Love Out of Time – Chapter 12 – The Sixth Encounter

By the time Spencer arrived at the hospital he was frantic. His Uncle wouldn’t tell him much because he didn’t have the whole story himself. When he burst in, he stormed up to the desk and demanded to know where Aaron was. He was told the room number and Spencer took off in the direction indicated. When he finally found it he stopped outside the room and peered inside. His heart stuttered at what he saw. Aaron’s face was bandaged, and Spencer tried to tamp down his worry. He walked in and grabbed a chair to sit beside his lover’s bed. He didn’t care who came in and saw when he curled his fingers around Aaron’s. What he wanted to do was to crawl on the bed to lay beside Aaron, but he knew he couldn’t. He had to content himself with waiting until Aaron woke-up.

Several hours later Spencer was being woken-up by a firm grip on his shoulder.

“Uncle, I didn’t realize I fell asleep.” Spencer sat up and noticed that Aaron’s eyes fluttered slightly. Spencer shoved out of the chair and stood leaning over slightly his voice quiet, “Come on Aaron, wake-up. I need you to wake-up, I need you to be okay Aaron.” Spencer was rewarded when a couple of minutes later Aaron was slowly opening his eyes.

“Spencer?” Aaron tried to smile but Spencer could tell that he was in pain.

“Hey, I was worried about you.” He wanted to lean in to kiss him but the nurse had come to stand just inside the door.

“I’m going to need to see to Mr. Hotchner’s injuries. Could you please wait outside?” The tone of her voice and the look she gave Spencer immediately put his back-up. He returned her glare and dared her to say something. When she finally looked away Spencer stalked out of the room to wait.

“Hey, it looks like he’ll be fine but ya’ have ta’ calm down,” Rob whispered to him.

“I know. And I know this is my choice and I knew what I was getting into but dammit, I just…” Spencer wanted to yell and shout at the people around him, but he knew he needed to keep his temper under control.

“I know kid. I know.” Spencer was grateful that his Uncle didn’t say anything more. He was also grateful for the support and tried to keep calm until he was told he could go back in the room. It was only a few minutes later and the nurse came out and when she was about to say something to Spencer he turned and glared at her.

“Keep whatever you were going to say to yourself. It’s none of your business what my partner and I do in the privacy of our own home. And don’t you even bring up God or the bible.” Spencer set his jaw as he waited for the nurse to back away.

“You can go back in the room now.” The nurse glared right back at him before she turned and stalked away.

“Well ya’ could have handled that better.” Rob’s sarcasm wasn’t lost on Spencer.

“I don’t have the patience at the moment for anyone’s stupid homophobic attitude.” Spencer crossed his arms and sent a final shot to the nurse standing at her desk. Spencer wasn’t in the mood for anyone’s attitude, he just wanted to find out what happened to Aaron and to make sure he was okay.

“I know Spencer. Come on let’s go see Aaron.” Spencer was grateful that his Uncle wasn’t going to push him on this. Finally pulling his gaze away he went into the room and settled next to his lover.

“What happened?”

Aaron swallowed as he took Spencer’s hand in his. “I was coming out of that little Chinese restaurant we like when I was jumped by three men. I was able to knock one of them out but the other two became more aggressive and before I knew it, I was out cold. Doctor said I have broken ribs, deep bruises, contusions and fractures in my arm where I held it up to defend myself.”

“Was it Kuklinski, or was it because of me?” Spencer frowned down at their intertwined hands as he felt hot tears roll down his cheeks.

“It wasn’t Kuklinski or his people and it wasn’t because of you. It was ignorant idiots who don’t understand. Spencer, I love you and nothing is going to change that, you hear me?”

Spencer nodded his head as he got his emotions under control. He knew this could happen and in that moment,  Spencer never hated anyone more than he did the people that hurt his lover. He tried his hardest not to feel guilty, but he wasn’t quite successful. He knew he wasn’t to blame but he thought that if maybe they had stayed closer to SoHo maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

“Penny, whatever you’re thinking there was nothing you could have done, okay? We move on and we protect ourselves better.”

“I don’t understand how you’re so calm Aaron.”

“Because if I get angry about this it’ll be too easy to be angry about the next person that says or does something because of who we love. I know this isn’t easy, but I don’t give in to bullies and that’s what these men were, bullies.”

Spencer tried to see the logic in his words, but he was having a hard time getting past the pain and anger. He knew he needed to tamp down on it, or it would make him crazy.

“Fine, but we are reporting this.”

“I certainly hope you are.” A man stood in the doorway to Aaron’s room. When Spencer looked-up he instantly recognized him.

“You’re that detective that helped me a few months back. I’m sorry, I never got your name.”

“Gideon. Detective Marcus Gideon.” Spencer quirked up a brow and chuckled.

“What is so amusing young man?”

“Oh, just a man named Jason Gideon tried to recruit me for the FBI.”

The detective frowned deeply as he looked Spencer up and down, “I have a son named Jason but he’s certainly not old enough to be in the FBI.” Spencer was certain it was a coincidence as he stared at the detective.

“Yes, well, just an odd coincidence.”

“Must be. Now, Mr. Hotchner I’d like you to tell me what happened, and if you have any descriptions that would help.”

Aaron slowly went over the events that landed him in the hospital and gave as good of a description of his attackers as he could. The detective thanked him for the information and told Spencer and Aaron that he would do whatever he could to find the men. He also said that he was putting it down as a hate crime. When the two men tried to protest the detective told them it was his duty. Spencer felt there was more to it but he wasn’t going to push. He was just grateful that someone was taking this seriously.

Aaron had to spend a few days in the hospital. After four days he was finally able to go home. They had word from the detective that they found one of the perpetrators and it was indeed being classified as a hate crime. The two men knew from then on that they would have to be extra cautious when out in public, even though it pained them.

About a month after the attack two of the men had been found and a short trial took place. Aaron was able to get a closed session stating that due to the nature of the crime and his involvement he didn’t want it to jeopardize future employment. Aaron was lucky in that they got a neutral Judge and he agreed to the closed court. The trial was quick and the two men were convicted. Though they only got a few short years for their crime Spencer and Aaron saw it as a small victory. They went home and celebrated the only way they knew how to, by staying in bed and making love to each other all night long.