My Addiction Chapters 21 – 40

Chapters 21 – 40


Rossi thought it was a good idea to have the team over for some good homemade Italian food, wine and some re-bonding.  The events in Texas had shaken them, Aaron and Reid especially.  Aaron almost lost another important person to him and he did lose a valuable team member and friend.  Reid lost another mentor.  So, being the mother hen he got everyone to the house and he was glad of it.  Family needed reconnecting and reassuring, especially Aaron and Spencer.

As they were sitting around the large family table Aaron was pulling something out of his pocket.  He had something special for Spencer and he wanted to do it now.  As conversation lulled he turned and looked at his partner.


“Yes, Aaron,” Eyes bright from laughter, good food and wine, he smiled crookedly and Aaron’s heart stopped.

He pulled out the box and set it on the table, “Spencer, I know we talked about marriage, but neither of us wants that, but I wanted…” Aaron was nervous, “After recent events it cemented how much I love you.  I want us to wear these as a promise, a promise that I’ll never leave you, I’ll try my hardest not to hurt you and I’ll always do my best to protect you.  After Haley…” He choked on his words, “When I saw you…” It was becoming harder to find the words and he couldn’t hold back the tears.

Spencer didn’t care that everyone was watching, laid a hand on Aaron’s cheek, “I know, Aaron, I know.  And I know what it cost you to keep going.  I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere.  I’ll wear your promise because I love you.”  He leaned over and kissed his partner, his lover as their family cheered them on.



Spencer and Aaron had talked about telling Cruz about their relationship.  They knew they needed to.  They just hoped that the consequences weren’t too steep.  They decided to do it shortly after the disastrous case in Texas.

They both gathered their courage as Aaron knocked on Cruz’s door.

“Come in,” Cruz had his head down and was finishing a report when he looked up and saw who was standing there.  He slowly smiled and stood up, “Aaron, Dr. Reid, come in and sit.”

“Matt, we wanted to talk to you…”

Cruz held up his hand and stopped him, “Aaron, I already know and to be honest I don’t really care.  Whatever you two do in your private lives is just that private.  You’ve never been anything other than professional”.

Spencer looked confused, they’d been so careful in the office, “How’d you…”

“Do you really think I was that blind in Texas?  When you were shot Dr. Reid I thought Aaron was going to tear someone apart.  And when he had to keep going, it was on frayed nerves.  I noticed but I wanted to let you guys come to me.”

“So, you aren’t going to report…”

Cruz held up a hand and looked at two of his best agents and smiled, “Report what?”

Aaron smiled and shook his head, “Matt, you know you could get into trouble too.”

“Ah, but you didn’t actually tell me anything and I didn’t actually confirm or deny anything so there is nothing to report, do we understand each other?”

Spencer smiled crookedly, “Plausible deniability,” Was all he said as he looked at their section chief.

“Exactly,” Matt exclaimed, “Just keep it professional and you won’t have any problems.”

They both stood up to go and Aaron turned to say, “Thank you Matt.”



Spencer and Aaron were at the park letting Jack run off some of his excess energy.  Spencer was sitting back against Aaron’s chest with arms wrapped around him and watched Jack and the other kids.   He thought about how he had changed so much when it came to children.  He wished sometimes, that he had a child of his own. He sighed longingly while watching the kids play.

Aaron sensed that Spencer was thinking about something and looked down into his lover’s face and asked, “What are you thinking about Spencer?”

He breathed deep and slightly shrugged his shoulder. It wasn’t something he brought-up with Aaron, but it had been on his mind a lot lately.

“Spencer, tell me, what’s going on in that never resting brain of yours,” Aaron teased.

“After Maeve I thought…” He took a moment because this was difficult, “I thought I’d have kids.”

“Spencer, you have Jack…”

“It’s not the same don’t get me wrong Aaron, I love him, but he’s yours…” He frowned, “Never mind, it’s nothing…”

“Spencer, this isn’t nothing.  Do you…do you want kids Spencer? Please be honest with me.”

“Yes, Aaron, I do.  But I completely understand…”

“Spencer, I’m not opposed to adoption.”  Aaron knew it would be hard, but a part him would love to give Jack a sibling.

Spencer sat up and turned to look at Aaron, “Are you sure?  It’s a huge commitment and I wouldn’t ask Jessica…”

“Why don’t we look into it, talk to Jack and Jessica then we’ll make a decision.”

Spencer smiled, “You’d really consider this for me, for us?”

“Yes, Dr. Reid, I would consider this because I love you.”

Spencer smiled wide, turned back around and laid back against Aaron’s chest and said, “Thank you, and I love you too.”



Spencer and Kate were walking the crash site when she told Spencer about her sister and brother-in-law being killed in 911.  Spencer contemplated what he wanted to say to her back.  He initially hadn’t wanted to like her, change was always difficult for Spencer, but he found he very much liked the new addition to the team.

“My girlfriend was killed in front of me.”

Kate stopped, and turned to look at the young genius, “I’m so sorry.  That must have been terrible for you.  Is that whose ring you wear?”

Spencer smiled as he looked at the ring that Aaron had given him just a couple of months ago. “Actually no, and I’m surprised no one has told you…” He had a mischievous glint in his eye.

She frowned as she looked at Spencer, “Told me what?”

He took a deep breath.  It was one thing to tell the team, people he’d known and trusted for years, but Kate he was just getting to know.  “Its umm, its Aaron’s…” He waited for her reaction.

“Oh,” She looked at Spencer’s raised brows and smile, “Ohhh, so you two are…together?” She asked with a smile.

“Yes, we are.  It’s been a little over a year, though everyone teased that we always had this…tension between us.”

“Well, I pretty much figured out you were close.  I just didn’t know it was that close.  Just how do you keep it so quiet?”

“At work we keep it professional.  Cruz ‘knows’ but he’s not going to say anything.  We ah, we live together.”

“Spencer, if you think this shocks me, it doesn’t. This job is hard enough not having someone makes it harder.  If you’re happy that’s all that counts.”

He smiled, “Kate, I’m very happy.”

“Then that’s all that matters.”


Sarah Jane

They spent weeks researching the possibility of adoption.  They talked to Jack and he was thrilled with the possibility.  Jessica, who adored Aaron and Spencer, said she would be more than willing to help out.  When they finally decided to try to pursue they both agreed they didn’t want a baby.  In their work they saw too many children abandoned and left behind so they wanted to give one of those kids a chance. When their social worker called about a little 6 year old girl named Sarah Jane, Spencer thought it was serendipity.

“Aaron, I just want to make sure…you really want this?” Spencer looked at his lover with eyes too bright and anxiety in his every movement.

Aaron laid his hands on Spencer’s shoulders, “Spencer, for the hundredth time, yes I want this.  I want this for you, for us and for Jack.” He smiled and Spencer finally settled.

They walked into the group home that the little girl was staying at and were immediately greeted by Mrs. Mullins, the social worker.  They were shown to a family room where the little girl was sitting on the couch with her head down.

Mrs. Mullins started to introduce them when the two profilers held up their hands.  Spencer sat on the floor in front of the little girl and proceeded to charm her with his magic tricks.  In no time at all she looked into Spencer’s face and smiled.  That’s when he knew, he just knew that she was meant for them.

They went back every night to spend time with Sarah Jane, even bringing Jack along.  And when it came upon two weeks later, they easily made their decision.

Sarah Jane Cuthbert, became Sarah Jane Reid-Hotchner and at the same time Spencer officially adopted Jack as well.

______________________________________________________________________________________   Nightmares

Spencer and Aaron were woken-up by high-pitched screaming.  They knew that Sarah Jane had suffered emotional trauma and they were prepared when the nightmares finally hit the little girl.  Her father had killed her mother and brother.  The police had gotten to the house before Sarah Jane became his next victim.

Spencer laid a gentle hand on Sarah’s chest urging her to wake up.  When she did she launched into his arms and cried.  He took her into his room and placed her between him and Aaron.

“Papa, wa…was…my… Daddy… a bad…man?” She asked between hiccups.

Spencer looked over at Aaron and they both sighed.  How do you explain to a child that their father had a psychotic break?  Both their hearts were heavy and they just wanted to protect her and make the nightmares go away.

Aaron sat up and gathered her in his arms, and thought ‘just like Jack a few short years ago’.  When he spoke it was with a quiet reassuring voice.

“Sarah, honey, no, no your Daddy was not a bad man.  He was sick and sometimes when people get sick they need help.  Your Daddy didn’t get the help he needed.  I am sure he didn’t mean to do the things he did.  He loved you very much.”

She looked at him skeptical, “How do you know?” Tears still slid down her face.

Aaron reached into his nightstand and pulled out a small box and handed it to her.

“The police told me he had that in his hands when he died.”  She opened the box and there was a small picture frame with a picture of her and her brother.

Spencer and Aaron held her while she cried herself to sleep and she knew her new daddies would be there to chase away the nightmares.



Aaron had a secret.  A secret he would go to the grave keeping.  When he looked in on Jack and Sarah Jane and saw that they were cuddled up with Spencer as he was reading to them he smiled sadly and thought of his secret.

What no one knew, what he would never tell was that Haley and Jack weren’t the only ones the Reaper threatened.  Aaron never knew how Foyet figured out his feelings for the young man, but he had.  When he had opened his wallet and saw Haley’s picture with the eye, there was another picture.  It was one of Spencer with the birthday hat and a goofy smile on his face.  The word “OR” written at the top and the eye as well.  When Aaron had heard that Spencer had been shot he thought the worst, he thought Foyet had gotten to him and he panicked.  It was only when Emily said that Reid was fine did he settle.

He kept to himself that it wasn’t only Haley and Jack he was trying to protect but Spencer as well.  When he finally got his hands on the psychopath and beat him to death it wasn’t just for Haley.  It was the months of fear every time they went in the field and Spencer was out in the open and vulnerable, it was Jack hearing the gunshot that took his Mother away and it was his own pain that so many of his loved ones were threatened by that man.

Aaron watched as Spencer read to their children face animated, hands never still and he fell in love all over again.  He knew right in that moment he would go to his grave keeping that secret.



Jack was sitting on the widow seat looking up at the stars when he heard Sarah Jane stirring in her bed.

“Jackers, why you staring out the window?”

“I’m looking up at the stars.” Spencer had started to go in the room to check on them when he felt Aaron holding him back. He put a finger to his lips telling Spencer to be quiet.

Sarah Jane got out of bed and went over to Jack, “Why you looking at stars?”

Jack looked at his little sister for a minute then he pulled her onto his lap, “I lost my mommy when I was little.   Dad told me that she is up in the stars looking down on me, watching me.  I talk to her every night.”

“You do?” The little girl leaned into Jack as his arms came around her, “Jackers?” She asked quietly.

“Yeah SJ?” He had started calling her that and she kind of liked it.

She whispered, “Do you think my mommy and daddy are up there?” Aaron and Spencer could still hear her and both their hearts broke for the little girl.

Jack looked down into her face and saw the silent tears falling.  He gently wiped them away as he said, “Maybe your mommy and daddy are up there with my mommy keeping her safe for when we see each other again.”  He pulled her in tight holding her, comforting her as she cried.

As she calmed down she whispered, “Would it be okay if I talked to my mommy with you?”

Jack looked down at her, placed a kiss on the top of her head, “Yes, every night if you want to.” Aaron and Spencer let them be for the time being understanding the comfort they had found in each other.



Spencer and Aaron knew they needed a bigger place.  With the addition of Sarah Jane they needed more room, so they started house hunting.  They saw a few they liked, but none that truly caught their eye.  They were in the realtor’s car, for it was easier for her to just drive them around.  Jack was with them this time and he was talking animatedly about the upcoming art fair so no one was paying attention to where the realtor was taking them.

When she stopped the car and they got out Aaron, Jack and Spencer stopped dead in their tracks.  Jack’s eyes were wide and tears started to form, Aaron was on the verge of a panic attack and Spencer was just angry.

He turned to their realtor and said, “You need to take us to another house immediately.”

Ms. Jamison wasn’t registering what was happening and turned to Spencer, “Mr. Reid, this house has everything you’re looking for and in the price range you specified.  It just came on the market and its close to your work and to the chil…”

Spencer stepped up to the woman and said again, “You need to take us to another house.  Now.”  He looked at his partner and saw that Aaron was shutting down and Jack was holding onto his father’s waist, crying.

Ms. Jamison saw the look on Spencer’s face, “Well, okay if that’s what you feel about it, I’ve got a couple more that you two will just love.”

Reid gathered Aaron in his arms, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Aaron I really didn’t know.”  Aaron just nodded as they got back in the car. Spencer sat in back and gathered Jack in his arms as the realtor drove away from the former home of Aaron and Haley Hotchner.



The call came to Aaron’s line and he looked over at Spencer not knowing how he was going to tell his lover.  He put the phone down and tried to calm his own emotions.  Telling Spencer was not going to be easy.

“Spencer,” Aaron’s heart was beating too fast as his own emotions were all over the place.

“Aaron?”  He sensed something was really wrong, “What’s going on?”

“I need to go to Gideon’s cabin…”

Spencer swallowed hard, his breathing was shallow, “What, why?”

Aaron stared at Spencer finding it difficult to say the words he needed to say. “Spencer…” He swallowed hard, “Spencer, it looks like,” He took a deep breath, “It looks like Gideon has been murdered.  I need to go, do you want me to drive you?”

Spencer sank to the couch, eyes too wide, breathing too shallow, “No, no I’ll call Jess…you go…” Tears were already forming and he felt like a piece of him shattered.

“Spencer,” Aaron got down on his knees in front of Spencer and placed a hand gently on his cheek, wiping away the tears, “Meet us as soon as you can…”

Jess came quickly and Spencer drove as fast as he dared.  He was numb. He sat in his car, not wanting to move, not wanting to go in the cabin because if he did it would mean that it was real. He looked up, slowly got out of the car and made his way inside.

Penelope came up behind him, “Are you sure?”

Aaron looked right at Spencer, “Its him, it’s Gideon”.  Reid turned and ran out Aaron quickly followed behind. He found Spencer next to his car and pulled him into his arms and let the younger man cry.  “I’m so sorry Spencer.  I’m so, so sorry.”



Hotch stopped at Reid’s desk, it was still early and since it was only the two of them he laid a hand on Reid’s shoulder, “You didn’t come home last night”.  He looked at the small chessboard and knew.  He was trying to give Spencer room to grieve but he knew the man well.  Spencer tended to retreat into himself when he was grieving and Aaron noticed he was starting to do that.

He looked away from the chessboard and saw Aaron standing there, “I’m sorry.  I just…”

“I know. I miss him too. It was somehow easier to think of him out there, hoping he found his happiness again.”

Spencer swallowed and frowned, “I just wish…” He looked at the chessboard and made a move, swung it around and studied it.

“You wish what Spence?” Aaron sadly smiled because he knew what the younger man was going to say.

“I just wish I could’ve played one more game with him.” Spencer looked at the board and tears fell from his eyes.

Aaron saw they were still alone so he pulled a chair around and sat next to Spencer, allowing his lover to lay his head down on Aaron’s shoulder.  “I know Spencer”. Aaron smiled “I wish I could argue with him one more time. ” Aaron had a hand carded in Spencer’s hair and he kissed the top of his head.

Neither man was aware of when Rossi walked in.  He stood back and watched the two men comforting each other.  He knew they both were still grieving, knew how they both saw Gideon as a surrogate father.  Spencer wore his grief on his sleeve, but Aaron bottled it up and let that stoic nature take over.  So, he was secretly glad they had each other to help get through this.



 “Sarah Jane, why did you hit those other girls?” Spencer asked in a calm quiet manner.

“They were being bullies Papa.  They said I was a baby and I couldn’t really read The Hobbit, said I was making it up.  They took my book away and threw it around.  Mrs. Harlen didn’t even do anything about it.”  She continued pouting.

Aaron saw Spencer’s back go up and an equally defiant look in his eye.  When it came to any type of bullying he always had to watch the young agent. He put a hand on Spencer’s thigh and gave him a look that said, ‘I’ll handle this’.

Hotch tuned to the Principal and graced him with the famous Hotchner death glare, “Principal James, while I appreciate the difficulty of your job I do need to ask if the other girls are being punished as well or is our daughter being singled out for some reason?”

The Principal withered under the stare, “…no sir, she’s not, but she is the one who initiated physical contact….”

Hotch put up his hand, got out his wallet and showed the Principal his bar association card, “Now Principal James, please understand we see the repercussions of what happens to bullied children.  Oft times they have a psychotic break and go on a rampage.  Seventy-five percent of school shootings are caused because Teachers and Principals like yourself refuse to address the real issue, bullies.  Now, if my daughter is being bullied and you refuse to do anything about it, just remember, not only am I a lawyer, but I’m the guy that will save your sorry ass when some kid tries to get their revenge sometime in the future.”

Both Spencer and Sarah Jane smiled wide at Hotch.  The bullies received the same punishment as Sarah Jane.



Aaron was pretending to be asleep on the plane.  He didn’t want to really talk to anyone at the moment because he just wanted to watch his lover.  Spencer had fallen asleep reading and Aaron smiled as he thought about the years they’ve worked together.

If he was honest with himself he always had deeper feelings for Spencer than he let on.  Even Haley had commented a few times when she had caught him watching the young man whenever the team was together outside of work.  He never acted on those feelings, first he was married, guilt over Georgia, Gideon leaving, the pain of his divorce, Foyet’s attack, Maeve, Beth all of these were excuses.

If he had really been honest with himself he’d loved Spencer Reid since he joined the team.  It would have been unprofessional, or so he convinced himself, to act on those feelings.  When he let Spencer take control almost 18 months ago he was secretly relieved.  The decision was out of his hands but it had gone so wrong so quickly.  His passion had consumed him, he hadn’t found balance at first and it took him leaving for a short time to understand what was going on.

If he was truly honest with himself then he would have to admit that even Haley didn’t compare to what he felt for the young genius.  Spencer didn’t demand what Aaron couldn’t give.  They gave each other space, but they never strayed far.  Spencer understood Aaron’s black moods and helped lift his feelings of guilt.  He didn’t shy away from the fights and he loved unconditionally.  Sex was always adventurous and that put a smile on Aaron’s face.

If Aaron was brutally honest with himself he had always been in love with Spencer Reid.



Spencer pretended to be asleep on the plane.  He had wanted to sit back and read for a bit, but he half-closed his eyes and watched Aaron.  He hadn’t always been honest with himself about his feeling for Aaron.  He knew in the beginning that he had been infatuated with his assigned TO.  Spencer had always prided himself on how smart he was, but he quickly learned there was a difference between being intelligent and being smart.

Aaron saw everything, even things the team was trying to hide from him.  Aaron always knew just how to push them, without being a total bully, because he demanded the best out of them.

Aaron was always proud of him, even when he made mistakes.  Even in his darkest days Aaron was secretly there.  Gideon hadn’t known that Aaron had helped him through his addiction, though he acted as if he was letting Spencer alone.  He knew that if it got out that Aaron knew they could’ve both lost their jobs.  That was when Spencer realized just how much he loved Aaron.  But, he never acted on those feelings because life got in the way, Gideon left, Foyet attacked, Aaron lost Haley, he lost Maeve and ultimately it was that, that brought them together.  Their shared loss and the courage to finally tell each other how they felt.

Spencer watched his lover sleep and realized that what he felt for Maeve was nothing compared to the deep feelings of love, trust, understanding, respect and friendship he had with Aaron.  Through black moods and nightmares Aaron was there to hold him or let him be.  Spencer would always be grateful Aaron let him in the door that day and he got to tell someone that he loved them.



Spencer had his head on Aaron’s chest; his hand lazily made circles through the thick soft hairs and idly outlined the scars a psychopath had left.

Aaron’s hand was carded through Spencer’s hair, softly massaging his scalp, fingers combed through the soft curls.  “Spencer,” He said softly.

Spencer lifted his eyes to look at his lover, “Yes Aaron?”

Aaron had something important he wanted to tell Spencer, but he was having trouble putting it into words, “Thank you.” He frowned slightly because it didn’t quite fully convey what he was trying to say.

Spencer lifted up on his elbow and looked down into Aaron’s face, “For what?” A smile ghosted over his lips.

“For acknowledging these,” He grabbed Spencer’s hand and placed it on one of the scars on his chest.  Aaron was still sometimes shy about them, but Spencer unconsciously helped him come to terms with them.

“Aaron,” Now Spencer didn’t know what to say, he took deep breath before he spoke, “They are a part of you.  If I ignore them, it means I ignore a big part of your life and I would never do that to you.”  He got up and straddled Aaron, slowly lowered his head and kissed all nine of the reminder’s of Foyet’s attack.  Tears leaked from Aaron’s eyes at the tender ministrations of his lover.

“Beth was always afraid to touch them, or acknowledge them,” His eyes widened because he hadn’t meant to mention his ex-girlfriend. “I’m sorry Spencer I didn’t mean….”

“Shh, Aaron she was a part of your life, it’s okay to talk about her because I know it’s me you want.”

Aaron smiled and pulled Spencer back down so that the younger man’s head was lying on his chest holding him tightly.

“Thank you Spencer, for seeing me.”



 Goddammit Reid, I said the next time you do something like this I would fire you.” Aaron was seething with anger because his youngest agent had yet again stepped in front of a young unsub who had been the victim of horrific abuse and bullying by his peers.

You’re going to hold that over my head? That was seven fucking years ago Aaron.  And, if you recall I wasn’t alone this time.  Morgan was also there, you going to yell at him too?”  Spencer was angry because he wasn’t as reckless as he was seven years ago.  Seven years ago he was trying to put his life back together after addiction almost shattered it.

You put yourself in danger.  Did you think at all Spencer? Did you think about our children?” Hotch took a deep breath and tried to calm down, “Did you think about me?” His eyes were wet with unshed tears.  When he saw Spencer step in front of the unsub to talk him down thoughts of Texas and how close Spencer came to dying flashed through his mind.

“Aaron,” Spencer didn’t have the words because he realized just how much he hurt Aaron, “You’re right.  I’m sorry, I didn’t think.  I just didn’t want to see another dead kid.  There have been too many of them on this case Hotch”.

Aaron closed his eyes then looked up at Spencer, “I know Reid,” A high school student had, had a psychotic break and killed 6 students who he saw as weak in less than two weeks.

“I couldn’t let Martin kill that kid, he was so young, it made me think…”

“Made you think what Spencer?”

“It made me think of Jack”.

It all made sense now, “Okay, but there won’t be a third time”.

Spencer smiled, “Understood”.



Spencer was straddled on Aaron’s lap, hands on his shoulders, “Please Aaron…I’ve been a very good boy”.  Spencer quirked up his brow and had a wicked smile on his face.

“Spencer, I don’t know.  You did go into a situation unarmed…again…doesn’t make you a good boy in my eyes”.

Spencer leaned down and kissed Aaron rather passionately, tongue sweeping along Aaron’s mouth trying to encourage the older man to open up.  He responded slowly giving in to Spencer’s tender but passionate kisses.  They broke apart after a minute.

“Well, I can be a very good boy now”.

“I don’t know, it’s still something I have to think about,” Aaron quirked up his mouth in a sly grin.

“What’s there to think about, we just, you know do it…come on Aaron, it’ll be fun and you know it”. Spencer worked the buttons on Aaron’s shirt to get it off him.

Aaron was finding it hard to keep his composure as Spencer was grinding seductively against him. He swallowed hard and his head fell back against the couch as Spencer ran his hands all over his exposed flesh.

“Spencer we have to think about Jack and Sarah…” Aaron’s breath was shallow as he was trying to process just what it was that Spencer was doing to him.

Spencer lifted his head from Aaron’s neck, where he had been licking and nipping at the soft flesh.

“Aaron, we can watch out for Jack and Sarah.  Come on, please?” Spencer was begging with need.

“God, you’re gorgeous when you beg…” Aaron grabbed Spencer’s face in his hands and took his mouth in hard bruising kisses.

After a minute Spencer broke the kiss, “Does that mean yes?” he asked while palming Aaron’s manhood through his pants.

“Fine, dammit, we’ll get a PS4”.



Spencer woke-up to Aaron on top of him, kissing him, “Sorry, I just couldn’t wait.” And that was all it took.  Spencer wrapped his arms around Aaron and he let himself be taken.  Sometime later Aaron held Spencer close, not wanting to let the young genius go. “Happy Anniversay.” He said smiling.

Spencer sat up with a huge smile on his face, “Happy Anniversary.” He couldn’t believe that they have been together for two years now.

Aaron sat up and reached into his nightstand and pulled out a small box.  He looked at Spencer contemplating the question he wanted to ask.  He looked at Spencer for what seemed like forever.

“Aaron, why do you keep staring at me like that?” He was getting nervous at the way his lover was looking at him.

Aaron cleared his throat, “Spencer,” He was nervous but he plunged ahead, “I know I said the promises were enough, but Spence…” He closed his eyes as he tried to find the right words, “I want more.  I know it scares you, but haven’t we proven that this isn’t a temporary thing?  I won’t make the same mistakes and I won’t let you go as easily as I did Haley.  I love you so much more than you could possibly imagine. I meant it when I said I will never leave you and I will always cherish what we have.  Spencer, will you marry me?” He looked at his lover, his mate and hoped beyond hope

Spencer sat up and reached into his nightstand and pulled out a small box, “Seems you beat me to it Aaron.” He smiled as he looked at the love of his life, “You are it for me so yes I will marry you. I’m yours always and forever.”                  ________________________________________________________________________________


 Spencer had part of his scarf stuffed in his mouth as he was backed up against the bathroom wall of the Cook County police station restroom.  Long legs wrapped around Aaron’s waist as the older man was buried deep inside his lover.  He was riding the younger man hard and fast in a desperate attempt for release.

“God, Spencer…you were…just so… fucking… hot,” Aaron said between hard, heated thrusts.  His head was buried in Spencer’s neck as he nipped and sucked at the sensitive skin behind Spencer’s ear.

Aaron reached one hand down to Spencer’s leaking cock and started to pump in rhythm to the thrusts.  Spencer’s head fell onto Aaron’s shoulder as he came hard and hot over his lover’s hand.  Aaron felt the tight muscles clamp down on his dick and he rode out the orgasm as he spilled deep inside Spencer.

Aaron held them there for a minute, taking the scarf out of Spencer’s mouth and replacing it with his own needy mouth.  Tongues danced in a fight for dominance, tasting each other.  Aaron pulled his head back and laid his forehead against Spencer, both panting after the hard and fast sex.

“So, Aaron?” Spencer asked between breaths.

“Yes?”  Aaron was trying to get his breath back as well.

“Should I tell off racist, homophobic sheriffs more often?” He smiled brilliantly at Aaron, who couldn’t help it, he took Spencer’s mouth again, this time slower and steadier.

“Next time you do, warn me in advance, because then I think I could control myself better”.

Aaron let his lover down and they cleaned-up as best they could.

As soon as they walked out of the locked bathroom Rossi said, “So, you two get that out of your system?” He walked away smiling as they both blushed deeply.



The club was dimly lit and crowded and Aaron and Spencer didn’t know how they got talked into going. The kids were at Jessica’s for a sleepover so they had a rare night to themselves.  Spencer was at the bar picking up their drinks, and in Aaron’s mind taking way too long.  He looked over to see a man flirting with Spencer.  Aaron narrowed his eyes when he saw Spencer give the dark haired man a brilliant smile and then hug him.

“Seems you’re boy over there made a friend,” Morgan teased.

Aaron growled low in his throat at Morgan and the younger man backed off.

“Aaron, calm down you know Spencer wouldn’t do anything to hurt you,” Rossi said.

Aaron glared at his friend, surged out of the booth when he saw the dark haired man put his hands on Spencer, his Spencer. In the back of his mind he knew he was being irrational, but he just couldn’t stop himself.  He moved up behind his lover and grabbed him around the waist in a show of dominance towards the other man.

Spencer smiled as his hands wrapped around Aarons.

“You were taking too long,” He whispered in his lover’s ear.

Spencer turned in Aaron’s arms and looked in his face seeing the dark expression.

“Aaron, are you…are you jealous?” Spencer looked at him with a quizzical expression.

Aaron frowned, “No, why do you say that?” He asked a little more forcefully than he intended.

Spencer smiled, “Oh I don’t know, that dark look you’re giving my old friend Ethan over here.”

Aaron looked chagrined, “Sorry.” He held out his hand for the other man to take, “So, you’re Ethan.”

Ethan smiled a knowing smile, “Yes. And Spencer is worth being jealous over.” He winked and walked away.