Love Out of Time – Chapter 6 – The Third Encounter

Spencer got home late and quickly changed out of the clothes he was wearing. He wanted to take a shower and change into something else, something he hoped Aaron would like. He also wanted to try to take some of his things back with him, but he wasn’t sure how. For starters he carefully dressed in one of the newer shirts, ties, fitted sweater and tweed jacket with a pair of light-weight corduroy slacks. When he looked in the mirror on the closet door, he smiled to himself because he really liked the look. He had let his hair grow longer and using some light product he emphasized his curls just a bit. Making his way to his studio he picked out one of the less expensive older cameras and slung it around his neck. Going back upstairs he went into his bedroom, put the amulet back on and, set it for 1963 and lay down. Thinking hard he kept his Uncle’s apartment firmly in mind as he waited for that now familiar pull to the past.

He didn’t open his eyes until he had settled more and was pleased to see he was in the small New York apartment. Quickly scrambling off the bed he felt the weight around his neck and was delighted to see the camera had come back safely with him. A plan was forming in his mind, but he knew it would take a little time to execute it.

“Well, I see ya’ can’t stay away.” Rob was watching Spencer as he put his camera in one of the small cubby’s his Uncle had in the living room.

“I’m making some decisions Uncle. I just need to make sure there really is something here with Aaron. I really believe there is, and I want to try.”

“Well I think ya’ might be right. He’s been comin’ ‘round here lookin’ fer ya’.”

“Really? How, how long have I been gone?’

“Almost three weeks.”

“Damn. I’ll go see him now, make sure he knows I didn’t disappear.”

“Ya’ could always just call him.” Rob leaned against the cabinet as he watched his Nephew.

“No, I like surprising him.” Spencer quirked up the corner of his mouth as he settled himself a little, “I’m not sure if I’ll be back tonight or not.”

“Be careful kid.” Rob shook his head at the man he now comfortably called Nephew.

“I will.” Spencer said as he left his Uncle’s apartment and started to walk towards Aaron’s. It didn’t take him long and he practically had a bounce in his step as he walked up the three flights of stairs that led to his lover’s apartment. He frowned as he got closer because there was loud music coming out of Aaron’s place and it didn’t seem like the type that he would listen to. But then he had to stop himself realizing that he didn’t know that much about the man. Spencer just shook his head and told himself it didn’t matter. There soon would be time to learn as much as he could about Aaron Hotchner. He continued to Aaron’s door, knocked and waited for someone to answer.

Spencer didn’t have to wait long before the door opened but instead of seeing Aaron it was a tall blond man. When Spencer peaked inside, he noticed the others and a rather unmistakable scent.

“Hey man, who you lookin’ for?” Spencer just huffed out a laugh at the glassy look in the stranger’s eyes.

“I’m looking for Aaron Hotchner.”

“Cool man, hold on.” The blond turned his head to look inside, “Hey Hotch, there’s a square out here lookin’ for you.” Spencer raised a brow at the man in the doorway. No one had ever called him square before and he hadn’t heard the nickname for Aaron before and it made him wonder who these people were. “He’ll be here in a sec.” The blond moved away from the door to go back to the circle of friends.

It took a couple of minutes before Aaron was at the door.

“Hey, I thought you forgot about me.” Aaron reached out and grabbed Spencer by the tie and pulled him into the apartment. Before he knew it he was backed against that damn wall with Aaron kissing him and fisting hands in his hair. Pulling back Aaron gently touched Spencer’s face while a smile bloomed wide.

“No, I didn’t forget. I’m sorry. I’m not good on the phone. I’ve just had a few things to take care of.” Spencer gripped Aaron’s hips happy to be back with his lover.

“Come on.” Aaron grabbed his hand and pulled him into the middle of the circle where Aaron introduced him to the people sitting around the room.

“So, what’s going on?”

“Just a little get together.” Aaron sat down on the couch and pulled Spencer onto his lap. Not used to this type of attention in front of others he was a little uncomfortable and tried to squirm off Aaron’s lap. “Nope, not letting you go,” Aaron said as he kissed Spencer’s cheek.

“Aaron.” Spencer tried to protest but he was held tighter.

“Just relax,” Aaron quietly said in his ear.

“Here, this will help.” The blond, Steven something, Spencer hadn’t paid a lot of attention when Aaron was introducing his friends, had tried to pass him a joint.

“Sorry, I ah I don’t…” Spencer’s face pinked a little in embarrassment.

“Hey it’s okay. Besides, they were leaving. Right guys?”

Aaron’s friends smirked as they all stood up and saying their goodbye’s they left the apartment giving the two men some alone time.

“I missed you.” Aaron pulled Spencer closer and slipped his hand up to hold the back of his neck and kissed him.

“I missed you too Aaron.” Spencer turned so he could straddle Aaron’s lap. Leaning in Spencer swiped his tongue over Aaron’s mouth tasting him. He was surprised to taste some of the leftover Mary Jane that Aaron had obviously indulged in. He pulled back a moment and eyed his lover.

“I don’t do it often, but we wanted to party a little before classes started up again.” Aaron reached up and grabbed the jacket Spencer was wearing and slowly slid it down and off. “You look absolutely gorgeous.” Aaron wrapped his arms around Spencer and pulled him close kissing him again.

Spencer hummed against Aaron’s lips relaxing into the kiss. Experimenting Spencer ran his tongue along Aaron’s lips and was rewarded when Aaron opened his mouth and let Spencer slip his tongue in. Pressing his lips over Aaron’s he kissed him with a burning need. “I don’t want to wait anymore, make love to me Aaron.” Spencer pleaded as he ground his hips against his lover’s.

Aaron’s head fell back against the couch as those words went straight to his already hardening cock.

“Fuck Spencer, I never thought I’d hear you say that.” Spencer pulled away slightly and grabbed the bottom of Aaron’s sweater and slowly pulled it over his head the same time that Aaron was unbuttoning his own sweater and shoving it off his shoulders. Leaning back in Spencer kissed his lover as his hands slipped under the turtleneck he was wearing. At the feel of those hands on him Aaron thrust up as he returned Spencer’s kisses.

“You have far too many clothes, you know that?” Aaron teased him as his tie was loosened and thrown to the side. Spencer just smirked as he pulled the turtle neck off Aaron running his hands along his chest. Aaron arched into the touch as pleasure surrounded them. The slow undressing was giving Spencer time to learn how Aaron’s body felt. It had been a long-time since he had been with another man and he wanted to take his time and not rush things.

“I guess I wanted to make you work for it.” Spencer teased as his shirt fell away. He shivered slightly at the slight chill in the apartment. It was late August, but Spencer didn’t care about the heat or the chill all he cared about was what Aaron was doing to him. He hissed and threw his head back when he felt a hand wrap around his now aching cock. He hadn’t realized that Aaron had unbuttoned his pants and slipped his hand inside.

“Aaron,” Spencer cried out as he felt the warm hand slowly moving up and down on his now hard erection.

“What do you want Spencer? Like this?” Aaron grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him fiercely as he kept up the slow pulls on his cock. “Or should I spread you out on my bed, take this beautiful cock in my mouth and watch as you come undone? Or do you want me to bury myself inside you? Your choice.” Aaron moved his head as his lips left a blazing trail of kisses along Spencer’s neck. Everywhere he was kissed and touched it felt like a raging fire was building inside him. Maeve hadn’t touched him since the day James had gone into the hospital for the last time and Spencer felt like he could break apart at any minute just from the sensations Aaron was re-awakening in him. He almost couldn’t speak but he knew his lover was waiting in anticipation. He wasn’t sure if he was ready for penetration yet, but he knew he needed something to quell the raging storm inside him.

“Your mouth,” Spencer answered shyly before he kissed Aaron hard. He started to lick along Aaron’s jaw, nipping along until he licked a stripe along his lover’s neck. Aaron moaned in the back of his throat as he thrust up into Spencer.

“Then,” Aaron panted as his hands gripped Spencer’s hips, “we should go to the bedroom.”

Spencer stopped and slid off Aaron’s lap letting his pants fall off him he stepped out of them and walked towards Aaron’s bedroom. On the way he also unbuttoned his shirt the rest of the way and let it drop wherever as he walked over the threshold and towards the bed. He laid down and didn’t have to wait long for Aaron to come into the bedroom. He was feeling wanton as he let his legs drop open and stretched his arms above his head. He knew what he probably looked like and smiled when he saw Aaron’s eyes darken with lust.

Moving to his small nightstand Aaron pulled out a bottle of lube and threw it on the bed before he settled on top of Spencer.

“You look entirely too delicious.” Aaron reveled in the feeling of a warm body underneath him. Spencer thought he was going to explode right then with the burning need he had for Aaron.

“Please Aaron, please touch me. It’s been so long.” Spencer arched up into his lover trying to feel as much as he could of Aaron’s body. The emotions welling up inside him were almost too much, but he pushed them down, he didn’t want to break, didn’t want to scare Aaron with what he was feeling.

Aaron sensed that Spencer was overwhelmed but instead of slowing down he started to move down the younger man’s body. Kissing him everywhere. He sucked a hard nipple into his mouth and nibbled making Spencer squirm at the pleasure. Liking the response Aaron took his time as he paid some attention to the other side as well.

“Oh god Aaron please.” Spencer moved his hips wildly against Aaron and almost cried out in frustration at the wicked smile on the man’s face. His body sweating as the combination of need and heat wrapped all around him.

“I’ll get you there, Spencer,” Aaron hummed against his stomach licking up the little beads of perspiration that pooled against his skin and it sent little jolts of electricity through him. He couldn’t help the words that slipped past his lips as he begged for some relief against the aching, burning need inside of him. Finally, after a few more minutes of teasing he felt warm wet heat wrap around his now leaking cock. He thrust up hard when he felt a tongue swipe across the head licking the pre-cum off as he was sucked down more and more.

Spencer lowered his arms and buried his hands in Aaron’s short hair. He tried to thrust up to get more contact, but Aaron was holding him down with hands firmly gripped on his hips. He could make small movements but that was it. When he felt himself hit the back of Aaron’s throat, he thought he was going to cum right there and then, but his lover had a tight grip around the base of his cock stopping him. Pleasure spiked through him as hands moved up to his waist caressing him before gripping him tight once more.

Aaron made small head bobs as he kept deep throating Spencer. He didn’t know when Aaron had slicked-up his fingers, but he felt a cool, wet sensation circling his hole. Lifting his legs, he gave Aaron better access and moaned deep in his throat as a finger was pressed into him. His mouth dropped open as he shivered at the feeling of that finger sliding in and out of him. He almost arched violently when two fingers then pressed inside of him. Aaron’s fingers were thrusting and searching and when he found that bundle of nerves, he let his fingers graze across he was pleased with the way Spencer arched and pleas fell from the man’s lips that he couldn’t take anymore. The dual sensations of mouth and fingers was bringing him closer to release. His body was on fire with need and he didn’t know what to do anymore.

“Oh fuck, Aaron, I, I.” He felt the orgasm building as it pulled from his thighs and up through his groin and at the same time pooling low in his belly. His words became incoherent as he begged and pleaded for release while he was being sucked and fingered at the same time.

Aaron finally let go of his grip on Spencer’s cock who then thrust up arching his body as he thrashed his head from side to side he came almost violently inside Aaron’s mouth. Falling back on the bed his vision had whited out and his body went completely lax. He hadn’t realized he had passed out until he felt a warm cloth cleaning him up, then Aaron was there pulling him into his arms. He felt his cheeks heat with embarrassment. He hadn’t meant to ignore Aaron and his needs. Spencer reached under the covers and took Aaron’s half-hard cock in his hands and started to return the favor. His hand was stopped, and he looked up to see a soft smile on Aaron’s face.

“It’s okay. I came practically when you did. Watching you come undone like that and knowing I was the one doing it was rather erotic.” Spencer was taken aback, not even Maeve had ever said anything like that to him. Of course, Maeve had never given him a mind-blowing blow job like Aaron just had. Pushing all thoughts of Maeve out of his head he reached up and kissed Aaron.

“I so owe you now,” Spencer quirked up the side of his mouth in a crooked grin.

“You don’t owe me anything Spencer. This right here, right now is all I need.” Aaron turned on his side and gently cupped Spencer’s cheek, “I think I’m falling in love with you Dr. Reid.”

Spencer looked at Aaron wide-eyed and felt the well of emotions that he had been holding back burst from him.

“Hey, it’s okay Spencer.” Spencer heard the concern in Aaron’s voice, but he couldn’t find the words as he buried his head against Aaron’s chest. He let himself be wrapped-up in Aaron’s arms as he purged his emotions. When he was finally spent, he wiped his eyes and looked-up and saw a concerned expression on Aaron’s face.

“I just, no one has said anything like that to me in a long time. No one has cared like you have and sometimes I don’t think I deserve you.” Spencer tried to stifle the new round of emotions that were building-up inside him.

“I hope you tell me what happened to you one day to cause so much pain Spencer.” Aaron settled back on his back and tucked Spencer in close to him.

“Soon, I will but just hold me for now.” Spencer wrapped his arm and leg around Aaron and sighed as contentment filled his heart. He hadn’t realized he still had the amulet on as he fell asleep thinking how Aaron felt like home. His thoughts drifted as he sank deeper into sleep and the word home was firmly fixed in his mind.

Hours later he was slowly waking-up but he didn’t feel Aaron beside him. When he looked up he saw Maeve standing over him. He was cursing inward realizing he forgot to take off the amulet and he was back at the house he shared with Maeve.