Appearances Are Deceiving

Title: Appearances Are Deceiving
Author: rivermoon1970
Fandom:    Criminal Minds
: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, JJ, David Rossi, Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan, Jack Hotchner
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
Genre: Romance, Fluff,
Rating: General
Series: None
Beta: None
Word Count: 1422
Tags: Canon Divergent, BAMF!Spencer,
Warnings: None

Aaron has been keeping a secret. The secret is his partner, Spencer Reid. When the team has a weekend off and a day at the park, his partner decides that it would be the perfect time to finally meet the team that Aaron sees as family. The BAU team is not ready for the man Aaron is dating, especially after he pulls up to the park on a motorcycle and looks like he stepped out of a biker bar. This was certainly going to be an interesting afternoon.

The day was warm and the sun was shining, but not too brightly. Aaron Hotchner arrived at the park that his team had picked for a little bonding get together. They had, had a difficult year and JJ had suggested the outing. Aaron didn’t see any reason why not, it would be good for Jack to run around and play with Henry. His partner was out of town and wasn’t due back for another couple of days. They had discussed several times about telling his team about their relationship, but it never seemed the right time. Especially while Aaron had been stalked by the Boston Reaper, George Foyet. Fortunately for him and his family his partner used his contacts to intervene and pushed for interagency interference. They fed the BAU information as they tracked the whereabouts of Foyet, and were able to stop him before any tragedy could happen, but not before Foyet had hurt Aaron. He fingered the scars through his shirt and tried not to think about that day. He was still processing, he knew he still had some PTSD from it and with his partner’s help, he was dealing with it.

Now that they were on a few days mandatory downtime, he considered telling the team about his partner. It wasn’t that he was ashamed. Far from it. He just knew that his partner was a bit different and he wasn’t sure how the team would react. He couldn’t help smiling to himself as he imagined what each of them would think.

“You look lost in some pretty deep thoughts.” Dave Rossi, Aaron’s friend sat down next to him and handed him a beer.

“Just thinking.”

“Aaron, we got him. It’s time you let it go.”

“I know Dave, that isn’t what I was thinking about, honestly.”

“Then just what is it you were chewing on over here?”

“Anyone ever tell you that you’re a nosy bastard?”

“Only everyone.” Dave couldn’t help the little smirk that graced his lips and Aaron laughed like he hadn’t in a long time.

“When I have the plans solidified, I’ll tell you, but not before.”

“Are we finally going to meet the person you’ve been hiding from us?”

“Not hiding Dave. We both made the choice, and now we know it’s time you should meet each other. Just…have an open mind when you do.”

“Okay now that sounds like I should be worried.”

Aaron smiled and shook his head.

“No, you don’t. Just, be patient. We were thinking a barbeque at our place next week since Strauss has us in the office for the next week.”

“No backing out?”

“No Dave, no backing out.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it.” Dave stood and went to go spend some time with the girls. Aaron talked with the team, relaxed, played soccer with the kids, and ate the catered lunch that Rossi had engineered, over the protests of JJ and Garcia. He found himself relaxing like he hadn’t been able to in so long.

Aaron was sitting in the shade watching his son Jack run around some more with Henry and Morgan. He knew he was going to have a tired little boy on his hands when they went back home.

“I’ve missed that,” JJ said as she slid onto a chair next to Aaron.


“You smiling. It hasn’t been there lately and it’s nice to see.”

“Thanks, Jayje.”

The two friends sat watching their children when the sound of a motorcycle was heard in the near distance. Looking up Aaron just shook his head and almost laughed. He saw Jack running back to him, and Henry being picked-up by Derek,and brought over to JJ.

“I’ll go take care of this,” Morgan growled under his breath.

“No, it’s okay Derek. I’ve got it.” Aaron stood and smiled. He should have known that his partner would show up in a rather spectacular fashion. He just shook his head as he moved towards the motorcycle.

The man parked and pulled off his helmet as Aaron approached him. Then he was being pulled in close and kissed, hard. Aaron moaned as he settled his hands on hips that were still quite settled on the saddle of the bike. Finally, he pulled back and shook his head.

“You know we were going to do this next week.” Aaron and the man heard shouts which made them turn to see Jack running towards the bike. The man set down his helmet, pulled off his gloves then bent to scoop Jack into his arms.

“Assignment ended early so I decided to surprise you. Hey buddy, having fun today?” Jack enthusiastically nodded his head as both the man on the bike, and Aaron ruffled his hair.

“We missed you.”

“Hmm, missed you too. Now, is there food left and are you going to actually introduce me?”

Aaron stepped back and let the man get off the bike, Jack still in his arms. Aaron reached out and laced his fingers with the bike riders. The three of them walked back towards the gathering. Jack talking the whole way, making the two men laugh. When they finally got to where everyone else was, Aaron had to stifle his amusement at the shocked looks on their faces.

“Well, we were going to do this later in the week, but since he very spectacularly outed us, I’d like you to meet Dr. Spencer Reid, my partner.”

“Um, Doctor?” Morgan couldn’t keep the frown off his face as he looked Spencer up and down. Aaron knew what he looked on the outside. Full riding leathers, tall shit-kicker boots, long and lanky hair from the helmet, and several days’ scruff. To Aaron, he looked amazing, but he knew to the others they would be trying to figure them out.

“Yes, Dr. I have degrees in Engineering, Science and Math, as well as Computer Science, Chemistry and Philosophy. I could mention the MA’s and BA’s, but I can see from your expression you’re trying to work out whether to hit me, or shake my hand. So, what is is going to be Agent Morgan?”

Morgan laughed as he held out his hand.” It’s nice to finally meet the person that has made Hotch so happy.”

Then it was like the spell had been broken and the rest of the team rushed forward.

“Miss Jennifer Jareau, you are as beautiful as Aaron said. You know, I was a little jealous of you for a while there. He had a bit of a crush, but wouldn’t admit it.” Spencer smirked as he shook the woman’s hand.

“Spencer!” Aaron cried out at Spencer spilling some of their secrets. His face turned red as he turned to JJ. “Don’t believe him JJ.”

“I will keep this just between us.” JJ smiled wide as she shook his hand before  picking-up her son.

“Mr. David Rossi. I have read all of your books. I’d like, one of these days, and only if you are willing, to speak with you about Ruby Ridge. I’m compiling a study of cults and compound leaders, working on a statistical analysis as well as a better plan on handling the more militarized versions of these groups. It’s a project I am most enthusiastic about.”

Dave looked a little overwhelmed as he tentatively shook Spencer’s hand.

“Spence, I think maybe you should get to know Dave a little first before bringing him in on your project.”

Spencer didn’t even look fazed as he gave a little smirk at his partner.

“Miss Emily Prentiss. I never got a chance to tell you thank you for finding Aaron in the hospital. And, thank you for getting to Foyet before he could cause any further problems for Aaron.” Spencer shook her hand and gave her a little head bow.

“Well, Hotch is important to all of us. I ah, I don’t remember seeing you there, though.”

Spencer just shrugged a shoulder as he lifted the corners of his mouth in small smile. “I was there, you just didn’t know it.” Without elaborating further, Spencer continued with meeting the team.

“Miss Garcia.” Spencer raised a brow at the woman as he shook her hand. “We have a lot in common. I’d also like to talk to you more in depth. Aaron’s been bragging about you for quite a while now. He says that you’re Linux based system is one of the best in the Bureau. That the other analysts are quite jealous of some of the programs you’ve written to help the team.