Bingo Cards

Spells Slavery Dark Crossroads
Deals Travel Occult Entrapment
Bites Parapsychology Soul Guardian
Initiation Transformation Sensory First time


Virginity Voyeurism The Same Only Different: Canon AU Phobias
Seduction Courtship Rituals Secret Identity Contemporary AU
Fandom Fusion Mistaken Identity Amnesia Rescue Me: Damsels/Other In Distress
Truth Or Dare Thank God It’s Friday… Again: Time Loops Woke Up In Bed Together First Person Narration


Potatoes Asparagus Tomatoes Meatloaf
Macaroni & Cheese Hasenpfeffer Peppers Mandarin Orange Duck
Fried Plantains Chili Berries Cucumber
Eggs Fried Chicken Milk Eggplant


Kneeling Human Pet Leather / Latex Strap-ons
Uniforms Wet dream Accidental sex Make-up sex
Bondage Bath House / Sauna Voyeurism Masturbation
Sex in the morning Sex on the beach Sensory Deprivation Body Worship