His cock was trying to get hard in the cage but he couldn’t and it was frustrating him. He wanted to touch and be touched. Spencer almost safeworded when he felt the cage come off him and the dildo being pulled out. He was so far gone that he wasn’t sure whose cock was breaching him, all he knew was he needed a release.

“Come back, Spencer.” A whispered voice that sounded like Aaron had him opening his eyes. He was almost to the point of overstimulation, but Bruce, Spencer figured out that was who was fucking him, grunted as he came. He pulled from Spencer’s body and collapsed next to him only for Aaron to replace him.

When Aaron’s hand wrapped around his cock he knew he wasn’t going to last long, he had been so on edge the whole time that it only took a few thrusts inside of him for him to release all over Aaron’s hand, practically screaming as he did. Aaron pushed his legs up to his chest and bet down to kiss him. Those lips practically devoured him as Aaron grunted and cried out coming inside of him.

Aaron pulled out and collapsed on the other side of Spencer.

“I’m going to go clean up and start a nice hot bath for all of us.”

“Mm’kay.” Spencer felt himself grin as he watched Bruce walk naked to the bathroom.

“How are you?”

“Like I could float here forever.”

Aaron touched him all over, his lips left a trail of kisses down Spencer’s jaw and neck.

“You were beautiful, Spencer.”

Spencer turned to Aaron and cupped his face in his hands.

“You were hot.” Spencer giggled, still riding the high of not just the orgasm but everything that came before it.

“Do you think you can stand up?”

“Mm, hmm.”

Aaron stood and helped Spencer to his feet. They walked to the bathroom where the large spa sized tub was already filled. Bruce was stepping in as they came in. Aaron helped Spencer up and into the bath and Bruce was there to catch him. Holding him close, Aaron stepped in after. The two men cleaned Spencer up, words of love falling from Aaron’s lips. Bruce touched him, helping to clean him up telling him how amazing he thought Spencer was.

By the time they were done and slipping under the covers, Spencer was out, but not before he heard Bruce softly saying to Aaron that he was an incredibly lucky man.