Do Androids Love Their Electric Sheep? – Chapters 9 – 10

Part Nine 1

Aaron woke first to the sounds that came from the small kitchen. He looked over to see that Ethan was up and getting some coffee brewing. Aaron looked down at the man wrapped around him and held in the sigh that wanted to escape. He knew they were in serious trouble, but he also knew he could not let the Committee get their hands on Spencer. He was sure that if they did, he would never see the man again, and though he wasn’t in love, he knew he could find himself there very quickly. He needed to get them to Los Angeles, and to Tyrell safely. He needed a plan.

Carding his fingers in Spencer’s hair and bussing a kiss on his forehead Aaron could admit to himself that he was afraid. He hadn’t felt this kind of fear in a long time and it made him nervous because they couldn’t afford any mistakes at this point. Teo stirred beside him and crawled into the crook of his arm and started to purr, his instinct to help calm Aaron down. Taking a deep breath he turned his head and saw Ethan watching him. They locked eyes and Aaron could see the struggle on his face. After the confessions of the night before Aaron was surprised that Ethan had even let them stay the night. Extricating himself from Spencer and Teo, Aaron got up, he needed the restroom and to change. He didn’t want to say anything to their host until he felt a little more presentable.

Aaron grabbed his pack and headed into the bathroom to take care of his morning ablutions, and dress in some of the clothes he had bought the night before. He took stock of his credits and hoped they would be just enough to get them to Los Angeles. Finally, when he felt ready, he left the bathroom. He headed to the kitchen where his clothes were still in the sonic cleaner. He pulled them out and folded them, then stuffed them in his pack.

“Coffee. It’s not as good as Spencer’s, but it’s all I got.” Ethan set a cup on his small counter for Aaron.

“You really hurt him last night. From what he’s told me you two are supposed to be best friends. I would think that you’d accept him, no matter what. He needs you, and you shoved him away.” Aaron’s tone was biting and hard and he didn’t even care. A protective instinct had been woken up in him because of Spencer and he would defend the young man from anyone and anything.

“I just…it was all too much. I’m mad that he didn’t think he could tell me the truth.” They both turned and looked at the man on the bed still. Spencer stirred as if he sensed them watching him. Aaron wanted to rush him along but knew that right now he couldn’t. The urgency of their situation wasn’t lost on him, but Spencer needed this time, and Aaron would give it to him, within reason.

“Don’t you think he was protecting his mother? He has a powerful bond with his parents Ethan, I think he was keeping her secret from everyone. Because I’m sure if others knew, I would not have been the first Blade Runner to find them.”

Ethan took a sip of his coffee and looked like he was contemplating something. Aaron wasn’t going to rush him, the man had a lot thrown at him the previous night, and though Aaron was still angry at Ethan’s reaction, he would wait to hear what he had on his mind.

“You can’t take his bike. It’s too well known around here. I’ve got a storage place, has a vehicle that was my Dad’s. It’s working I take it out once a week, keep it charged and in good condition, you can take it. I’ll take you to it once he gets up and dressed.”

Aaron crossed his arms and widened his stance as he assessed the young man.


Ethan chuckled and took a sip of his coffee.

“Because I was an asshole and you two need to get out of here and I am counting on you to keep him safe.”

“You really mean that Ethan?” The two men turned to see Spencer sitting up in the bed, Teo in his lap rubbing his face against Spencer’s belly. Aaron almost groaned at the rumpled look of his lover and kept his mating instincts in check. This was neither the time nor the place to tackle the younger man back on the bed and have sex, though that was exactly what he wanted to do.

“I been up all night Pen thinking. I said things out of hurt and anger and I’m sorry.”

Spencer was out of bed like a shot and wrapping his arms around Ethan. Aaron saw the tears forming in his eyes, but waited to see what was going to happen.

“I didn’t mean to lie to you, Ethan. I just, I wanted to protect her.”

Ethan sighed as he buried his face against Spencer’s neck.

“Yeah, I get it Pen. Look, you guys need to get outta here. I’ll get you coffee, you go do what you need to.”

Spencer pulled away and nodded, as he passed Aaron he kissed him on the cheek then grabbed his pack and went to the bathroom. It didn’t take much longer before they were piled in Ethan’s car and going to the stacked storage units not too far away from the apartment. Ethan keyed in a code and they drove through to where the stack of units was. Ethan walked up to one and keyed in another code and the units moved, almost like on a conveyor belt. When his unit appeared, Ethan took a key card and slid it in the slot unlocking the unit. Inside was the vehicle, another cycle, and other things.

“My parent’s things that they left behind when they retired and moved. Here.” Ethan handed Spencer the keys to the vehicle. “Get out of here, and stay safe.”


“Not now. We’ll deal with all this when it’s over, just, know that I’m sorry.”

Spencer hugged Ethan, not knowing what to say, he grabbed his pack, and Aaron grabbed his as well as Teo and they got into the hovercar, thanked Ethan once more and started out of the Storage Park.

“We should stick to the backroads, stay off the main highway.” Aaron didn’t want to trust the mapping system in the car. He pulled out his PDD and pulled up a hard copy of the map of the West Coast he had stored on there. It would keep them off satellite and less chance of being found. “Here, if we take this, head slightly up into Canada, then back down into Washington, we’ll stay off the grid. We should have enough to get us to Vancouver to refuel and resupply. We can camp out if we have to. I can take over anytime you want me to Spence.”

Spencer to a look at the map and quickly processed it. He filed it away in his mind and agreed that all though it’s a long way around if they were being followed, it wouldn’t be expected.

“Morgan will expect us to head down and into Idaho, this will throw him off, at least for a few days. We can get a head start.”

Spencer stared straight ahead as he gripped the wheel.

Aaron was worried because he wasn’t saying anything.


“I know an old-fashioned diner just outside of Vancouver that we can get something to eat. It’ll be safe.”

“Spencer we need to talk about what happened.”

“Not yet. Please, Aaron, let me just drive for a while. I know I can use the autopilot, but I need the distraction, at least for right now.”

“Okay, you just let me know if you’re getting tired.”

Spencer just nodded and Aaron could tell he was fighting back tears. He let it go for now, but he would get his lover to talk when they found a reasonable spot to stop for the night. They flew across the backroads and were closing in on Vancouver quickly. This was the part that Aaron was worried about, the border patrol. As they approached Spencer grabbed Aaron’s ID that he was giving Spencer. They were both a bundle of nerves on the inside but tried not to show it on the outside.

The guard looked them over, then looked in the vehicle to see Teo curled up in the back seat.

“He’s robotic, not a real cat, but don’t let him hear you say that. He certainly thinks he’s real.” Spencer chuckled and laid on the boyish charm rather thick.

“I bet. What are your plans? Business or Pleasure?’

“Pleasure. Breakfast, some shopping maybe catch some entertainment.” Aaron was impressed with Spencer’s smooth bluffing. The patrol officer gave them back their credentials, smiled and let them move on after telling them to have a nice day.

The tension in the car eased as soon as they cleared the border.

“That was impressive.”

“Been coming up here all my life, it’s easy to get around them.” Spencer took a deep breath and kept driving for a little while more then veered off the main highway and started to go deeper into a residential area. A few minutes later they were pulling into an out of the way, but very busy diner. It was done up in a mock of 1950’s neon, but with some modern touches.

“A bit of a tourist trap, but they don’t have cams. Like a lot of people that live in this area, they stay off the grid. Think the Governments have too much control. Patti’s is kind of neutral territory and no one messes with them. Too well liked. Come on, I promise, Aaron, we’ll be safe here.”

Aaron took a breath and stepped out. Teo voiced his disapproval at being left in the car. Aaron pulled a little card out of his wallet and stuck it in the window.

Robotic animal inside, Please do not disturb.

“I’ve had more than one well-meaning person try to ‘rescue’ Teo when I’ve had to leave him behind. They get rather put out that he’s not real.”

Aaron chuckled, despite the situation they were in. Spencer was right, the place was busy enough that they wouldn’t stand out. They could get some breakfast and maybe order some sandwiches to go and be on their way. He didn’t particularly like it, but they needed to eat and with no camera’s around, they could relax for a bit and maybe talk about everything that has happened in the last twenty-four hours. He knew that Spencer hadn’t processed yet, he was waiting for the crash he knew was coming. He could tell the younger man was barely holding it all in, he just hoped he knew what to do when Spencer finally did break down.

Aaron said a little thank you under his breath when the hostess sat them far away in a small corner of the busy restaurant. He sat in the corner with the wall to his back, but he had a perfect line of sight everywhere. Those hunting instincts of his he let a bit of his control slack so that he could react if something did happen. His eye flitted around the restaurant taking in everyone and everything.

Their waitress came up and smiled as she took their orders for coffee and juice. When she was gone Aaron had cataloged the whole of the restaurant and committed it to memory. When he swung his gaze back to Spencer he noticed the odd look he was getting.


“I just…you’re looking around as if you’re ready for a fight.”

“It’s instinct, Spencer. I need to know and understand my surroundings. Usually, I’m not this hyper-aware, but we are now fugitives. I mean to protect you, at all costs.”

Aaron was flexing his hand on the table and wasn’t even aware he was doing it until Spencer reached across and took it, stilling him.

“But you can’t stay like that all the time, it’ll exhaust you. I promise this place is safe.”

Aaron had already come to that conclusion, but it didn’t mean he was going to relax fully. Taking a breath he curled his fingers around Spencer’s.

“I don’t know why I feel, whatever this is, so strongly. I just found you and I don’t want to let you go. I don’t want anyone to hurt you.” Aaron confessed right before their drinks were served. They gave their orders and ordered food to go as well. They didn’t know when they would be able to stop again and getting something that would last through the day was easier than stopping.

After she left Spencer tapped the table with his free hand before looking back-up at Aaron.

“I don’t want you to let me go. I don’t want to lose you either. But, Aaron what are we going to do?”

“We need help. I know I won’t be able to do all of this on my own. I had originally thought to go to Dave and Jason first, but now I’m thinking that Tyrell is going to be monitored. It’s what I would do. Everyone knows how close Jason and I are. It was no secret through the trials. We’ve been seen together many times over the years. So, we need a back door so to speak.”

“Okay, who would that be?”

“Drs Rodney McKay and John Sheppard. It isn’t well known outside of Tyrell Corp that Dr. Sheppard is the third head of the company. Not even Morgan would suspect him and McKay doesn’t let his feelings about the Committee stay quiet. Thing is he is too important and too well known for the Committee to actually do anything about him. He’s the foremost scientist on reproduction and the dwindling Earth population. We get to them. First, we find a safe place to hide, then I contact Dr. McKay, he’ll bully his husband into helping.”

“Bully?” Spencer questioned as their food came and their package was set off to the side. Aaron chuckled and thought back to that pleasant evening he had spent with them.

“When you meet them, you’ll get it. Sheppard worships the ground his husband walks on.”

No more was said as they tucked into their meal, getting coffee refills, though Aaron had to admit, he missed Spencer’s homegrown and roasted coffee. The fake stuff just wasn’t the same anymore. Aaron frowned into the cup and shook his head. He had gotten spoiled in the week he had spent on the Deckard farm.

“You want my coffee don’t you?”

“Does it show?”


Aaron shook his head as he finished off his breakfast. He stood and went to pay for their food, Spencer followed right behind. They hadn’t talked, not like they should but the situation was stressful enough, but he knew the emotional toll it was going to take. He had to keep himself strong to be there for Spencer.

Aaron took the driver’s side this time as they got back in the car. Teo meowed his displeasure at being left alone. Aaron started the vehicle and made their way back down towards Washington. He kept to the backroads and thought about a good stopping place.

“How are you about camping?”

“Dad and I…” Spencer looked out the window and Aaron knew Spencer was still trying to hold back. “Dad and I would go all the time. He got one of those solar tents. I ah, I don’t mind.”

“Okay. I want to keep us as far off the grid as possible.”

“Do you need the map?” Spencer’s voice was quiet as he looked down at his hands. The crash was coming, and Aaron wanted to get deep in the Washington woodlands before they stopped to rest.

“No. I have it in my head. The less we use my PDD the better.”

“You have the map of where we are going in your head?”

“Eidetic memory.”

“Really?” Spencer perked up at that and it put a smile on Aaron’s face.

“Yes. They aren’t sure if it would have been natural or part of the enhancements, but it comes in handy on investigations.”

“Is that one reason they keep denying your Ph.D.?”

“It’s part of it. The other is the prejudice and right now I’m tired of fighting what people think of me, what they believe of me and others like me.”

Spencer got quiet as they flew over the backroads, staying out of the way of camera’s and highway tracking systems. After a while, they stopped and had lunch while Aaron checked his PDD for any reports about him or Spencer. The last he saw was Morgan heading into Idaho. He knew it wasn’t going to take much for the man to backtrack and figure out where they really went, but he figured they had one, hopefully, two days head start. They finished their food and Aaron headed farther in. When it started to get dusk he knew it was time to stop.

He took a moment to figure out where they have then maneuvered the vehicle onto a little-used road. He slowed and looked around, letting his instincts take them to a relatively safe spot. When he found one that he liked he pulled off into the dense trees, the hover car just being able to squeeze in between.

The two men got out and Aaron grabbed the second bag he had bought at the survivalist store. Punching in a code on the top of the bag a tent folded out. It was rigid and would stand securely. Throwing sleeping bags and blankets inside Aaron crawled in with Spencer right behind him. They awkwardly stripped, then got under the makeshift covers. Laying on their sides, Aaron spooned in behind Spencer and held him close. He couldn’t sleep because he was worried about Spencer. He knew the nightmares were going to come and he wanted to be ready for them.

Part Nine 2

Spencer bolted upright screaming and Aaron was there, waking him up.

“Spencer.” Aaron grabbed his shoulders and the young man started to fight him, which was difficult to do in the small tent. Aaron tried to get him to calm down, but between the struggle and the yelling, he thought it might be best to let him go. Bolting out of the tent, Spencer stopped just a few feet away and fell to his knees, wrapped his arms around his waist and started sobbing.

Aaron crawled out, grabbing a blanket he ran over and wrapped it around Spencer. The night was clear, but it was cold. He hadn’t wanted to risk an external heat source because most of them gave off light. The tent automatically cycled between the temperatures that were manually set.

He expected Spencer to throw if off, but instead, he wrapped it even tighter around himself and curled down. He didn’t know what to do he sat in front of the young man and pulled him onto his lap. Aaron carded his fingers in Spencer’s hair as he wrapped his other arm around him. He was trying to tamp down on his own emotions as guilt pooled in his belly.

Teo came out of the tent and jumped onto Aaron’s neck and draped over him, trying to comfort him. He felt it when the sobbing stopped and Spencer moved in even closer.

“I’m sorry Spencer. I am so sorry.”

“Dad was always afraid of something like this. A part of me wants to blame you. A part of me wants to hate you for it, but I don’t. All you did was follow through on the investigation another Runner had started. Eventually, they would have come. I have to find out what happened to my father, Aaron. We left him there, oh god.” Spencer clung tighter as he tried not to cry anymore. Teo slid from Aaron’s shoulders and moved to wrap around Spencer’s. The cat rubbed at Spencer’s cheek and purred, trying in his own way to try and sooth the young man.

“I should have left. I could have buried the information easily, encrypted it so no one else would find you. I should have left you alone.”

Spencer didn’t let up as he clung, he buried his head against Aaron’s chest.

“Why didn’t you?” Spencer’s voice was barely a whisper as he asked.

“I saw you. I saw you and it was like…I don’t know I just needed to know you, needed to touch you. It was fast and primal and I don’t understand why, but I felt like you were mine.”

Spencer took a shuddering breath as he reached up and pulled Teo down to his lap, where the cat curled in between them. He took a while to respond because he understood almost exactly what Aaron was saying.

“I felt it too. It felt right being with you and as much as I’m angry about my mother, I can’t lose you, Aaron.”

“You won’t. When we get to the city I’ll make contact with Sheppard and McKay. They are our key to getting to Tyrell.” Aaron felt Spencer’s breath deepen as he relaxed more and more into Aaron’s arms. “You think you can sleep?”

“I’ll try.” Spencer reluctantly uncurled from Aaron’s lap and wiped the dirt off him and shook out the blanket as he shivered in the cold night. Aaron stood as well and got them resettled in the tent. It was an uneasy sleep, but they did get a couple of hours.

The morning dawned cold and cloudy as the two men left the tent, Aaron giving Spencer the cleaning gel. The quickly used it, then dressed. A stream nearby let them get some fresh water to drink, Aaron using a filtration bottle to filter out any impurities. From here on out, they would rely on small food stalls and the rations they had bought at the survivalist store. No more highly public places.

Aaron took the risk and checked his PDD, nothing about him or Spencer on any of the accessible channels. He didn’t have the resources to be able to hack into Morgan’s GPS, but he figured they had at least a day. Packing up after getting dressed they threw everything in the car. Aaron knew at some point they would need to ditch the vehicle and get a new one. Something that wasn’t as conspicuous.  He carefully maneuvered out of the tree line they were hiding in and he continued down the same back roads. He hoped to hit one of the retro style small towns that had popped up in recent years. People trying to get back to a less connected and invasive life. Much like Spencer’s parents had, but even more.

As he drove, they talked. Spencer would at times get quiet and Aaron knew he was grieving. They didn’t have time for him to properly deal with his feelings and it just added onto the guilt he was feeling.

“I think there’s a small retro town about ten miles away. We should be able to find a food stall to stop and eat. I want to preserve the rations as much as possible.”

“Okay,” Spencer said as he kept his face towards the passenger window.


“Don’t. I just need to deal with this in my own way, okay Aaron?”

“Okay.” Aaron sighed, but he wasn’t going to push. Teo was curled on the younger man’s lap and that seemed to be helping Spencer more than he was. He hoped he could figure out something that he could do to help.

“New Haven, just ahead. We’ll stop there.” Aaron turned the vehicle in that direction and cautiously pulled up into the center of town. After parking, they got out, leaving Teo in the vehicle and looked around.

“Looks like a town right out of the 1960s. I’ve seen historical documents. I don’t see cameras or surveillance equipment.”

“It’s like I told you. They live off the grid, limiting their technology. Come on, let’s see what we can find.”

They walked around and found a small food stall that was selling breakfast goods and coffee. Aaron bought them something to eat, making small talk with the vendor who appeared friendly enough. They found out there was a small hotel and unlike some of the retro towns, they liked tourists, and often encourage them to come.

As they ate and walked, Aaron took note of the types of stores around. He also saw advertising for a car lot. After he had the main town mapped out in his head, he and Spencer walked back to their vehicle and Aaron drove them to check out what the car lot was like. It wasn’t hard to find at all.

“Good morning, my name is Rufus Howard, how can I help you, gentlemen?” The man asked as he held out his hand. Aaron knew right away that the man was actually a Nexus 5, and a very good one at that.

“I want to find out about trading in my vehicle.”

“Well now, we can certainly help you with that. Do you want a few minutes to look around?” Aaron nodded and carefully inspected the cars that had been restored to look like early 21st century vehicles, but under the hoods were modern engines. There was a nice non-descript black car, four-door with plenty of trunk space. The asking price was reasonable too. It was a Mercury Aries, popular in 2130. It was one of the first self-recharging vehicles. It was also in good condition, and the engine, according to Spencer, looked very good. He found out that day that Spencer had worked on all the ranch and farm equipment, keeping it running.

“What kind of deal can we get if we trade in my Titan Mrk 4?”

The salesmen looked at Aaron’s vehicle, taking his time and looking at everything in the vehicle. He came back with a PDD in his hand and showed him what he was willing to do. Nodding his head at the generous trade-in amount, Aaron took out one of the cards he had some of his money hidden on and handed it to the attendant.

“Are you sure it’s safe to use cards, Aaron?”

“It’s a preloaded card. I had much of my money separated into different hidden accounts after my parents died. I knew if the Committee knew where my money was, they’d try to take control of it. I wasn’t going to let that happen. Don’t worry, it’s buried pretty deep.”

Spencer was standing next to him vibrating with nerves as he looked toward the office that the salesman had disappeared into. He knew anything could go wrong at any time and this was a prime area for an ambush.

When Rufus came back out with a smile on his face and the remote control in his hand, Spencer almost breathed a sigh of relief.

“Here you go, Mr. Sewell. I just need a quick signature for the transaction and this baby is yours.” Aaron used his finger to sign the receipt, William Deeks Sewell was just one name his money was under. By the time they were pulling out of the lot both Aaron and Spencer breathed a momentary sigh of relief.

“That was too easy Aaron.” Spencer was fidgeting in his seat.

“I agree, but we’ll be long gone by the time anyone starts looking for us.” Aaron didn’t want to spend more time in the small town than they had to. When he transferred everything from his old vehicle, to the new one, he made sure to clean off any trace of himself or Spencer from it before giving the remote over to the dealer. He also checked the Mercury out to make sure there were no tracking devices or bugs anywhere in the car. Finding none, he was satisfied with the quick deal. It put a dent in his personal account, but he knew it was worth it to keep Spencer safe.

He stopped at the same small food stall and ordered something for them to go. He waited nervously, but his outside demeanor he projected calm and confidence. The vendor gave him his food, he paid then got in the car and drove off. He had wanted to spend that night at the hotel, but after the ease of purchasing the car, he figured it was the best course of action to leave. He again stuck to the backroads and figured out they would be crossing into Organ just before night fell.

Aaron’s hope was to be halfway into Organ before they got any indication of being followed. He looked over at Spencer and saw that the young man had fallen asleep. He wasn’t surprised, the night before had been hard on him and Aaron knew it wasn’t going to get any easier. There wasn’t any time to deal with what he was going through, and that just compounded Aaron’s guilt.

Aaron found a place for them to stop to eat, stretch and rest for a while. He was trying to figure out how long to keep the current vehicle. He knew at some point before getting into California, they would have to abandon the car and possibly steal a different one. He wasn’t going to risk another dealer.

He looked over to see that Spencer wasn’t really eating. The soup Aaron had bought was light and he figured that they shouldn’t be eating anything heavy. The water was almost gone though, and he knew he’d have to find a source for some fresh.

“Spencer, I know this is hard and if I could change things believe I would, but you have to eat something. Even if it’s just the bread and some of the broth.”

Spencer looked up from his bowl and stared, almost unseeing at Aaron. The wetness in his eyes was breaking Aaron’s heart. After a moment Spencer turned and looked at Aaron.

“I can’t.”

“Spence, please. We still have a long way to go and you need to keep your strength up. If we have any chance at all of finding your father, you need to be strong.”

Nodding, the younger man nibbled on the bread and the rice flour dumplings in the soup. After a bit, he put the lid back on the bowl and set it aside. He took a drink of the water then walked to the car and curled up in the backseat with Teo in a ball on his hip. Aaron grabbed the bowl and put it back in the bag. It would keep for another day and Aaron could heat it up using the small burner he had bought with the other supplies.

Aaron got in the car and without looking back at Spencer he drove.


Aaron drove for hours. He found an out of the way motel they could stop for the night. He had to practically drag Spencer in with him. He stripped the young man set his clothes aside. The motel luckily had a sonic cleaner. They were cheap and most places had them. It was big enough to put his and Spencer clothes from the day in it. He set his alarm for six hours. He knew it wasn’t quite enough sleep, but they needed at least some as he slipped into bed after getting Spencer situated.

Late in the night, Aaron was woken up by shaking and he opened his eyes to see Spencer crying. He wrapped an arm around the young man and pulled him close. He had no words he could give, he knew it was going to take time for Spencer. After a while, the young man fell back to sleep.

The rest of the night went on without incident. Aaron himself went to sleep, but a part of him always stayed aware.

Aaron was woken up by something warm and wet wrapped around his cock. He sucked in a breath as he looked down to see a naked Spencer bobbing his head up and down. Aaron’s awareness slammed into him and he had to curl his fingers in the sheets underneath him. The spike in pleasure that ran through his body had him involuntarily thrusting his hips up. He thought for a moment that he should probably stop Spencer, but his brain was short-circuiting and he was finding it hard to use his words.

Hands wrapped around his waist and held him down as he once again looked down to watch what Spencer was doing to him.

“Spencer,” Aaron finally managed to get out as he slipped his fingers in Spencer’s hair. “Fuck… Spencer, we shouldn’t be doing this.” He was trying to take in Spencer’s emotional state and knew that this probably wasn’t the right time for this.

Spencer hummed around Aaron’s cock which had him moaning in pleasure. A moment later, Spencer crawled up his body and kissed him, hard.

“I want you, I need you, Aaron. I need you to help me feel…something. I feel so empty, please, help me feel something more than just this emptiness.”

Aaron lifted his legs and planted his feet on the bed. The rumbled growl that escaped his throat had Spencer’s eyes dilating with lust. He swallowed a few times as Spencer bent his head and started to nibble and suck at his nipples. He knew he should push Spencer away, but he didn’t. He pulled him up and kissed him hard.

“I want the real you Aaron. I want that part of you that you’re afraid of, hurt me, fuck me.” Aaron couldn’t stop the growl or the flare of that animal side of himself from flaring up. His teeth itched wanting to sink them into the younger man’s neck. The mark that was already there that he had given Spencer just a week prior. His cock twitched and filled even more. He wanted to just sink into the younger man and take him.

“Spencer…” Aaron was going to protest when Spencer reached behind him and grabbed Aaron’s cock and slid down onto him. His natural lubricant helping to make it easier. “Shit.” Aaron grabbed Spencer’s hips and dug his nails in as his breath was knocked from him.

It took him a moment but the second that Spencer started to move above him he lost all control. He held on even tighter to Spencer’s waist, stilling him, his eyes turning golden and slitted, he growled low and deep as he fucked into Spencer over and over. His heart was racing his blood pumping as he moved not so gently in and out of Spencer. The noises his lover was making spurred him on.

“Come on Aaron,” Spencer was panting as he tried to match Aaron’s rough and hard pace,” Hurt me.” He grunted as he rode his lover.

Aaron let Spencer’s hips go and gripped his shoulders, then scratched down Spencer’s back. The young man howled and Aaron knew he drew blood, but he was sinking deeper into that animal side and Spencer’s cries of yes, more, like that, just spurred him on. Biting, scratching, and slapping Spencer’s ass he grunted and groaned. It was primal and out of control, but Aaron couldn’t stop, even if he wanted to. He gripped Spencer by the back of the neck and roughly pulled him down. He wrapped an arm around Spencer’s waist and held him down, fucking into him harder. He was so close. He nuzzled at Spencer’s neck and closed his eyes he bit into the soft flesh where his mark was, as he sunk his teeth in he screamed against Spencer’s neck as the orgasm crashed over him violently. He felt Spencer’s release coat his stomach as the man thrust down against him.

Slowly Aaron got his breath back and gently removed his teeth from Spencer’s neck. It took him a few moments to come down from the high he always felt giving into that side of himself. He wrapped arms around Spencer and held him close as the young man finally and completely broke apart in his arms. Aaron just held him knowing he needed to fully purge himself, which he had been short of doing the night before.

“That’s it, Spencer. That’s it, let it out.” Aaron made soothing noises as he caressed Spencer’s sides. He knew he’d have to get them up and take care of the wounds he inflicted on Spencer’s body. But for the moment he was going to let the young man finally let it all out.

“I’m sorry,” Spencer said weakly as he clung to Aaron.

“There is nothing to be sorry for Spencer. I’ve been waiting for this, you stopped short last night and I knew you wouldn’t be able to keep going like this. I know it hurts, I do she was your mother and in the short time I spent with you and your parents, she loved you so very much. I promise you, Spencer, I promise we will make Morgan pay for what he did.”

“I want him dead.”

Aaron sighed, he knew where the sentiment came from, but he knew if he let Spencer do anything to Morgan there wouldn’t be anything he could do to keep the boy safe.

“I know you do and I know you want revenge, but Spencer, if you do anything to Morgan, I can’t help you. I’ll try to keep you as safe as I can, but if Morgan dies, and they catch us before we get to Jason and Dave, I won’t be able to help you.”

Spencer lifted his head and looked at Aaron, a deep frown on his face.

“I know, I’m not going to do anything, but I want to Aaron. I do and it will be hard to stop myself if he finds us, but I’ll try and not do anything stupid.”

Aaron took a deep breath as he carded his fingers in Spencer’s hair. His heart beat hard in his chest as he realized he felt more for the young man than was possible in such a short time. He didn’t know how long this was going to last, or if it would once they were able to, hopefully, get clear of their situation. He didn’t want to lose Spencer, not for anything in the world.

“Come on, we need to clean up and I’ll take care of…these…” Aaron tried not to cringe at what he had done, and when all Spencer did was kiss him and didn’t look at him like he was a freak a part of him deep down started to heal. All those broken parts he had been living with for so long started to piece back together. He knew this was dangerous, he didn’t want to rely on Spencer to help him, but it was already happening. He watched as Spencer stood and went to take a shower. He sat up on the bed and wiped a hand down his face and knew he was truly screwed. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do now for Spencer, his fate was now irrevocably tied to the younger man’s. He stood finally and went to the bathroom and took his own shower. By the time he was out Spencer had pulled their clothes from the sonic cleaner. They put them on, grabbed Teo and left. They still had many miles to go and hopefully Morgan was still far behind them.

Part Ten

It’s happened! A Nexus 6 gave birth to a healthy baby boy and the mother survived. The nanite DNA in the mother just needed some minor tweaking. I’m hoping to get Jason on board with this, my protege should be here to see this. Dave still has no knowledge of what I am doing. He would object, I’m sure, but I’ve come too far to be stopped now. The child is perfect. He and the mother will go back to the home that they have been living in for quite a while now. The father, and husband, has no knowledge of what his wife really is. I’m going to have Jason monitor the situation, make sure the boy stays healthy. He is the first of our future.

Those bloody idiots! Why did they subject their son to the Enhancement Movement? Dammit. I have no idea what this is going to do to the boy. I should not have let it get this far. All I can do is continue to monitor the situation. At least the father still doesn’t know what his son it, but I cannot foresee that this will go well for the boy. The mother still has a few years before expiration. I don’t know what is going to happen from here.

I fear what may happen to the boy….

Personal Diary of Eldon Tyrell

Aaron drove and tried to keep his focus on the road in front of him. He knew he would need to get out of the back roads soon and enter the highway. That was where it was going to get tense. Even though they had a different vehicle, Aaron was nervous about getting the rest of the way to Los Angeles. That feeling that they were being followed was back, but he couldn’t place it. They were almost to the California-Oregon border when he decided to turn into an obscure path that anyone else would have missed. He narrowed his eyes and his keen eyesight let him see the overrun old road, he turned down it and went in about a mile. When he looked back he didn’t see anyone right away.


“I don’t know, I keep feeling like someone has been following us since we picked-up this car. I didn’t say anything because I suspected it was my paranoia.”

“But now you don’t think so, do you?”

Aaron didn’t say anything as he pressed his lips together in a hardline then as silently as possible went further in. He figured there would be some kind of turnout or blind they could pull into. When he finally did find something Aaron was almost positive that they were being followed. He pulled into a blind, with overgrown trees as their natural camouflage, then he carefully opened his door and dropped down to a crouching position. He called for Teo through their link, and the cat dropped in front of him sniffing the air. The large cat slunk down low to the ground as did Aaron and he saw two vehicles stopping. The first one stopped fully and Morgan got out trying to look around him. Aaron growled low in his throat, as did Teo, he looked back at Spencer and motioned for him to lay low. Aaron watched as Spencer, as quietly as he could, get into the rear of the car and flatten down on the floor. Aaron still had his gun with him, he had slipped it under the front seat. Slowly he pulled it out and slipped it into the back of his jeans, he wanted to be ready for anything.

“We have to find them. You two, go that way.” Aaron watched as Morgan pointed west of them. He then directed two more to go east, which was the same direction he and Spencer were hiding in, but further down from where they were. Morgan was alone as he pulled out his gun and started to move forward.

Aaron knew he had the advantage, none of the men had ever fought in this kind of terrain before, but he had. He just hoped he could dispatch them and they could get out of there as quickly as they could. He didn’t want to kill anyone, but if it was between keeping Spencer safe by getting rid of the threat, or subduing them and taking the chance of them being followed again, he would do the former. Aaron let himself sink into his animalistic side as he patiently waited for the right time to strike. He wasn’t surprised when Teo growled even deeper then took off in the direction of the two men slowly coming their way. He carefully listened, his hearing tracking Teo as the very large cat silently ran, he knew, almost instinctively, when Teo was going to spring his attack, he got ready to do the same to Morgan.

When he heard the scream of a man Aaron flew out of his hiding place and tackled Morgan to the ground and pinned him. He had enough presence of mind to grab his gun and point it the man.

“Don’t fucking move. Call your men, now.”

“Hotch, you can’t seriously believe that thing, is worth throwing your life away.”

“Now you’re worried about me? You weren’t when you shot Rachel. Where is Deckard? I will only ask once, call off your men and tell me where Deckard is.”

Morgan glared at Aaron and thought for half a moment about trying to get to his weapon, but Aaron just smiled as he pulled it up in his hand. They had a momentary battle of wills, then in a gruff voice, Morgan called for his men to come back.

“Now, Deckard.” Aaron’s face was set in a hard stoic look as he held one gun to Morgan’s head and the other on the two men with him.

“He’s being taken to the LA department. My men are holding him, if you kill me, I can’t help him.” Morgan glared up at Aaron who was fighting for control of himself. The protection of Spencer was first and foremost in his mind.

He had to do something, he couldn’t hold all three of them off forever.

“Spencer,” Aaron called out. It was a couple of moments for Spencer to crawl out of the vehicle and come running over to Aaron.

“Get the ties and the rope from the trunk.” Aaron heard Teo growling at one of the men standing in front of him.

“Don’t move or I will shoot you.” The man stopped what he was doing and stood there looking nervous. “Spencer, take this gun and keep it trained on Morgan.” Aaron kept his eyes on the man under him as he slowly started to get up off of him.  “And if he so moves one inch, shoot him.”

Spencer took the gun with ease as he glared at Morgan.

“Don’t think I don’t know how to use this. My father taught me everything he knows about guns. You fucking killed my mother so don’t get any ideas that I would hesitate to shoot you. Give me one good reason.” Spencer growled out as he glared at Morgan.

Aaron, in the meantime, had gotten the two men over to a tree where he tied their hands behind their backs, then wrapped the rope around them and tied it off. He went through their pockets and pulled out anything sharp or anything that could be used to try to cut the plastic cuffs. He was glad now that he had grabbed some from the survival store, they were going to come in very handy.

When he got them situated he forced Morgan over to another tree and did the same thing. He then pulled out his communication device and disabled it. Running up to Morgan’s vehicle he did the same, disabled the vehicle, but set a tracking device to go off approximately three to four hours after he and Spencer left the area.

“You just gonna leave us here?” Morgan yelled at Aaron as he was putting the parts of the engine that he disabled from Morgan’s vehicle in the trunk of his own vehicle. Then walked over and crouched down in front of the man.

“Someone will find you in a few hours. I’m just not going to make it easy for them. Don’t worry, it won’t get cold enough for you to get hurt. You’re lucky Spencer didn’t kill you. I wouldn’t have blamed him.”

“You son-of-a-bitch, you let us go right now,” Morgan said through gritted teeth as he glared at Aaron.

“No. Don’t worry, you’ll be found, I, unlike you, am not a murderer. The only reason I killed your men, was because I was protecting innocent people.” Aaron stood and threw the tracking device at Morgan’s feet then walked back to his vehicle.

Spencer got in not saying a word, but Aaron saw he was shaking.

“Hey, I know how hard that was for you, but we can’t let this escalate. Getting to John and Rodney is our first priority. Then getting to your father. We know where he is now and we’ll help him, I promise you, Spencer.”

“I wanted to do it, Aaron. I wanted to kill Morgan. I’ve never felt like that before.”

Aaron was speeding along the backroads again but knew they fed into the highway and the border. He kept calm as he approached and nodded at the officers stationed at the border. They nodded back, as the gates stayed open for them. Aaron drove through but didn’t breath freely till he was able to get off the highway and into the backroads again. After about an hour and some minor backtracking, Aaron found the feeder road that would take him to the old Route 66. It was a fairly neglected highway that rarely saw any traffic. He knew towns dotted along the old route that was full of people living off the grid. He thought maybe they could find and steal another vehicle along the way.

Spencer stayed quiet, and it unnerved Aaron. He had gotten used the younger man’s ramblings and immense knowledge of the terrain, the areas they drove through, theories he had, anything that came to Spencer’s mind he talked about. It had been a soothing balm on their hasty retreat from the ranch, and then after purchasing the car, they were currently in.

“We’ll get out of this Spencer, I promise.”

“How can you promise that? How, Aaron?”

“I have friends that will help. They won’t get you and that is my first priority. To see that you are safe. I just need to know you’re safe. Then I can get to Jason and Dave and we can figure out how to get out of this without anyone else getting hurt.”

Spencer’s shoulders slumped as he leaned back in the seat. Teo crawled between the seats and jumped into his lap. Aaron shook his head as Spencer pet the cat. He was glad that Teo had taken to Spencer, it meant that he was trusted. Teo had a very advanced AI and was good at picking up if a person was friend or foe. Reaching his hand over he scratched at the cat’s back and he felt the purr. He wanted to reach over to Spencer, but he wasn’t sure if his touch would be accepted right now. Stopping wasn’t an option for a while, not till they could change out their vehicle once again.

The silence was almost stifling and Aaron had tried to engage Spencer in some kind of conversation, but his companion was very unresponsive.


They changed vehicles twice more One a low flying glider, the other a hover car. The long drive towards Los Angeles was a quiet one as both men started to wonder if they could get out of their current situation. Finally, they found themselves on the outskirts of Los Angeles and Aaron was driving down an alleyway. Finding stacked parking, they parked and made note of their berth number. Once that was done they started out of the garage and Aaron walked towards a door at the end of the alleyway.

“Aaron, where are we going?”

“Someplace I can make an untraceable video call.”


“Yes, technically it is illegal. However, I’m a Blade Runner, or was, I’m not sure anymore. Anyway, in the service of apprehending Replicants, we are given certain…freedoms others wouldn’t get. Just…stay behind me and don’t make eye contact.” Aaron moved through the alley, actually more like stalked, Spencer thought. Teo was right by his side, both man and cat on alert. Spencer saw the moment Aaron’s eyes changed that he knew they were probably going into a dangerous situation. He took a breath, straightened his shoulders and tried to look at least nonchalant as they walked into the smoky, seedy bar.

Teo was sitting on a bar stool as Aaron was leaning onto the bar top talking to the man behind it. Spencer sidled, as best as he could, up to the bar himself.

“Come on Tommy, I just need to make one phone call.” Aaron held his hand out with a fist full of credits which made Spencer’s eyes widen.

“Phone no working.” The man named Tommy said in broken English.

Aaron leaned fully on the bar, his sharp nails tapping and Spencer could see that his eyes were fully the animal inside him. When he spoke his voice was deeper than normal.

“Now Tommy, I know that isn’t true. You may keep a shitty bar, but you keep your tech in pristine condition. Now, I need a vid conference and I need privacy. Do you really want a raid on your hands? Because I have seen at least ten different illegals trading hands.”

Spencer saw when the man deflated and mumbled in Chinese about Blade Runners, bullies, and how he should just be left alone. Reluctantly Tommy left the bar, having someone take over, he led them to a back room where Spencer saw more advanced tech than he had in a long time. There were Vid phones, holograms, and what looked like an advanced VR chair. He was about to ask about it when Aaron turned to him.

“Don’t ask, and whatever you do, don’t sit in it.”


Aaron cocked his head and lifted the corner of his mouth in a grimace.

“It’s a sex chair Spencer. But, not any kind that you want to have.”


Aaron leaned in and whispered in his ear and Spencer’s face drained of all color. He really, really didn’t want to know more so he left it, or more specifically, the chair alone. He couldn’t even fathom the things Aaron told him, and he had a feeling that it was a lot worse than even that. His skin crawled just a bit, then his focus was brought back to what they were there for.

“Thank you, Tommy, here.” Aaron gave him the credits before turning to the Vid-Phone and dialing a number. The anticipation was almost stifling as they waited for the call to be answered.

“Who the hell is calling on a very private server that only myself and my husband have any knowledge of? And you better be having a good explanation or I will ruin every single part of your life….Oh, Aaron. Why are you calling on the private server? And who is that with you?”

“Nice to see you too Rodney. And, that is a very long explanation. What we need is extraction and a safe place to hide for a few days.”

“What’s going on Aaron?” John had come into view by this time.

“Dr’s McKay and Sheppard, this is Dr. Spencer Reid….” Aaron paused because even though this was a supposed to be a secure line, anything could go wrong. “He’s Rachel and Deckard’s son.”

Rodney was rendered speechless, and John just grinned.

“Oh, this has got to be good if you’ve made Mer speechless. Where are you? I’ll come to get you.”

“Not here, I’ll send you coordinates. I have a safe house that not even the Committee knows about.” Aaron sent a series of codes that had the coordinates buried in them, as well as the code to get into the dwelling. “Rodney will know what to do with that.”

“How long do you need?”

“Half an hour for us to get there. It’s not far from where we are, but we are going to have to go on foot from here and stay to the alleys. I’ll send a coded message once I’m there.”

“Be careful Aaron.”

“I will. See you soon.”

They turned around to see Tommy standing there with a gun pointed at them.

“Bounty on your head. Many credits alive, less dead. Does not matter to me.”

“You really don’t want to do that Tommy.”

“Oh? And why not? Blade Runner gone bad is what they are saying.”

“Because for one, you are a terrible shot and two if you shoot me here you will hit your precious tech and I know how you are about your tech Tommy.” Aaron lifted a brow as he waited for his opening.

Tommy stepped back and with his gun beckoned Aaron to follow.

Taking small slow steps, Aaron let out a low growl that only Spencer could hear. He wasn’t sure what the man was going to do and he looked around for a place to hide. When they got to just before the door to the bar, Tommy took his eyes off Aaron to open a hidden door to another room that Aaron didn’t know about, but those few seconds gave him the opening he needed. As soon as Tommy looked away, Aaron lunged and grabbed the hand with the blaster in it and squeezed the wrist until he felt bones crunch. Tommy dropped the blaster and screamed out in pain. Teo had run in and jumped on the man’s back and started to bite and scratch. Tommy fell to his knees begging Aaron to get the cat off of him.

Spencer had run up and picked up the blaster and pointed it at Tommy while Aaron got Teo under control.

“Trying to double-cross me, Tommy? I should have expected it from a Void user like you.” Aaron grabbed his jaw and moved in close. “If you breathe a word of me being here I will come back and I won’t be so nice.” Aaron threw Tommy’s head to the side where it smacked into the beam of the doorway. The man groaned in pain, but at the moment Aaron was giving in to his baser side and just didn’t care. He grabbed Spencer’s hand and pulled him along. Once the three of them, Aaron, Spencer, and Teo, were outside he looked to Spencer and thought about his safe house.

With very little options he grabbed Spencer’s hand again and started to run. He tried to keep his speed where Spencer could stay with him. They hadn’t gotten out of the bar completely okay, several of the patrons had come after them. Some were bounty hunters. He’d have to lose them before getting the safehouse or he knew they’d be in trouble. Running through the alleys, Aaron brought the mental map of LA to the forefront of his mind. He knew where he was and he knew the perfect place to stage an ambush.

Spencer was trying to keep up the best he could. He hoped they could lose the people behind them soon, or the outcome wasn’t going to be good. Almost when he was starting to run out of steam did Aaron duck down a particularly dark alley. He ran into one of the open doors with Spencer and Teo right behind.

“Stay,” Aaron growled as he hunched down, then slowly opened the door. It swung open silently as two people ran down the alley after Aaron. As they approached Aaron jumped up surprising them. He subdued both men quickly, shoving them inside where Spencer was at. They were both unconscious and would be for a while.

Grabbing Spencer’s hand, he jerked them, man, out and shut the door. He looked around to find something to brace the door. Aaron finally found something that he could wedge under the door to prevent it from opening too far. The men inside would have to work to get themselves free. Grabbing Spencer’s hand once again they kept to the shadows of the alleyways.

Every so often they’d come across one of the bar patrons and Aaron would dispatch them quickly. These were the easy ones. The Void, or Rainbow users who were so full of drugs that taking them down was easy.

The real threats were the bounty hunters that Aaron had recognized. Word about their fugitive status had spread, that meant that Morgan was free and coming after them. Aaron didn’t want to worry about that at the moment, his only priorities were keeping Spencer safe and getting to his bolt hole as quickly as possible.

As they rounded one corner, Aaron expected the man on the other side. This was one of the bounty hunters. He knew him as Kreig. A man like him, one of the First Children. Spencer stayed out of the way as the two men went at it, trading blows back and forth.

The fight was hard and messy and Spencer knew Aaron was going to have injuries, but he couldn’t think about that. All he could think about was how he could help. He wasn’t helpless, but in this fight, with a man that had twice his strength and faster reflexes, he wasn’t sure how to help.

Spencer heard the crack of a bone snapping and a scream. He looked up to see the man with a limp arm at his side.

“Stay out of this Krieg. You have no idea what’s going on.” Aaron had the man against the wall with a hand around his neck. Teo at their feet growling. The man’s face was a mass of scratches, as were his arms. The arm that was hanging down at an unnatural angle was the one Spencer assumed Aaron broke. “I don’t have time for you.”

“There’s money on the line Hotchner. Every bounty hunter in the city is going to be looking for you and the kid.”

“Tell them to back off, or I won’t be so nice.”

“You aren’t a killer Hotchner, so what are you going to do.”

Aaron snarled as his growl deepened. He was mere centimeters away from Kreig’s face.

“I don’t have to kill to ruin any of you. You forget what I can do to a person, why I always was the Committee’s first choice. I’m taking your gun, don’t follow or you will know exactly what kind of man I am.” Aaron pulled away, still holding the man by the neck he pulled Kreig away from the wall. He kicked out and landed a blow to the back of the man’s leg, immobilizing it. There was another crunch and Spencer really didn’t want to know.

Aaron was closing in on turning completely feral. Spencer knew they had to get out of there, or this situation would just keep getting worse.

“Come on Aaron, he isn’t going to be following.” Almost as if on cue two more of the bounty hunters started running in their direction. Aaron was running on pure instinct as he raised his gun and sent out two perfectly aimed shots. They were meant to maim and not kill. Both men went down, one tried to get to his own blaster and Aaron sent a shot towards his hand, making him scream as his hand was completely mangled by the shot. Grabbing Spencer around the waist, Aaron ran full out. He knew the locals would arrive soon and he didn’t want to be there when they did.

Spencer could do nothing but hang on as they ran. When they ducked down another alley and to a doorway that was hidden from view, Aaron punched in a code on an almost invisible keypad. The door opened and Aaron shoved Spencer inside. He followed, but as soon as he entered the dwelling,, with Teo running to a corner to curl up, Aaron stalked Spencer and backed him against the wall. His pupils were slits and deep golden color, his skin was flushed. He was sweaty and dirty from the fighting, but he was running on pure instinct alone.

Bending close Aaron dipped his head down and sniffed at Spencer’s neck, a deep rumble was heard as he nuzzled Spencer. One hand was braced on the wall at Spencer’s head the other was ripping his shirt open. Spencer whined as his breath hitched. The sound making Aaron shudder slightly against him. Laying his hand on Spencer’s side Aaron scraped his teeth along the mark that was barely healing.

“Mine,” Aaron growled as he pressed into Spencer, their cocks brushing through their clothing making Aaron hiss.

Spencer was watching him, and when Aaron didn’t do anything other than nuzzle against him, he slipped shaking hands under Aaron’s t-shirt. As soon as he touched skin Aaron growled once again, but this time it was in pleasure. The hand Aaron had used to rip open his shirt slipped inside his pants and grabbed his ass pulling him close. The tongue that was licking across the mark was making him harder than he already was.

“Please,” Aaron almost pleaded in his ear. He had been reduced to monosyllables.

Spencer pulled Aaron back and looked in his eyes a moment and whatever he saw there, he made a snap decision and kissed the man hard. The groan and the touches were making Spencer shake with needs that scared him but excited him at the same time. He let the kiss go on, slipping his tongue inside Aaron’s mouth, running along his teeth, especially those sharp incisors. After a moment he pulled away because he knew that Aaron needed words.

“Yes, Aaron.”

The almost inhuman whine had Spencer thrusting forward as Aaron practically ripped his pants off him. His clothes were ruined, and they had no way to get back to the car. He didn’t care at the moment, all he cared about was what Aaron was going to do next, which was dropping to his knees and taking Spencer’s cock in his mouth. He laid his head back against the wall as he closed his eyes. No one, no lover had ever made him feel like Aaron made him feel.

“Aaron, close…” Spencer twined his fingers in Aaron’s hair as he tried not to thrust forward. He almost protested when Aaron pulled back and stood up, pushing his own pants hastily off himself. With his preternatural strength, he wrapped one arm around Spencer’s waist and lifted him, his ruined pants falling away. Holding him against the wall, Aaron buried his cock inside Spencer’s dripping hole.

“Mine..” Aaron growled again as he fucked Spencer hard against the wall. There was no finesse, and nothing gentle about what was happening. It was hard, sweaty and dirty and Spencer didn’t care. He was making nonsense sounds as Aaron pounded his dick inside him, his head hit the wall a time or two, so he let it fall on Aaron’s shoulder and just held on. He felt the swell of his cock that was trapped between them and was ready to cum.

“Close, Aaron, so close.”

“Pen,” Aaron cried out as he kept up the brutal, bruising pace. The almost inhuman cry as Aaron thrust in hard, his cock pulsing inside Spencer tipped the other man over and he was screaming out his own release.

“Yes, Aaron, yours,” Spencer whispered against Aaron’s neck as gentle thrusts had both of them riding out the end of their orgasms. Slipping to the floor, Aaron kept his arms wrapped around Spencer possessively. He was still riding out the edge of his feral state.

When there was a knock on the door, Aaron growled low and kept Spencer in his iron grip. Narrowing his eyes he heard the snick of the lock disengaging. His mind still not making the connections it should be making, Aaron pulled Spencer off him and put himself between whoever was coming in and his mate.

Two men entered the apartment and Aaron crouched, uncaring that he was pretty much naked. Both men having kicked off their shoes when they entered the dwelling. He was ready to pounce on the intruders when a voice shouted at him.

“Aaron! It’s us!” The face came into focus and the tension in Aaron drained as he slipped to the floor, his eyes closing as he said one name.