Lineage Episode 10: Too Late, Yet Right On Time

Title: Lineage Episode 10: Too Late, Yet Right on Time
Author: rivermoon1970
Fandom:    SG1, NCIS, Criminal Minds, SGA, Sentinel
: Tony DiNozzo, Alec Sheppard (OMC), Gibbs, Fornell, Aaron, Derek, Dr. Lam, Jack O’Neil, Sam Carter
Pairings: Tony/Alec Sheppard, Gibbs/Fornell
Genre: Sentinel and Guides, Bonding
Rating: General
Series: Lineage
Beta: None
Word Count: 1988
Tags: Two snarky men who are mates
Warnings: None

Tony had finally found his Guide after so long, to bad its the gorgeous son of Patrick Sheppard, and the fact that he has just as much sarcasm as Tony the two are going to drive everyone crazy.

“Seriously, what are we doing here Boss?” Tony asked as he stepped out of the SUV that he, Gibbs and Fornell had been picked-up in. The bells and whistles that the three of them had to go through had put Tony on edge, and he knew something was up with Gibbs and his Guide. How the two men worked, Tony never knew, but they seemed to have, however, with their constant bickering you’d never would have been able to tell. Though, when Gibbs needed centering, Fornell was there, and anyone watching could see the affection between them.

“I wanted you here DiNozzo.” Tony knew something was up with the man, but he’d let it play out. The trio was led to an elevator where they actually descended, which also put the NCIS agent on edge. When the elevators opened up, he was surprised to see Aaron Hotchner and his Guide Derek Morgan. Though they hadn’t crossed paths very often, he knew who they were. Except Aaron Hotchner was looking very, very different these days. Are those…scales? Tony asked himself as he furrowed his brow while trying not to stare at the man.

“That’s a new look,” Gibbs twisted his lips in a crooked smile.

“Long and interesting story.” The man smiled and Tony couldn’t help thinking that if the man wasn’t bonded, he would have climbed him like a tree. “But it can wait. I’m sure you want to see it.”

“Are you absolutely sure it’s her?”

“Yes, Jethro. It’s her.”

“And Spencer?”

“He’s gone.” Tony frowned and felt a wave of pain coming from Aaron. He wondered at it till a rather attractive woman moved to stand next to him and placed a hand in Aaron’s and the pain subsided. Tony sometimes hated that he had more empathy than most Sentinels, it had been much harder to control as a child. It wasn’t until he had been placed at the S&G center in Hawaii after his father had left him in that hotel room, that he had gotten a handle on his senses. He was lucky in that Officer McGarrett had decided to take him in, got emergency custody papers based on his father’s abandonment, and took care of Tony from there. When John had gotten into something bad, he sent both himself and Steve to a Sentinel friendly boarding school, to get them out of harm’s way. The two boys unsure of what was going on with the man. Tony tried to take it in stride, but his friend had a harder time.

“Aaron,” the woman smiled softly as she squeezed his hand.

“I know. It’s just hard to have seen him leave.”

“Hey, for me too. Kid’s like a little brother to me,” Derek felt like he wanted to say more and Tony felt his grief as well.

“Would someone like to actually explain what we are doing here?” Tony asked as he stepped forward.

“You brought your protege but didn’t explain the situation? Really Gibbs?” Fornell snorted and shook his head.

“Like he explains anything he does,” Tony half-chuckled, but the amusement he knew didn’t reach his eyes. He was long past finding his Boss’s idiosyncrasies amusing.

“It’s about my adopted daughter and goddaughter, Tara Gideon.”

“I don’t understand, Boss.”

“Follow us. We’ll show you the video, then explain what’s going on.” Aaron led them towards a conference room where they all sat down. A small monitor was on the table, and Aaron slipped a disk into a computer off to the side. He hit play then showed them the video. Tony was hit by the force of Gibbs’ emotions and he almost doubled over with the shock.

“This real?” Tony looked at his Boss, his friend and saw actual fucking tears in his eyes.

“Yes, Agent Gibbs, it is very real.” A General walked into the room and Gibbs and Fornell stood to greet him, Tony then did the same. “General Jack O’Neil. I see you have a lot of questions.”

“Where in the hell is she? Aaron was very vague on the phone.”

“Jet,” Aaron started. Only few people were allowed to call Gibbs that and for Aaron to use the diminutive, he knew they had a much closer friendship than his Boss had ever let on. “I need you to listen, and not do a damn thing. Steps are being taken and you will stay out of it.”


“Remember that secret meeting that Spencer and Tara had been invited to?” Gibbs nodded as he frowned while sitting back in his chair. Fornell had grabbed his hand, helping to ground him. “This is going to be hard to take in, but it was about a ship that had been backwards engineered. It was going to be a one way trip to another galaxy. In fact one of our nearest neighbors called the Pegasus Galaxy. They both wanted to go, and Jason found out. Jason helped to facilitate her kidnapping and eventual trip offworld.”

The explosion was expected as Gibbs lost it. He shoved out of his chair and paced around the room, anger poured out of him and Tony was having a hard time dealing with all of the powerful emotions. He was torn between wanting the whole story, and trying to siphon off what everyone in the room was feeling. Finally he just couldn’t take anymore.

“Excuse me, I ah, I just need to step out of the room for a few minutes.” The others just nodded, and Tony almost fled the room. Needing to get a little farther away, he went down a long corridor, then when he no longer felt all of those emotions coming at him, he closed his eyes and slid down the wall at his back. He wasn’t sure how long he stayed like that, but he felt something new, something reaching out for him filling up that dark, lonely spot in his soul that had been empty since he had left Hawaii.

“Sir, are you okay?” Tony looked up into the face of one of the most gorgeous Marine’s he had ever seen. Slowly he stood and felt that pull even more. It made him wonder if the man in front of him was his Guide. He had refused a search when he joined the police force, he hadn’t wanted to be responsible for another person at that time, but as time stretched on he realized how foolish that had been.

“Well, soldier, I think I am now,” Tony just couldn’t help flirting. It was as natural to him as breathing.

“I ah, I felt someone trying to control their senses. Followed that feeling and found you sitting here on the floor.”

“Should we even try to fight this?” Tony asked as he stepped towards the Marine.

“I don’t know, I haven’t even gotten your name or what you’re doing here.”

“I’m here with my boss, something about a missing woman that is his goddaughter. And name is DiNozzo. Anthony DiNozzo.” The Marine was staring at him like Tony had two heads. After a moment or so, he started to get really uncomfortable. “Is there something wrong Marine?”

“Sorry, I’m sorry just thinking of something ridiculous my brother would say about how there are no such thing as coincidences. Yet, here you are.”

“I think I’m quickly losing the thread of this conversation. Please, enlighten me.” Tony leaned back against the wall and waited.

“My brother is Spencer Reid, he’s a Guide and when he was seventeen, his Sentinel went missing. That was almost nine years ago. It was hard on everyone, especially our older brother John, who tried to help Spencer. The goddaughter you mentioned? That is Spencer’s Sentinel.”

“Oh, and what’s your name?”

“Alec, Alec Sheppard. Youngest son of Patrick and Adele Sheppard and Guide extraordinaire.” Alec grinned wide as he leaned his side against the wall next to where Tony was.

“Hmm, I think you are going to have to let me decide on the extraordinaire part.” Tony itched to touch, but he was going to wait to see what Alec was going to do.

“Cheeky,” Alec grinned as he moved closer, the heat from his body making Tony shiver just a bit. The longer Alec was there, the better Tony was feeling, the more those dark places were lighting up inside him.

“We could stand here and flirt all day long with each other, or we can go to your bunk.” Tony didn’t even try to hide the heat in his eyes as he looked at his guide, and didn’t that just hit him right in the gut.

“I think I want to do this first, a little experiment, just you know, to make sure.” Alec moved in even closer as he lifted a hand and cupped Tony’s cheek.

“Yeah, okay, good idea.” Tony let the kiss happen as his hands wandered down to Alec’s hips, gripping him tight he pulled the man even closer to him. The obscene moan that escaped when his half-hard erection pressed against Alec’s made Tony open his mouth just a bit. It was enough that Alec was able to slip the tip of his tongue inside making teasing passes as lips slid together. The kiss spun out as Tony gripped the back of Alec’s neck and held him right where he wanted him. They didn’t actually break apart till they heard a throat clearing. Alec jumped back as he looked at the blonde woman standing there with a half-amused expression on her face.


“Ma’am.” Alec had snapped to attention and Tony stood there unashamed at his current predicament.

“I should ask what is going on here.”

“Well, Colonel, my name is Tony DiNozzo and I came here with Gibbs and his Guide. I needed a break and, well, just happened to find my Guide.”

“Sheppard? Is this true?”

“Ma’am, yes ma’am it is.”

“Uh huh. Standard bonding time, go see Dr. Lam about a bonding room and I’ll see that you are taken off rotation. Get to know your Sentinel, Lieutenant.” The Colonel smiled at them both as she patted Alec’s upper arm.

“Dr. Lam?”

“Base Doctor. No bonded to Agent Hotchner and his Guide Agent Morgan.”

“Ahh, the hot chick back in the conference room.”

Alec grinned wide as he shook his head, then he took Tony’s hand and led him back towards the conference room. He knocked, and when he got the all clear he opened the door.

“DiNozzo, where’d you go?” Gibbs barked, then looked down at his hand still in Alec’s.

“Went wandering and just happened to find my Guide.”

“Lieutenant Sheppard.”

“General. Colonel Carter, she ah she said to come see Dr. Lam, Sir.”

The Doctor looked towards the two men and smiled at them.

“Come on, I’ll take you to a bonding suite. You two,” she narrowed her eyes at Aaron and Derek, “behave. I’ll only be gone a moment.” She turned and placed a hand on Tony’s and Alec’s shoulders, steering them out of the conference room and through the base. When they neared he infirmary, she steered them further where there were several rooms that looked like they were sound proofed.

“Suite two. Rooms are soundproofed, dampners and white noise machines available. Once you switch on the sign, the windows will also be blacked out. No one will bother you till you come out. I’m assuming that the Colonel is giving you the standard four days?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I’ll make sure food, water and some electrolytes are sent to the room each day. Have fun you two. And congratulations.” The Doctor patted them on the back before leaving them to it.

Tony didn’t have to be told twice as he pulled his Guide into the room, fulling intending to take every single advantage of the four days that he could. When the door shut behind Alec, Tony didn’t waste any time at all.